How to Fix Cinema HD not Working on FireStick 


 November 11, 2022

Facing any problems while streaming on Cinema HD? The app is not working properly or are there some buffering issues? Whatever the problem is, this article will help you fix Cinema HD not working on FireStick. Keep on reading!

Just imagine you’ve installed Cinema HD and enjoyed your favorite stuff, and suddenly, it stops working. It often happens with users when Cinema HD suddenly stops working correctly. There is a couple of reasons why Cinema HD doesn’t work on your FireStick. 

This blog will discuss solid reasons why Cinema HD is not working on FireStick and how you can fix the issues. So, let’s get started. 

Is Cinema HD Not Working on FireStick? Possible Reasons

As one of the most popular free streaming apps at the moment, Cinema HD must constantly deal with copyright concerns since the content on the application does not belong to them. Moreover, they provide free TV and copyrighted movies, TV series, and other content. 

As a result, they occasionally have to remove their software due to legal concerns. Now, if you attempt to watch any of your favorite TV series or movies, you won’t experience any links or server failures when they keep their app unavailable.

Your internet connection may occasionally be unable to handle the link quality, which results in a long loading time for the video. Therefore, there are several potential causes for Cinema HD not functioning properly, but fear not folks; we have listed methods below that you may use to fix Cinema HD not working on FireStick. 

We advise you to install some good VPN service for FireStick when you stream through Cinema HD or any other such apps like OneBox HD, Coto Movies, etc. 

How to Fix Cinema HD Not Working on FireStick?

Here are some possible methods you can choose to fix Cinema HD not working on FireStick. These problems could be related to anything and that is the reason there are various solutions. We advise you to follow the methods till the problem is not resolved. 

1. Use VPN to Fix the Problem

ISPs continue to restrict links from external providers like Cinema HD. However, a VPN will allow you to avoid this (Virtual Private Network). A reliable VPN would not only unblock those broadcasts but will also encrypt your viewing traffic at the highest level of security. You will receive much-needed internet privacy from it. On any device, I advise using a good VPN. 

Links that your ISP has prohibited will be unblocked by VPN services. Additionally, any geo-restricted streams will be unlocked. There are many VPN services available for FireStick. We have reviewed some of the best VPN services here

2. Check Internet Speed and Wi-Fi Speed 

When there is trouble with your Internet connection, the program will not function properly (Wi-Fi or mobile data). When you use more high-speed data than allowed each day, the speed might occasionally drop dramatically. Ensure the Wi-Fi connection is strong and that no other devices are using up all of your capacity.

You don’t require a high-speed Internet connection. However, I recommend having Wi-Fi at least 50 Mbps fast because numerous devices may simultaneously connect to the Internet. Use the Internet Speed Test application or another speed test application of your choice to check the bandwidth of the Wi-Fi or Internet connection.

3. Update Your Cinema HD On FireStick 

If Cinema isn’t working, you should make sure you have the most recent version. We strongly advise updating the Cinema HD app if you don’t already have it. The most recent version as of this writing is 2.4.0. Skip this if you already have the latest version.  If a new update is available, you will see a popup on the screen requesting you to upgrade the program to the latest iteration.

Before installing the program, ensure unknown sources are enabled in the device’s settings (on a FireStick, go to Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options). Follow the guide below to update your Cinema HD on FireStick. 

  • Launch the Cinema & then click the 3-line menu symbol in the top-left corner to see which version you are using.
  • The update will be shown at the top.

You can also check our article helping with the installation of Cinema HD on FireStick

3. Check the Latest Version of the App on FireStick

Go to the FireStick Settings from the menu bar. Click on the Application option. From there, you need select Manage Installed Applications. Find the Cinema HD app and check the given version number displayed in the right corner. 

4. Use Real Debrid to Get More Functional Links

The Cinema HD software may retrieve free links or stream movies and television series. However, the free streams frequently either don’t play or have low quality. Real Debrid is a premium hoster that provides you with premium connections of the highest caliber. The link quality significantly improves when Real Debrid is configured with this app (or even other broadcasting apps). As a result, we heartily urge you to use this service. Or less than $5 a month is required.

After purchasing the subscription, follow these steps below: 

1. Open the application. Now, tap on the menu button given n the top left corner of the screen. 

Fix Cinema HD Not Working on FireStick

2. Now, go to Settings from the drop-down menu. 

Fix Cinema HD Not Working on FireStick

3. Click on the Account and then select Login to the Real Debrid option. 

Fix Cinema HD Not Working on FireStick

4. A code will be displayed on the screen. Now, you have to go to real-debrid.com/device. Enter this code for verification. 

Hopefully, this will help you fix the Cinema HD not working on the FireStick problem. 

5. Clear the Cache Of the Cinema HD App on FireStick

Your device’s cache or temporary storage is likely to cause any buffering issues you experience or any unexpected interruptions in the playback of your movies. Clearing the cache when your Cinema HD is malfunctioning is a wonderful way to resolve any buffering problems. Additionally, it frees up unneeded storage space on FireStick that was occupied. Follow the steps below to clear the cache on FireStick:

1. First, from the FireStick home screen, go to Settings.

Click on Settings Icon

2. Under the Settings Menu, click on the Applications option. 

Choose Applications

3. Choose Manage Installed Apps.

Click on Managed Installed Applications

4. Select the Cinema HD app. Next, select Clear Cache from the right-hand side options.

Please be aware that deleting the cache will not delete any program data, including downloads, watch lists, bookmarks, etc.

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6. Force Stop to Fix Cinema HD Not Working Issue

If the app isn’t working, you could try to force it to close. It is known that force-stopping has been effective for specific users. Now follow the following steps:

1. Visit the home screen of the FireStick app and go to the Settings Menu. 

2. Now click on the Applications

3. Select Manage Installed Applications.

4. Click on the Force Stop that will kill the process related to Cinema HD app. 

Once you force stop, open the Cinema HD once again and see if this fixed the issue. If not, follow the solutions below to fix Cinema HD not working on FireStick. 

7. Clear the Data of Cinema HD Apk

Sometimes, deleting the applications’ data helps them function properly. Please keep in mind that when you clean the data, your saved settings and history are also deleted. It is practically the same as reinstalling the software from scratch. The procedures for backing up and restoring your data are also included. Take these actions:

1. Click on the Menu button given in the top-left area of the Cinema HD app.  On the dropdown menu, select Settings.

2. After scrolling down, select Backup and Restore. To create a backup, click Backup.

3. Select Settings by pressing the Home button on the FireStick Remote and choose Applications

4. Click Manage Installed Applications and Cinema HD V2 once you open it. 

5. Choose Clear Data. A notification pop-up will appear, click Clear Data once again. 

6. Return to Settings in the Cinema HD app. Click on Backup and Restore and select the Restore option. 

That is it, this will hopefully fix Cinema HD not working on the FireStick problem. 

8. Disable the Show Debrid Option

For this, you need to open the Cinema HD app and click on the given 3-line menu in the top left corner. At the bottom, you will find Settings, click on that to proceed further. 

Go to the Account, scroll down a bit at the bottom to find Show Debrid Only option. Turn off the toggle if it is off. This will help you to fix Cinema HD not working problem on FireStick. 

10. Disable Auto-Play Option 

This may or may not be the cause of your inability to use Cinema APK. But in case it is, here are some things you may do:

1. On the Cinema HD home screen, choose the three-line menu (top-left corner). Choose Settings from the drop-down menu. 

2. Select the Auto Play option. You will find two options under this feature. Disable both if turned on.

– Autoplay the next episode (TV/Show)

– Auto next with the first subtitle in the list

Do you know that turning off default Audio AutoPlay and Video AutoPlay will fix the buffering problem in FireStick? Not only that, it might help you in fixing the overheating problem your FireStick is facing. 

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11. Enable Providers in the App

Applications like Cinema HD APK obtain streaming connections from various free sources. Check if each supplier is active (particularly if you don’t utilize Real Debrid). By default, all of the providers are active. But occasionally we manage to disable them unintentionally. To check and allow providers to correct any Cinema HD problems, follow these steps:

1. In the top-left area of the application, select the menu button. Choose Settings from the drop-down.

2. Click on the Performance option. Select Choose Providers to Enable feature. The list of each of the free providers appears in a window.

3. Scroll down and turn on or verify any providers that could have been turned off.

Fix Cinema HD Not Working on FireStick

12. Turn Off the AdBlocker

While ad-blockers are a terrific method to remove advertisements from your Smartphone, they occasionally obstruct the normal operation of streaming apps like Cinema APK. You should disable your ad-blocker if you frequently see the “No data error” and use one like Blokada. Disabling the ad-blocker will probably resolve the problem and improve your experience.

14. Cinema HD Not Showing Any Streams or Links

If the Cinema HD app isn’t bringing you any streams or links, one or more of the causes mentioned in this tutorial may be to blame. Purchasing Real Debrid is the best option when the free suppliers cannot give any connections.

Real Debrid seems to be a premium hoster compared to free hosts and is significantly more likely to deliver functioning streams. The movie or series you wish to view could not include any links, even if Real Debrid cannot find any streams for you.

15. Clear Real Debrid Download/Watch History

The best option might not be this one. But some people have reported success. Real Debrid history accumulation might occasionally create problems while playing content on the app.

Note: If you don’t have or utilize Real Debrid, you cannot use this solution.

Follow these steps to clear the Debris catch/watch history.

1. Use a browser on your computer or mobile device to go to real-debrid.com. Sign in to Real Debrid by clicking the Login icon on the home page.

2. After logging in, choose My Account under your username. Scroll down to the next page and go to the section Account History. 

3. Click on the Download History

3. Now, click on the X sign given on the top to clear all the watch history.

16.  Fix Problem Parsing the Package Error

It’s quite possible that you are downloading an outdated software version if you keep getting the error “trouble processing the package.” This error message will also appear if you attempt to install an older version of the software while already owning a more recent version.

To ensure that you don’t get a such error, only install the most recent APK from a trustworthy source. Also, download the Cinema HD app using the Downloader Code: 89840.

17. Fixing Cinema HD Playback Failed 

If you get the playback failed problem, the link you selected is likely broken. A different URL will automatically be selected by the app. It will continue looking until it locates a functional link. If the program does not discover any active links, it indicates that none are now accessible. Unfortunately, as the links come from outside providers, the app developers nor we have any control over them.

18. Fixing Cinema HD Playing Wrong Movies or Episodes

Recently, we’ve noticed that the URL’s on the Cinema HD application occasionally play the incorrect movie or episode.

As you are aware, Cinema APK is not a media host. It uses connections or streams that come from outside sources. According to the suppliers, it has zero authority over what information plays over a URL. Picking a different link is your only remaining choice. Fortunately, you can check to see if the URL will play the correct movie or series before clicking it. Follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. In the top-right corner, select the Search option. Enter the title of the film or television program you wish to view.

2. We will seek the Angel and Demons movie in the public domain. When you will see the film or television broadcast shows in the search results, click on it.

3. Now you will see the list of connections that are visible.

4. Long-click a link (for about 2-3 seconds). For instance, hold the choose or center button on a FireStick or Android TV Box. 

5. The file name is presented in a window. The URL will probably playback the appropriate material if the file name corresponds to the movie or television series you wish to watch.

19. Uninstall & Reinstall Cinema HD App

Is Cinema HD still not functioning? The Cinema HD application can occasionally be fixed by deleting and installing it again. Data loss will occur, including history and favorite items. However, to fix Cinema HD not working problem on FireStick, we have to do this. 

Uninstall Cinema HD

1. On FireStick’s home screen, select Settings.

2. Click Applications. Select Manage Installed Apps. All the apps loaded on your streaming device will be shown to you.

3. Choose Cinema HD app from the list of apps installed on your FireStick. On the subsequent page, click Uninstall.

4. When this confirmation popup appears, click on Uninstall once again.

That is it. You have successfully uninstalled the Cinema HD app on FireStick. 

Re-install the App

You can easily reinstall the software after uninstalling it. Here are the short instructions for installing the Cinema HD app. Just click on the link that will help you learn how to install Cinema HD on FireStick easily.

20. Use other Alternative Apps

If none of the fixes work or you see a black screen, grey screen, or server has died, there can be an issue with the app or a server malfunction. Cinema HD may crash if the server is experiencing high traffic and has limited bandwidth. You can wait a while and attempt other viable options until the problem is resolved. 

See this list of Cinema HD Options for a summary of some of the top alternatives that provide an experience comparable to Cinema. We advise periodically checking the app because the creator often addresses bugs quickly.

1. Cyberflix TV

2. Tea TV

3. Nova TV

4. Media lounge

5. Ocean Streamz

6. One Box HD

Is Cinema HD Working Now?

These are some solutions you can try to fix the problem of Cinema HD not working on FireStick. We hope you have got the perfect answer from this guide, and you’ll be able to fix this error yourself with these simple hacks. 

If you know of any other solution that fixed your problem of Cinema HD not working on FireStick, do let us know. It will help our readers as well. 

Does Cinema HD Still Work?

Indeed, Cinema HD APK is really active and functional. However, you could sporadically run across certain problems.

Is Cinema HD Legal?

It is legal but be careful because you only stream films and shows in the general public domain. Legal issues might arise if copyrighted information is streamed.

Why is Cinema HD not working?

There may be several causes for it. We have made an effort to cover as many as we can in this article.

Why does Cinema APK keep buffering?

Buffering is caused by several different things. The solutions offered in this manual could stop buffering problems.

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