About Us

Welcome to the About Us Page of  ULTRAIMG, formerly, Starsageinfo, since it’s Establishment in 2018  is trying to keep its users updated regarding the latest information on their favorite celebrities on the grounds of celebrity information.

In the celebrities’ statics section, every possible effort has been made from Starsageinfo Team to include all the possible information, one may be seeking to know about a particular celebrity. It contains content like Height, Weight, Measurements, Personal Life, and some interesting facts about that celebrity family background, career, birthday, educational background & much more.

Just follow your favorite ones, here. The content on this website is true to the best of our knowledge and is taken from the celebrity interviews given to periodicals. If you want any other new features to be added in Starsageinfo  please don’t hesitate to Contact Us

The website, Starsageinfo was founded in November 2018  The aim of the website was to provide authentic information about the Indian celebrities and people who are in news.

What are our data collection sources?:

From authentic internet sources.

Newspapers, Magazines


Getting information directly from celebrities via email.

(Note: Some of the details mentioned here (in the statistics section) are just guesstimated as most of the celebs don’t reveal some of their details. Weight is ever-changing and can never be accurate to the decimals. Again, dress size keeps on changing, though less frequently as compared to the weight. Personal favorites are also not static. Eye color may change, if one wears colored contact lenses (although the same will be reflected in their profiles too) and keeps on changing them. )