Wagering Online in Finland 

Michaela Bobulinski

 November 22, 2021

Gambling online has been at the heights at present, especially during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic wherein the majority of the people worldwide were confined in their homes during the lockdown. It was during this time that people realized the beauty of gambling. It is not just gaming for entertainment, but there is also a chance of winning real money.

The punters from Finland have been aware of this since the closing of land-based and the government imposed strict rules for health security reasons. The availability of online casinos and their accessibility paved the way for people to gamble online.

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Gambling culture in Finland

Finland is open to gambling both online and land-based, and although the country has not much restriction when it comes to this matter, it is governed by the top four entities and has been licensed by the Ministry of Interior:

1. Ray or Raha-automaattiyhdistys

This entity is considered the pioneer and the most prominent organization among the four all over Finland. It holds all the major decisions and concerns of the casino, both land-based and online, and even the activities in Alands island. Ray is responsible for Roulette, table tennis, and slot machines.

2. Veikkaus Oy

It monopolizes sports betting, the national lottery, and instant wins.

3. Fintoto Oy

This entity controls horse races in the entire region.

4. PAF or the Ålands Penningautomatförening

This entity controls the gambling activities of the Alana Islands, both land-based and online gambling on cruise liners and board ships near the North and Baltic sea.

The existence of this monopoly system is for the people to be aware of the dangers that gambling could bring to a person if not handled properly. The government’s goal is to restrain the uncontrollable habits of gamblers, which could be the result of crime and health issues.

According to the latest update as of January 1, 2017, the three primary entities, namely Ray, Veikkaus Oy, and Fintoto Oy, merged to form a larger gambling organization, the Veikkaus. Nevertheless, Ray and PAF are still considered the certified legal gambling site that the government recognizes to supervise the gambling activities in the mainland and the island of Aland.

Where does gambling profit go?

Even a long time ago, gambling became famous in Finland; it has been mandated that it has to be used for the social welfare organizations to help the less fortunate and the veterans, Science, Art, and Sports.

Additional Information

If the people from Finland wish to wager online casinos from offshore, they have the liberty to do so. The government of Finland is not very strict regarding this matter and does not prohibit foreign Bookies; in that case, people from Finland can register to foreign online casinos and play. However, casino sites from offshore are still prohibited from advertising anything about their website in Finland.

Online Casino

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Online casinos’ popularity is sky-high. Its fame skyrocketed back in 2017, and it became more popular due to the pandemic. It seemed ironic, but people’s lives revolve online up to the present. It is also called a virtual gambling site and an online replica of the bricks-and-mortar casino where players play and wager using real money online.

Online casino comes in two types according to their software:

· Web-based casino

This is also known as a no-download casino because the player doesn’t have to download the software after signing up and making a deposit. The players can automatically play on their gadgets such as tablets, personal computers, smartphones, or laptops. This type of software requires the browser to support such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera Mini to open the browser plugins. These browser plugins can be Macromedia Shockwave, Macromedia Flash, or Java. It also needs a strong internet connection for better graphics and sound.

· Download-based casino

This type of casino requires the download of the software for the player to play the game. Players can play any game without browser support, and since it is downloaded, it has better graphics and sounds.

Virtual Casinos offer a variety of games online, and these games also come in two distinct forms:

Ø Virtual Game

This is also known as a software-based casino because the game is played thru software and the outcome is determined by the Pseudorandom Number Generator (PRNG) software. The function of this software is to ensure that the results produced by the games should be fair and unpredictable similar to live games.

Ø Live Dealer

This type of game is quite famous to most online casino gamblers because it depends on real-time results. The game is live, and it mimics the ambiance and glamour of the casino with a human croupier to assist you throughout the game. This is done via live stream and the players can communicate to the croupier thru a chatbot provided by the site.

A customer service representative is provided by the online site both Virtual and Live dealer should a player has queries or clarifications. Payout and deposits are also taken care of by the CSRs.

A wide selection of games can be played thru online casinos:

o Roulette

o Poker

o Bingo

o Baccarat

o Blackjack

o Keno

o Craps

o Slot machines

o Sic Bo

Issues about Fraudulent Operator Behavior

It cannot be avoided that some fraudulent gambling operators also tend to make knowledge of their existence along with their popularity. These types of online casinos are called rogue casinos and usually have substandard reputations in the industry. They are documented and have been reported many times by online punters.

How can we tell if it is a rogue casino?

It is indeed difficult to identify because once you type online casino, a lot of virtual casinos will pop up on the site and offer their service. So there are some simple guidelines on how to avoid them.

o, Check its legalities and license. A decent online casino usually renews its license.

o If you’re already in, observe if they give to you your winnings. This is the most common deceptive behavior of this type of casino, by refusing to give the withdrawals of the winner.

o, Check for reviews. There is a forum with regards to this matter so you must take note of it to avoid being deceived.

Final Insight:

Anywhere we go gambling online is all the rage though it comes in different styles and approaches in every country, it entertains and gives a mood of excitement to the players who love wagering.

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