Steal a look into the hatters’ and hat lovers’ job 

Michaela Bobulinski

 November 27, 2021

Some accessories become an extension of your personality even inadvertently. You cannot be sure whether hat makers know this. But you can assume it to be the case. Otherwise, how come you end up choosing one over the other? So, by this logic, it seems fair to accept that headwear serves not just fashion or function; these headpieces also elicit your identity. A quick look at someone’s hat choice can be enough to predict their preference. Interestingly, a hat brand can also have this effect as much as its style. Hence, it pays to trust only the best manufacturers to avoid even the slightest chance of embarrassment.

Fortunately, you can depend on the American Hat Company to take care of this aspect. Their experience, expertise, and top-notch materials and designs make a real impact. If you still doubt the story around the reflection of personality, you can go back to the era of 1800 when hats symbolized gentleman’s attire. No dignified man would leave his home without wearing one. From hats, anyone could guess their social status and occupation. For instance, bankers embraced bowler hats and manual workers the cloth caps. The trend was prevalent till the 1950s in the country. However, a time in the hat history came when felt fedoras disappeared, and military helmets took reins.

So, don’t take your style casually if you care about what it communicates about your existence. The hat makers have created something for a reason. Here is a glimpse of the popular headwear pieces and their contribution to your overall presentation for a brisk understanding. Let’s explore.

The popular hats for men and women


Frank Sinatra and Humphrey Bogart popularized this soft-brimmed felt style. You find them in many shapes and sizes, with a standard dented crown design. However, fedoras not only contain felt – leather and straw are also there. Women often swear by this fashion accessory like a loyal friend. When a woman emerges in this headpiece, she exhibits her strong side with a dash of elegant sophistication.

Floppy hats

No matter the size of the crowd, you can never hide with this wide-brimmed style. Someone happy, energetic, and easy-going opts for it. If you believe in creativity, fashion, and anything in between, you are a genuine floppy hat person.

Cowboy hats

In a western country, a cowboy hat remains an integral part of a rancher, stockbroker, and bull rider’s apparel. The shape, color, texture, and worn-out look can give away additional details about your lifestyle. So, when you select it, make sure to know what you want to convey, how, and to what extent.

The hat rules for men and women

A hat maker can give you options, but you are the one who has to do justice to this fashion in the end. While it reveals your personality to others, you can shape others’ opinions about your mannerisms by being careful about the basic hat rules. For instance, everyone expects men to take their hats off when they enter a building. It doesn’t apply if you are in a public place. It can be inappropriate to keep it on your head during outdoor weddings, photos, funerals, and others.

For women, the rules can be a little easy. They don’t have to take their hats off even indoors, except for the strictly functional styles. With dress hats, it may not even be a question as to what you should do.

Other things to consider

Your first preference should be a comfortable fit and style. If you move with this awareness, you can focus on when to select what. Wide-brimmed hats typically carry a vintage air about them. For a bit of tomboy-like fun, you can choose beanies, bowlers, and fedoras. Someone gravitating toward boho charm can find solace in floppy hats and wide-brimmed fedora hats. However, you don’t have to look beyond fedoras, wide brims, and boaters if you wish to build a prim and proper aura. Then, there are steampunk hats and top hats for men and women seeking adventure in style.

It would help if you considered your face cut while shopping because some hats tend to be more suitable than others. For example, a heart-shaped face can find a perfect companion in their wide-brimmed hats. Oval and long faces look neat with fedoras, floppy hats, etc. On a square profile, round styles with short brims can be acceptable.

Making a hat or buying it can be two different things, but both need precision and attention to detail. While manufacturing companies handle quality and innovation, you have to look after your fashion sensibilities and style. Once it becomes a habit, you can imagine yourself in any outfit and enjoy your wardrobe. The admiration in the eyes of the people around you can be the proof you have impressed them.

Why would you want to thank the hat makers?

The growing popularity of hats in men’s and women’s clothing has once again triggered interest in different styles of fedoras, bowlers, top hats, and others. Still, not everyone knows what they need and why. Most often, they talk about something and get something else because of the confusion. It can be your story too. Loving a hat and knowing its characteristics well is not the same thing, even though you can be on-point with your choice. But when you do it with an understanding of shapes and materials, you exhibit another kind of confidence.

When you visit an established American Hat Company, you will realize how your deliberate choices can make a difference. In the universe of fashion, nothing is permanent. Things keep changing, no matter how minor the transformations. You can miss your point if you don’t recognize this. Think about trilby and fedora, for instance. The main distinguishing feature between them is the brim. Then, some hat makers mix these styles to offer something new, which you can quickly identify if you too have a clue. So let’s have a cursory check on varieties found with well-known hat merchants.

Ascot caps 

They are the counterparts of flat and ivy caps, except that you get Ascot caps in a rounded shape with a stiff profile and wool or felt base. You can wear them with winter coats and jackets for a dapper look.

Floppy hats

The big-brimmed or floppy hats are women’s favorite. The average brim size can be 4 to 6 inches. Still, there is no strict rule around it. You can expect them in excellent varieties offering strong support for the brim. Their crown can be simple to drive attention to the main highlight. You can get them in straw and mesh with some elegant embellishment in the form of hatbands. You can make them your companion for your beach outings. Some relatively stingy brim styles may look cool with full sleeve shirts also. And if you go with a straw hat with four inches wide brim, you can pair it with a bikini, floral dress, etc.


You cannot discuss hat fashion without referring to the classic fedora style, which offers exciting crown and brim shapes. Most men and women find themselves comfortable in this, along with numerous celebrities vouching for its appeal. Its brim can be short to medium size with a turned-up back. The front can have a tilt upward or downward, thanks to its snap brims. With these headpieces, styling any look comes easy. You get a seamless, chic, relaxed, formal, casual, and carefree vibe when you add it to your wardrobe.

Outback hats

These Aussie cousins have a wide brim, with a flatter and less circular profile. The sides can have a softer upward curve, giving them an authentic outback vibe. Another identifier can be the C-shaped crown. Women can sport an outback look with something as simple and breathe bale as a skirt and top. Guys can carry this style with jeans, a jacket, a t-shirt, a boot, or other footwear.


The timeless headwear is from Ecuador. You can know it is this by checking its material, which will essentially be Toquilla Straw. Shapes or forms have no shortage in this style. Still, its charm depends on the fine quality of the fibers. Many hat lovers end up mistaking it with wide-brimmed fedoras. But focus your eyes on its tight weaves. It tends to be the hallmark of a genuine Panama hat.


Only a fashion-forward person can pull off this look. It came to the notice after the main character Walter White in the American crime drama ‘Breaking Bad’ flaunted this style. You know it’s a porkpie if it features a flat oval top and oval dent. Brims size can be typically small or sometimes medium. The hat is popular with both men and women of oval, long, or short facial profiles.  You can make your winter fun with a wool porkpie paired with a slim-fit black suit. Choose a different colored shirt for contrast. Girls can tap the vintage magic by combining it with a beautiful green dress.

Steampunk hats/ top hats

These hats get their design inspiration from top hats and bowlers while offering an embellished look with chains, clock wheels, and more. These remind you of Victorian times. Ladies and gentlemen can go all out in this when they want a bit of adventure. These miniature and bold versions of top hats give you full enjoyment of the proper style. With American hatters, you can also get excellent choices in typical top hats for men and women. From formal to religious to event-based, you can curate any look with them.

The hat universe displays a vast range. You can get lost in the sea of options without awareness. So, consider this as your first step into this part of the fashion.

Wear your cowboy hat correctly to look stylish – Crucial tips on wearing the cowboy hat

Traditionally, the cowboy hats mainly got used for protecting cattlemen, ranchers, and others from the scorching sun rays and other harsh elements, such as a strong wind. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use this hat to make a stunning fashion statement. Today, cowboy hats are available in a wide range of styles. And that can make it challenging for you to decide which hat to choose and add to your hat collection. If you resonate with this thought, this article can help you.

The different cowboy hat styles

You can recognize the cowboy hat style by the way its brim gets shaped and crown gets creased. And it’s your style preference that will dictate the style you choose. However, the crown crease is also something that can impact the ease with which a person can manage the hat while putting it on and removing it. Some of the prominent cowboy hat styles include:

  • Cattleman – This is exactly what the typical cowboy hat looks like. It has a center crease and two on the sides in addition to a curled brim.
  • Brick – The hat crown comes with a flat rectangular top and square edges on the brim.
  • Gus – It is slightly similar to the cattleman variant other than a high crown which is forward sloping.
  • Pinch front – This hat has a soft teardrop or a sharp diamond-shaped crown and has two dimples on both sides. It also has a curved brim.
  • Gambler – It’s also known as the “Telescope” that comes with a flat, low crown and has a spherical indent at the top. The brim is flat and wide.
  • Tom mix – It is also called the “10 Gallon Hat” and the “Montana.” The crown is similar to Gus but is taller and gives a dramatic effect. It has a curved brim.
  • Fedora – The hat comes with a teardrop crown and indents on the sides and top. The brim is slightly curled.
  • Open crown – It has a loose crown that has no dimples. It also has a round and flat brim.

You can also find several other styles in the cowboy hat domain. Some of the styles are more popular and loved by hat enthusiasts.

Wearing your cowboy hat in the right way

You can wear the cowboy hat in different ways. It usually depends on if you are wearing the hat for pleasure or for any business purpose. For instance, if you have decided to sport a hat similar to a cowboy or a rancher, make sure that the sweatband is connected to the forehead and sits well right atop the ears and eyebrows. The other stylish way to sport this popular look is by propping the cowboy hat slightly further. However, you need to remember that it is possible to get blown off by the wind. The hat can also fall off if you are on horseback. Hence, it’s your preference that will decide the way you sport your cowboy hat.

What can you wear with your hat?

When it comes to fashion, the cowboy hat is a celebrated accessory. Today, you can wear the hat with any stylish outfit and make a fashion statement. Conventionally, the cowboys and the ranchers would sport this hat with the button-up shirts and t-shirts. If you want, you can wear this hat with your cowboy boots and a pair of blue jeans, and that will make you look classy. Today, women prefer to sport this hat with their dresses at a wedding as well. The options are unlimited.

How to choose the correct hat that suits your face?

Usually, the cowboy hats look good on any person who wears them with confidence. However, if you don’t know which hat type will look good on you, then you need to do your research. You can check out the different styles to check which variant flatters your face the most. You must follow one rule that the hat’s brim crease needs to be even with your face. Some people either love a wider or a narrower brim. It all depends on your personal choice.

The famous cowboy hat variants for women

Do you have long hair? And are you thinking about how you can sport the cowboy hat? If yes, then you can wear any hairstyle with a hat. Some of the cowboy hat styles that are popular with women include:

  • Fedora
  • Pinch Front
  • Open Crown

You can experiment with multiple hairstyles when you want to sport the cowboy hat. You can choose anything from a braid, low ponytail to the pulled-back looks. Irrespective of your curly, wavy, or straight hair, you can also keep it open when you opt-in for a cowboy hat.

These are some valuable guidelines that you should keep in mind when wearing a cowboy hat. It will ensure that you don’t commit a fashion disaster and look classy and smart in your hat.

Cowboy hats come in multiple variants – Take your best pick from the top five types of cowboy hats

Most people think that cowboy hats are available in one uniform type. But that is not true. Several different cowboy hat styles are available today. Generally, when you conjecture a cowboy hat in your mind, you visualize it possessing an indented crown and a curved brim. And that is undoubtedly the conventional Western style of the cowboy hat. However, when you look at the original cowboy hats, they didn’t appear like that. It was initially called the “Stetson” and came with a round top and flat brim.

People generally think that the present-day style of the cowboy hat they prefer today, having a rolled brim and a dent, came from the fact that the cowboy needed to remove the hat each time he walked into a building. Also, the cowboy needed to take off the hat whenever a woman crossed the street. And each time the cowboy grabbed the hat top for removing it, the dents became visible.

The evolution of the cowboy hat

In recent times, the earlier Stetson cowboy hat has undergone an evolution. In the 1860s, when there were the conventional cowboy hats, they got worn only by men. However, today, cowboy hats get worn by children, women, and other people, both for function and fashion. That aside, there is no “one size fits all” rule with the cowboy hat. Multiple variants are available.

So, you don’t know which cowboy hat to choose for yourself? If yes, then you have arrived at the correct place. In this article, we will talk about the various types of cowboy hats so that you know the kind that caters to your style and preference. These hats can shield your eyes and face from the harsh sun rays, keep your head covered, and also make you appear stylish. So, here are the five variants of the cowboy hat that you need to know:

  • Conventional western cowboy hats

When they imagine the cowboy hat, most people see this hat in their mind’s eye. It is a stylish hat that comes with an indented crown and an oval-shaped, curved brim. It is the correct hat to remove when there’s a lady. This hat variant gets worn all across Southwest and South states of the USA by both women and men. The hat has graduated from its use of shielding the wearer from the elements. But even then, you can wear this hat anytime and anywhere. Whether it’s a grocery store or a nightclub, this hat can be your style companion.

  • Outdoor cowboy hats

Most people often wonder whether all cowboy hats are to be worn outdoors or not! And the answer is yes. However, certain cowboy hats get explicitly designed for outdoor activities. These hats are waterproof, crushable, and robust that can stand the test of time. These hats won’t get faded if you face the sun, and neither will they get ruined with minimal wear and tear. These hats also get made from fur or wax cloth, which is perfect for keeping the wearer warm during wintry nights.

  • Embellished western cowboy hats

It is exciting to know that the act of adding embellishments to the cowboy hat isn’t a modern-day practice. It got done right after this hat came into existence. And the decoration was a process of representing the region or the ranch once belonged from. It also distinguished one hat from the other. Today, the expert hat makers have come up with cowboy hats with a wide range of embellishments, like various crowns, brim styles, colors, and materials. The cowboy hats for women often possess fine embellishments. Some hats have embellishments like leather straps, braids, and gemstones.

  • Leather cowboy hats

A high-end grain leather cowboy hat is an intelligent investment that you can make. The hat isn’t just appealing to look at, but it will last you for a long time. But it would help if you remembered that the leather cowboy hats aren’t waterproof. Hence, when the hat soaks in water, it can result in the leather changing its shape and sometimes rotting. But you can always find ways to waterproof the leather.

  • Panama cowboy hats

The Panama hat belongs to Ecuador, but it got associated with the family of cowboy hats with a dented crown and round brim that is perfect for keeping the head secured from the summer heat. Since this cowboy hat uses Panama straw, it is lightweight. The hat is usually breathable and is light-colored, and is perfect for a hot summer day. Today, other than men, even children and women wear the Panama cowboy hat.

Now that you are aware of the different types of cowboy hats available, you can choose the one that caters to your requirement and style. Make sure that you get a good-quality cowboy hat that will last you for a long time.

Categories of caps and hats have become an essential asset of men’s fashion

Who knew that headwear could change your overall look and upgrade your style to another level? There are different caps and hats available in the market that can transform your look and grab you all the attention. Unlike women who possess endless accessories for themselves, men have limited options. The hat is one of those essential accessories that men include. Hence, experimenting with different styles of hats and caps is the only option left for men. You may tap into this and create numerous types of your choice. You can take your essential clothing to the next level if you seriously fuse it with stylish headwear. Caps and hats are a sophisticated means to finish your overall look and create a versatile appearance.

Moreover, hats are functional and practical at the same time. They are appropriate for different seasons, and thereby you will have to know them in detail. While caps are best for the summer season, hats go well with any season. They will create a fantastic appeal, provided you wear them with confidence.

The must-have hats for a men’s wardrobe

Since headwear protects your head from rain, cold, or heat, they are functional. In addition to this, they are a styling piece that will elevate your look and make you look versatile. Since there are different variants of hats, it is often overwhelming to select the one that suits your style. Hence, you have to be strategic enough to choose the headwear to make you look classic and versatile.

Panama hats are the best beach accessory for men

Of all the hats, Panama hats are the most common and well-known ones. Traditionally, these hats come out of leaves of palm plants. Originating in Ecuador, these hats are super versatile and lightweight. They will provide you with superior ventilation and are durable at the same time. They are ideal for your summer suit. You can team the hats with pistol shade lightweight suiting.

Moreover, a linen shirt loafer will also go well with these men’s hats. You will have to select your ensembles very carefully so that your overall look is balanced. Panama hats create a playful look that has an aesthetic appeal. If you want to define your face with a touch of casualness, then you will have to go for Panama hats.

Classic outfits are incomplete without pork pie hats

For those who are in love with the traditional look, pork pie hats are a must. You will become a style icon if you properly pair your pork pie hats with your formal suits. These hats have always been in fashion, and fashion-forward individuals wear them. These hats are round and small, coming with flat crowns and a well-placed crease on the inside top. These hats have gained popularity because most Hollywood stars are wearing them in different events. Hence, they are creating a traditional look that suits the formal event. Similarly, you can wear these hats for your formal meetings and officially get together. They will make you look smarter compared to others.

Boater hats will help you create a spectacle

The formal summer hat style is incomplete without the mention of boater hats. It became prominent in the 19th century; these hats have remained in fashion. Stiff straw helps in manufacturing these hats, and they come with different variants of ribbons. It is a formal piece that suits your official setting. You can wear these with formals or lounge suits that go well in the summer season.

Want to beat the sun with style? Here come fedora hats

Well, well, well. Fedora hats are ideal for those men who are looking for a statement piece. These are functional because they will shelter you against the grinding sun and upgrade your fashion to the next level. These are felt hats coming with pinched sides and creases placed lengthwise. You can mold these according to your taste and sense of style. If you want to style yourself with fedora hats, you can pair them with simple shirts, straight-leg trousers, high boots, and jeans as well. These lightweight fedora hats are suitable for the summer months because they are durable and breathable. You have no reason to avoid fedora hats when trying to shop for the summer season.

They are an all-time favorite among men and women

Now that you know about all these variants, it’s time to go shopping. If you want to create an evergreen fashion statement, you will have to experiment with different styles and colors. Try out different hats to make you look cool and classy. Categorize your hats and use them strategically.

You can rock your formal as well as a casual outfit by pairing them with the right hat. Hats can push your personality and make you grab attention in any event.

The evolution of hat-making from then to now

You cannot question the art of American hat-making for the years of experience it displays. Most hats offer superior comfort, quality, and excellent finish. Whether you need something for a formal or daily need, you don’t have to worry about the purpose of use. From stunning choices for events to casual looks to more, these come in many forms and styles. In these hats, detailing can be the primary emphasis. The reputed companies ensure they provide the best by focusing on their production process from the beginning. The careful choice of materials makes them ahead of the pack. So, if you want to wear a hat that keeps a balance between beauty and functionality, you don’t have to go anywhere else.

You can rely on the American Hat Company with a repository of expertise and experience to serve you better. If you need more proof, pay close attention to their designs, stitches, and materials that vouch for nothing but excellence.

The story of hats

The hat-wearing habit had to do more with image, class, and protection. It also became a fashion accessory for people following a specific lifestyle, etiquette, and practice. However, these have not been an overnight success or always popular. There had been lulls also. In the 18th century, wigs took their position. Things again changed in the 19th century with men’s hats. Even the time after World War I witnessed their emergence. The fashion industry welcomed them back due to the efforts of the hat-making sector. Nevertheless, it can be interesting to know that the Romans didn’t use hats but metal fillets.

In the initial medieval period, hoods and coifs were standard. Doctors and other professionals sported round skull caps with details. Some suggest that straw and felt were the earliest forms of hats as they were functional. People working in the field needed them for sun protection. As the 13th century dawned, brims became a part of the hats. The young crowd loved them, and gradually, everyone shifted to other headgears from metal helmets.

Forehead accessories grew in popularity with time, while hats enjoyed a unique position in men’s clothing. The 20th century saw the emergence of Panamas, fedoras, bowlers, top hats, and derbies, which are as much a part of fashion today as they were in the past.

A look into top hat and bowler

The western world adopted black silk top hats initially. These became a symbol of aristocracy and conservative capitalism. However, they lacked a formal vibe. But what made them intriguing was the manufacturing process. In America, hat makers added a special touch by using mercury to increase the black color of the hat. The era stood witness to even the tallest shapes with crowns going up to seven inches high. The width, however, could be different. Then, bowler hats or Derby entered the scene in the 1850s. People looked at it as a classic English choice. Mostly industrial class wore them. The uniqueness of these hats was their rigid and protective lids.

The current hat options based on seasons

Times have changed, and the outlook toward hats has too. These fashion accessories have undergone an incredible transformation to suit modern sensibilities while retaining their classic appeal. Also, their utilitarian goal is equally important. That’s why you come across varieties in bucket hats, cowboy hats, floppy hats, boaters, and Panamas during summers. You can select beanies, berets, Ascot caps, fedoras, and others in the winter season. Since there are so many variations, you can get confused about what to choose and why. For quick understanding, you need to become familiar with the hat anatomy.

A hat consists of the brim, crown, sweatband, etc. Brims are the front projections of the hats for ensuring sun protection for the eyes. Almost all hats come with them. The top part of the hat is the crown, which can have ten different forms. You can look at cowboy hats and derby hats for an experience. While cowboy hats feature cattleman crowns, bowlers boast round crowns. Sweatbands can be common to felt hats. Check felt fedoras for a hint. However, this element can be there in other varieties also.

Having a bit of background about hats’ origin and their prevalence and evolution is essential to understand the hat-making skills of the American companies specializing in this niche. It gives you confidence that you can expect the best options for your need. Since Black Friday is approaching and soon there will be other significant festivities, you can hurry to find your style. Visit the recognized hat makers with a rich legacy in this field. You can depend on them in terms of variety, quality, pricing, and long-term benefit. At the same time, you don’t have to cross-check with other platforms to be sure you have invested in the right thing. The top-notch material and the make will be the proof of their trustworthiness.

Love your fedoras but confuse them with a trilby? Let’s clear the air

You can be either right or wrong about your hat. There is no middle way, especially after you develop a fondness for some specific style. Since fedoras dominate most hearts, it will not be a surprise if you also confess your feelings for them. These hats offer the most coveted combination of fashion, style, and good nature. You can wear them anywhere in any mood and still look spotless. Despite your dedication, you can make a mistake with their makeup and pick a trilby instead. While it is not a crime because both are great options, your fashion sense can fill you with guilt for this error. You may not digest it that even someone so devoted to trends can make such blunders.

Well, you don’t have to be harsh at yourself. Some unintentional fashion faux pas deserves better treatment. Still, it is not too late if you wish to polish your knowledge about these two hat categories a bit to avoid all the future embarrassment. So, here are a few valuable insights into this aspect.

Fedora vs. trilby: Material

Whether you have an interest in trilby or fedora hat women, you must know what is what. One of the best ways to recognize a difference between them can be the use of material. Trilbies are appropriate for casual styles more. These tend to be affordable because they usually contain straw or wool. Fedoras also come in these variations. But the higher-grade products use Panama weave, leather, and felt. You may wonder when to wear them. Both variations are super chic and responsibly carefree. That’s why you can pair them with your everyday outfit hesitation-free. However, you cannot achieve an upscale modern vibe without a fedora.

Fedora vs. trilby: Style and composition

The two are different from each other, but a reference to the hat material alone cannot be sufficient to prove this. You may require delving deeper into the shape and forms, which share subtle distinctions. For a hat enthusiast, it can be easy to spot them. So, as you know, fedoras take pride in their pinched sides, indented crown, and flexible brim. Similarly, trilbies boast some inherent physical traits – center dent and teardrop crown. These characteristics are not too bold compared to the fedoras.

Fedora hats stand out for their wide brims that you can snap up or down to complement your stylish appearance. With trilby, you will miss this convenience because of their narrow and short bills that dip down in the front for a dramatic visual effect. To be precise, you can pay attention to the brims if you want to be sure of your choice.

The probable source of confusion – Similar origins  

Since fedora and trilby hats share almost common backgrounds as debutants, it becomes another reason to mistake one for the other. The classic fedora styles caught the attention after featuring in Victorien Sardou’s namesake play in 1882. Likewise, trilby rose to popularity after the ‘Trilby’ stage show in 1894 based on George du Maurier’s novel. During the mid 20th century, the fedora’s fame took a hit and almost lost its fashionable charm. It happened because the era of 1970 was more about hatless looks. However, they bounced back in the early 1980s. Celebrities also owned this style without any hesitation, making them a central part of their ensemble.

If you were doubtful about these hats, you could now go with your choice proudly. The timeless fedoras have always been in the spotlight for their numerous merits, such as adaptability and easy-going traits. Whether you want to join your girl gang for a jazz show or laze around a pristine beach, you can trust them to accompany your style. You can even imagine your most stylish formal or edgy looks with them. Or, if you wish to dip your toe in its combined form, check a fedora with a trilby charm.

Care and maintenance for fedoras

Hats can be vulnerable to sweat stains. You can keep your hat safe by eliminating sweat marks before they form. As soon as you come back, you can clean the deep inner part of the hat with a clean wet cloth. Let it dry in the air after this process. Also, when you don’t use it, you can hang your hat in the open to air it. It will reduce the sweat build-up.

You don’t have to change your loyalties if you are not comfortable. As it is, fedoras are more than enough. When you crave a fresh twist, you can change your hat style. Sometimes, simple modifications like this can play an important role. Till then, you can create different looks with your fedora hat and enjoy them too. You can be your casual or formal best, even with a bit of effort. It can be a fantastic thing for any fashionable person looking for less time-consuming style hacks.

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