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 March 15, 2020

Govinda is one of the most famous actors in Bollywood, the king of Indian dances. A charming young man of short stature with a snow-white smile in the 90s fought on the spot with his glances and movements the fair sex across the planet. Indian fans piled him with letters, called the children in honor of the actor. In total, Govind starred in more than 150 films during his creative career – and does not plan to stop there.

Childhood and youth

Govinda Arun Ahuja, better known as Govinda, was born near Bombay in the town of Virar on December 21, 1963. Govinda is the youngest of six children. Father Arun Kumar Ahuja began as an actor and film producer, mother Nirmala Devi – singer and actress. The name of the actor in Sanskrit means “bringing happiness to the cows”, friends and family often called him “chi-chi”, which translates from Indian as “little finger”.

At some point, his father’s work affairs became very bad, the man wilted and did not get out of bed. The mother had to support the family: it was difficult to feed, clothe and learn six children. Mother courageously pulled the strap, but Govinda saw how hard it was for a woman.

As a little boy, he decided that he would get out of poverty. In addition, Govinda set the goal of getting married only when he provided the mother and father with housing and money. Many years later, when the actor became popular, and the fees were high, he admitted that the happiest days in life were when he bought his mother first a sari, and then a new house.

Nirmala insisted on commercial education for her son so that Govinda could feed himself and his family. But sitting at the office desk, sorting through papers, was unbearable for a future movie star. At the same time, the film Disco Dancer was released, which turned Govinda’s head. The young man persuaded his mother to give a year and a half to try himself in dancing and on the set. The woman reluctantly agreed.


Govinda’s creative career began with filming an advertisement where his uncle worked as a director. The debut film with the participation of a young man called “Wines” was released in 1986. The sad love story of the poor guy and the wealthy heiress was so fond of the viewer that he was included in the top five Bollywood movies of 1986.

After a successful role, proposals fell on Govinda: the actor starred in action films, dramas, and comedies. The most successful year for the Indian star was 1989: he managed to star in 15 films. Colleagues call Govinda “Number 1”, in the filmography there are six paintings with this number: “Glorious Couple No. 1”, “Hero No. 1”, “Aunt No. 1”, “Porter No. 1”, “Favorite daughter-in-law No. 1”,

Govinda has repeatedly been nominated for the Filmfare Award for Best Actor in films such as Scam, Dangerous Deal, Wedding Planner. Twice the actor was awarded the Filmfare Award – for the film “Guys Do Not Miss” and “The vicissitudes of fate.” In addition, he was twice recognized as the best comedian according to Zee Entertainment Enterprises.

At the beginning of the two thousandth actor, failure was pursued: most of the paintings with his participation failed at the box office. At this time, Govinda took up politics, in 2004 he was elected a member of the lower house of the Indian parliament. This area of ​​responsibility included education, health and transport.

Personal life

Govinda Sunita’s wife is a high society girl. The couple met in the mid-eighties: both emotional, regularly quarreled over trifles. The pair was helped by Indian dances – often lovers, as in the films, arranged competitions: who would dance.

The girl’s parents were unhappy with their daughter’s choice, but Nirmala loved Sunita very much. After the girl’s mother found a love correspondence with Govinda, the relationship opened. The couple received a blessing from their parents and secretly signed in 1987. They decided not to arrange a magnificent celebration: the actor was at the peak of his career, the wedding could easily destroy her. For four years, the marriage was kept secret.

The family had 2 children – a daughter Namrad and a son Yashvardkhan. Govinda worried all his life that he kept the marriage secret and that he had deprived the spouse of the ceremony. On the 25th wedding anniversary, in 2014, Govinda and Sunita re-signed, this time adhering to all the traditional rituals. Fans note that in the photo from the ceremony, the couple looks more tired than happy. The actor says the second wedding was the last wish of the mother.


This is the official personal biography of Govinda. However, in 1990, an interview was published in the Stardust magazine, in which he recalls another lover – Indian actress Neelam Kothari.

Govinda says that he fell in love with a beauty at first sight. Actors starred a lot, eventually began to be friends and spend time together. But even before this meeting, Govinda had already promised to connect life with Sunita. In an interview, the star says that at the beginning of the relationship, there was no thought to marry her, but too late Govinda realized that it was time to break the connection.

Govinda now

,the actor turns 58 years old. From the role of the hero-lover, the Indian star switches to the roles of fathers and grandfathers. To look younger in the frame, Govinda recently took up close looks: he lost 28 pounds and transplanted his hair. A few years ago, the actor opened his own film studio Govinda Yashovarddhan No. 1 Distributors. One of the last films with his participation, “Another hero was spotted,” was released in 2017, where Govinda played the role of a policeman.




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