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 March 16, 2020

Ariana Grande is a popular American singer,
Date of birth (day and year):  06/26/1993
Place of Birth: cUSA, Florida, Boca Raton
Height: 153 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Zodiac sign: Crayfish
Eye color:  Brown


Ariana Grande is a popular American singer, successful actress, nominee and winner of a Grammy Music Award in the category Best Vocal Pop Album of 2019. Her collection has collected many awards and nominations:

  • 4 nominations for the Grammy Awards,
  • MTV Video Music Award
  • 3 MTV Euro Music Awards,
  • 3 American Music Awards,
  • 12 nominations for the “Music Award” Billboard,
  • 10 Teen Choice Awards (nominees for young talents 13-19 years old),
  • Breakthrough of the Year award.


The future pop star was born in the small town of Boca Raton, eastern Florida, USA in an ordinary middle-class American family. The girl’s mother, Joan Grande, led the company to install telephone communications and alarm systems.

ariana grande childhood

His father, Edward Buter, was a graphic designer and owned his own computer design company. Nationalities of father and mother have Italian roots. Two children were growing up in the Buter Grande family, Ariana and her older brother Frankie. From childhood, parents supported and encouraged the creative potential of children.

They noticed the innate acting and vocal talents of their daughter on time and tried their best to develop them. From an early age, only having learned to speak, the girl attended a children’s theater in her town, where her talents were confirmed and soon she was transferred to another theater, there were professional specialists working with the baby.

Parents could not save the family, divorced when the singer was 8 years old, but maintained a warm relationship with the children. Indeed, it was only thanks to their efforts that Frank grew and became a successful actor and producer, Ariana – a superstar of world scale.


The girl burst into the theatrical world rapidly, her vocal and acting talents are so closely connected that she easily managed to qualify for famous musicals. Ariana Grande’s debut took place in the musical production of “Annie”, then she participated in the popular musical performances “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Wizard of Oz”.

As a teenager, in 2007, she brilliantly passed the casting and went on stage as Charlotte in the musical “13” by Jason Brown on Broadway. This performance was marked by the first well-deserved award – the prize of the National Association of Theater Youth.

After successfully entering the stage, the girl was invited to a theater school in North Brovard, but she had to study on her own due to a busy schedule, many directors offered her a job that she simply could not refuse.

The creative biography of Ariana Grande, the success of the star in her career is directly related to the incredibly beautiful voice, which was delivered by the talented Hollywood music teacher Eric Vetro, at one time the world stars Pink and Katy Perry took vocal master classes from him. Ariana is produced by her brother Frank.

TV star

For the first time on television, the girl performed the US anthem at age 8. And at 16 there was a casting in the project “Victorious” channel Nickelodeon. In the role of Kat Valentine, she shone on television from March 2010 to February 2013, starred in 61 episodes of the sitcom and became the idol of all teenagers in America.

ariana grande bio

In parallel with the filming of the series, the girl continues to develop her musical career. Together with Miranda, the Singes sings at the Birdland nightclub in New York and participates in the Brain Surge music television show.

After the release of her first collection of soundtracks and the song “Put Your Hearts Up” in 2011, she was assigned the status of a super star, her popularity among American youth has grown to heaven. She herself was not happy with the released video and single and considers working on it to be the worst time in her life.

Acting in television projects and engaged in a musical career, the young talent does not forget about the theater scene. In 2012, she delighted the audience with her work in the musical production of Cuba Libre, directed by Desmond Child and the role of Snow White in a Christmas performance.

The following 2013 was a very fruitful year for the star in the musical field. She recorded and released two albums “Christmas Kisses”, “Yours Truly”, which did not leave indifferent the critics who noted the increased skill, the “matured” voice of the singer, and numerous admirers of Ariana’s music.

The year 2015 was marked in the career of Ariana Grande by the release of the series “The Scream Queen”; in the series, the actress starred in the star company of Emma Roberts, Nick Jonas and Leah Michelle.

An acting and musical career does not prevent the girl from actively participating in the LGBT community movement, protecting the rights of people with non-traditional sexual orientation and being a co-founder of The Happy Hippie Foundation charity foundation together with Miley Cyrus.

Personal life

Despite the young age and incredible employment, work and development of a stellar career. Ariana Grande’s personal life is full of numerous fleeting novels with popular and famous guys.

In the fall of 2014, the girl decided to try to build a relationship with the famous rapper Big Sean, but six months later it became known that the couple were not together. Her next companion was Ricky Alvarez, the singer stayed with the dancer for about a year and said goodbye in the summer of 2016.

With rapper musician Mack Miller, Ariana stayed close for almost two years, but the girl could not endure his manipulations, humiliation and psychological pressure, which caused the separation.

In 2016, Ariana met on the Saturday Night Live show with a comedian, Pete Davidson, at the time they were both not free. But in 2018, they turned out to be free from the relationship, the couple began an affair, ending with engagement and planning a wedding in 2019. But Pete did not become husband, the actress did not marry him, breaking this connection.

The singer dedicated the song “Thank you, next” to all her ex-boyfriends and unsuccessful relationships. In the single, she mentioned both dancer Ricky Alvarez, and the late rapper Mac Miller, and Big Sean, but the main attention was paid to ex-groom Pete.

With this composition, Ariana makes it clear that of all her novels, she made the right conclusions and, despite insults and disappointments, is not going to stand still. “There is no falsehood and malice, only love, gratitude, acceptance, honesty, forgiveness and personal growth,” the singer commented on the track’s release in numerous interviews and social networks.

Interesting Facts

Many admirers of the singer are interested to know:

  • Ariana’s parents were fans of the animated project “Felix the Cat”, which was released in 1959. In honor of the character of Princess Oriana, their daughter was named.
  • Frank’s older brother is homosexual. After the declaration of the Pope of all people of non-traditional orientation as sinners, the singer, brought up in the Catholic faith, changed her religion and followed the commandments of Kabbalah.
  • Ariana is 11 years younger than Frank’s brother James Grande, he can often be found on the singer’s tour. He performs on stage with his sister as a dancer.
  • The nickname “Mini Mariah Carey” or “New Mariah Carey” Ariana received when she sang at Birdland Club in New York.
  • It promotes a healthy lifestyle, does not eat food of animal origin, loves beach holidays.
  • Her natural hair color is brown, brown eyes, uses contact lenses. There is a dimple on the left cheek.
  • She loves animals very much; 6 dogs live with her.
  • He calls his favorite books about Harry Potter, the film “Bruce Almighty”, the song “Beautiful” K. Aguilera, the TV show “Gossip Girl”.

Social activity

The employment of the singer and actress does not interfere with spending time on social networks, the presence of which only significantly increases her popularity and fame throughout the world. In 2017, the Instagram network called its page the second in the world in terms of visits and activity, then more than 115 million users were subscribed to it, and the YouTube channel counted 15 million subscribers.

Her Twitter page is read by more than 55 million people, slightly fewer Facebook fans, about 33 million. With her work, the singer managed to make a fortune of more than $ 35 million, according to 2017.

Plastic surgery

Paying tribute to fashion to lose weight and change facial features, the actress resorted to the help of a plastic surgeon. The appearance of Ariana has significant differences before and after plastic surgery. Experts have noticed that the shape of the nose has changed somewhat, which has become more miniature. A forehead lift was also performed.

The position of the eyebrows in the photo of different years is also noticeably different. In the same period of her life, Ariana lost a lot of weight, which had a positive effect on her appearance. Many fans of the actress report on social networks that the girl’s body is equally beautiful before and after losing weight.

ariana grande wiki


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