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 July 18, 2019


Nina Dobrev (Nina Dobrev, born 01/01/1989) – Canadian actress, model, singer. Received world fame and popularity through participation in the television series “The Vampire Diaries”.



Nina (full name – Nikoina Konstantinova Dobreva) was born in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, mother Michaela is an artist, father Nikolay is a programmer. Older brother’s name is Alexander. At the age of two, the girl moved with her family to Toronto.

From an early age, Nina began to take a great interest in creativity: she loved to dance, draw, was fond of gymnastics, music and theatrical art. She changed her regular school to an art school, where she finally became convinced of her own vocation.

She also studied at the Armstrong Actor’s School; it was then that agents began to notice her. Little by little, Nina started working as a model and appeared in commercials. After school, she entered the sociology department, but she stopped studying in 2008, preferring an actress’s career.

Film career

A start in the cinema for Dobrev was the participation in the “Degrassi” project – a series of TV shows about Canadian youth. In it, she inherited the role of a minor single mother. Nina began to offer small roles in feature films. In 2009, she starred in the psychological drama “Chloe” along with world-class stars.



he most popular actress brought the main roles in the television series “The Vampire Diaries”, released in 2009. She plays Elena – a schoolgirl who fell in love with a vampire and fell into a love triangle with his brother. The second heroine of Nina is Catherine, an old friend of the brothers, to whom they owe their immortality. For participation in the TV series Dobrev many times received prizes People’s Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards, etc. After six seasons, the actress withdrew from the project. Between filming, she performed several supporting roles in other films (“It’s good to be quiet”, “Roommate”, “Arena”, “Type of cop”). The last part of the ThreeXX trilogy with Dobrev and a remake of the film Komatozniki are being prepared for release in 2017.




In addition to filming in TV shows and movies, Dobrev has diverse interests. She is actively involved in sports, has repeatedly represented Canada in international competitions in rhythmic gymnastics. Now he is keen on yoga, swimming, horse riding and other sports.

The young star managed to appear on the covers of many leading glossy publications, starred in several advertising projects. In 2011, she took 44th place in the Australian Top 100 of the sexiest women in the world. In his free time, Dobrev plays in a rock ensemble. Also interested in jewelry design, wants to open a line of jewelry.

Interesting Facts

  • He is worried about the lack of education, hopes to fill this gap in the future.
  • She is a fan of the Twilight saga, she dreamed of playing the main character Bella.
  • Loves pets, often publishes photos with their pets.
  • He speaks several languages, speaks English, French, Bulgarian.
  • In 2009, she was arrested with a group of friends for disturbing public order — a frank photo session; soon the charges were dropped.

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Personal life

The first romantic relationship Dobrev tied on the set of the series “Degrassi”. The press attributes to her a connection with actor Ben Hollingsworth, but there is no confirmed information about this. In 2006, Nina met her colleague on the show, Daniel Clark, with whom she was a couple until 2009. The actor did not get tired to admire his beloved in each interview, however, for unknown reasons, the relationship ceased. There are also suggestions that Nina’s boyfriends were the actors Devon Bostic and Evan Williams.

Ian Somerhalder’s relationship with his partner in the Vampire Diaries was started right from the start. But the stars have long denied this fact. In 2012, the couple officially told the press that they had been together for more than one year. The romantic story attracted the attention of the whole world, the fans could not get enough of it, but in 2013 the star couple broke up. There is a version that the ten-year age difference did not allow relations to develop. After all, 34-year-old Ian has long been time to start a family, and the young actress did not make such plans. In addition, according to rumors, Dobrev left the Vampire Diaries because of a strained relationship with the former, after his announcement of the engagement with Nikki Reed.

A few months later, it was reported that Nina began dating the American equivalent of Dancing with the Stars, the brother of her friend Derek Hough, but this relationship ended very quickly. Nina was then spotted with musician Mark Foster, who looks like Somerhalder. In 2015, Dobrev’s boyfriend was actor Austin Stowell, with whom she met for several months.


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