What To Watch Free on FireStick? 


 July 12, 2022

Have FireStick but fed up with paying subscription fees for each app? Want to know what to watch free on FireStick? This article will help you find some sources and apps that will help you to watch free content on FireStick. Keep on reading!

Congratulations! You’ve purchased the Amazon FireStick for smart TV. Now, you’re good to stream live TV shows, Amazon movies, and many more shows. But are you tired of paying the bills of apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and many more to watch content? Trust us; you’re not alone who sucks with the monthly subscription plans and billing. 

What’s the solution, then? You must be thinking what to watch free on FireStick? Simple, use free content to watch on FireStick. Yes, many amazing apps let you stream your favorite shows without shelling out a penny. 

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You’re lucky enough to enjoy streaming for free if you landed here. Here, we’ll discuss the best applications that will answer your question: what to watch free on FireStick? Let’s not waste time here; read about the most amazing apps and choose the best apps as per your interest. 

What to Watch Free on FireStick?

Are you always in search for watch to watch free on FireStick? No more, find out the apps and sources that will help you watch free content on FireStick legally. You don’t have to pay more to watch some exclusive and amazing content on FireStick using these apps. 

Start reading and download the ones you like the most on FireStick! 

1. YouTube

YouTube is the foremost application you can use to watch movies and favorite TV shows on FireStick. Earlier, it was not on Amazon FireStick, but now it is available. YouTube allows you to stream so much content for free

If you’re a person who loves to watch daily news update, YouTube is good to go. You can stream many popular channels like CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and many local channels. Moreover, you can also stream full HD movies on this platform. 

So, if you love to binge all-night movies, TV shows, and other stuff on FireStick, YouTube is the best and most reliable application to access and watch content on FireStick without paying anything. 

Are you annoyed with YouTube Ads? Recently, we compiled a list of ways to block ads on FireStick. One of the methods includes how to remove YouTube ads on FireStick. Do check the article. 

what to watch free on firestick

2. Pluto TV

Finding an app to watch for free on FireStick? Pluto TV is the best application and alternative to premium online streaming platforms. This platform has a simple interface and offers an exclusive blend of content for children and adults both

The best part is the ads are not that overwhelming, and you can create your listing to watch content. Pluto Tv offers a lot of content, such as live TV shows, movies, and web series. Pluto TV becomes a core to stream content and takes a shift from paid applications. 

This application is easy to navigate and the perfect answer to what to watch free on FireStick? This is a perfect app for families who love to explore content online. 

3. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is another excellent application to watch free on FireStick. This lets you explore plenty of shows, movies, and other forms of content. Here, on this application, you get a comprehensive collection of classic TV shows such as The Carol Burnett Show, The Dana Carvey Show, and The Tick. 

You find some good collections of the shows like Charlie’s Angels and many more. The app is easy to install and completely legalized to use on FireStick. This application is good for those who love watching TV shows and Hollywood movies. 

Besides that, this application is easier than Netflix and has more authentic content than any other paid application. Must try for once to enjoy streaming for free

4. Peacock TV

Peacock is a great application to watch content for free on FireStick. This may be an ad-supported platform, but excellent to watch content for free. You can binge on your favorite movies such as The Office, Harry Potter, and many more on this application. 

Moreover, you can also enjoy streaming news channels and also in the Spanish language. This would be the best alternative to enjoy content 24 x 7. Besides that, you get six customizable profiles with which you can create a customized viewing experience. 

This would be the best application for family and friends who love to watch content on FireStick. The app is easily available on FireStick, so you can stream content without worrying. 

Wondering how to get access to the Peacock TV app? Find out our article showing how to install and watch Peacock TV on FireStick

Select Peacock TV

5. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the popular applications where you can stream content online. You can also install it on FireStick to watch movies, TV shows, and other stuff for free. On the homepage of the application, you get the content options such as fewer ads than cable, free movies & TV, no subscription required. 

This application has a user-friendly interface and offers an enormous collection of movies, TV shows, etc. The best thing is to use this application on various devices, including FireStick. This channel features content from big streaming partners such as Warner Brother, MGM, Lionsgate, and Paramount

There is a special feature like Tubi Kid, where you can explore the content for the kids. So, you must try this application once. 

Tubi TV is also considered one of the best CouchTuner alternatives. You can click on the link as well if looking for alternatives to CouchTuner. 

what to watch free on firestick

6. FilmRise – Free Movies & TV

Are you tired of streaming on paid channels? If you are good to return to classic movies, FilmRise is the best application. You can watch classic TV shows like The Third Rock from Fun Here and 21 Jump Street on this application. 

In addition to this, you can also watch the movies for free like Memento, Monster, and Spotlight. However, many more movies and documentaries are lined up on this platform. You can also read our guide to installing and using Cotomovies on FireStick to watch free movies and TV series.

This app never lets you get bored of watching and streaming content online. Since this application has a user-friendly interface, you can install it quickly and explore your favorite content online on FireStick for free. 

what to watch free on FireStick


Let’s get back to the world of space with NASA. NASA is a great application if you want to stream content for free on FireStick. This app offers various content, including Astronaut movies, TV Shows, interviews, and others. Streaming is a breeze, and there is no rocket science to use the application. 

Whether you want to watch movies, news, or live space launches from ISS, and astronauts’ interviews, this is the best application to keep yourself updated. The good news is NASA also partnered with other streaming sites to offer you content. 

This app would be best suited for FireStick and is easily available. You can install it directly on FireStick and explore your favorite content on this platform. There are many Kodi addons available that you can download to watch documentaries.

what to watch free on FireStick

8. Plex

Plex is another excellent application for watching movies, TV shows, and other online things without paying anything. The best part is this channel provides its stuff and ad-supported media library to watch the immersive content. 

There is a huge collection of movies, TV shows, and they keep updating the content. So, you can easily explore any of your favorite TV shows to watch online. On this application, you can also explore the movies collection such as The Hunt, The Road, Like Father Like Son, and many more. 

However, some ads may annoy you in between the content; that would be fine if you love to watch movies TV shows without paying heavy subscription bills. 

Not only that, but it also has a unique function that lets you organize your video and music collections that you can watch on FireStick without downloading them. 

Do you fancy installing Plex on FireStick? Here’s the complete guide on how to install and set up Plex on FireStick

Click Sign In on Plex App

9. Popcornflix

This is a free alternative to paid subscription-based apps like Netflix. This is the best application if you love to watch for free on FireStick. You can watch viral videos, movies, TV shows, and web series on this application. 

This would be an excellent application for watching Hollywood movies and documentaries. Some ads may interrupt you while watching content online, but it’s great when you get so many things to watch for free on FireStick. 

Moreover, you can also watch Asian action movies, documentaries, and various other genres. So don’t miss the chance to watch some amazing collections. If you love streaming Stand-up comedies, then this application is for you. 

It does have a Kodi add-on as well. Find out a list of other best Kodi addons that you can download easily to enhance your streaming experience on FireStick. 

10. Rakuten Viki

Rakuten Viki is another amazing platform where you can stream out the best movies, TV shows, and other things easily. However, Rakuten Viki is the right application if you love to watch Korean dramas and animes

As its name indicates, you will have an immersive collection of entertaining movies and TV shows here. The best thing about this application is this it allows you to submit your favorite content in the form of commentary, descriptions, and other forms

We would recommend giving a try to this application. This has both versions free and paid. So, you can opt to watch content in any format you like. Installation is easy, so you don’t feel hassles in using FireStick. 

11. Freeform

Freeform is run by the ABC family and is a form of the basic cable channel. The channel belongs to the Walt Disney Company. Freedom channel is apparently for the young audience who like to watch Disney-style movies and shows

Moreover, you can also explore other movies and web series to entertain you. This is a family-centric channel, so you can stream content anytime without worrying. You also get the chance to stream 70s stuff, and it would be justified to install this application. 

This application is a quick answer to what to watch free on FireStick. If you are a fan of Disney-style movies, you must try this application and binge out the content on this platform without paying anything. 

12. Hoopla 

Hoopla is another wonderful application where you can have a massive library of movies and TV shows. The channel keeps you entertaining for free on FireStick. You can stream music videos, movies, comics, web series, and TV shows on this application. 

The platform also supports a diverse range of content available on different platforms. Here you get the massive library of audiobooks, movies, and others. Hoopla is not available in all the locations, so make sure to check the availability of the application in your location. 

Overall, this application is the best suite to watch content online on FireStick without paying any cost. So, let’s install the application and explore the content. 

13. Kanopy 

Kanopy is another great application that offers you online movies and allows you to stream content online without paying any cost. This app offers more content than Hoopla and gives you access to many documentaries and films

This app is extremely useful for users who want to access their favorite TV shows and web series for free. Another great thing about this application is, very easy to install. However, there is a monthly limit to streaming content online

But at the same time, they offer you unlimited access to many courses worth having. So, it will be an educational platform where you learn and have entertaining things. 

14.  Nick Jr 

Nick JR is a good app for your young kids n your family who love to explore video content for free. The app is not available on FireStick, so you can easily watch your favorite movies and other content for free. However, connect with your existing TV provider to get complete access

This is a decent app for the kids to watch kid’s movies, shows, and other content. The only downside is you need to connect with a local TV vendor. Besides that, you can watch the shows like Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, and Blue’s Clues on this app. 

We want to suggest you download the app if you have kids at home and want decent content from them. 

15. TED TV 

If you love to watch TED talks, this is the right app. TED TV provides mostly TED content and is connected to the YouTube application. Some influencers may impress you and motivate you with their valuable talks. 

So, if you love to explore such content, this app is useful for you. The best thing about having this application is you can explore the content for free. In addition to this, this app also allows you to save your content and history to watch content later. There is a feature, “Surprise Me”, that will give you shock waves and amaze you with the TED talks. 

You can install it easily on your FireStick and watch the TED talks. 

what to watch free on FireStick

16. Xumo TV

Xumo TV channel offers you a combination of 180+ free channels to choose from. On this channel, you can explore unlimited content by installing it on any device. You can watch movies, TV Shows, and other content without paying any fee. 

However, if you are fond of watching the news, you can get access to NBC NEW NOW, ABC News Live. PGA Tour, History, and many other channels are partnered with Xumo. Like other free services providing channels, you also get interrupting ads and commercial breaks on this app. 

But if you get so much to explore for free, it is fine to have such an app with ads. Install this app if you want to watch it for free on FireStick. 

17. PBS Kids

PBS is a public broadcasting services app to watch family-friendly shows, movies, and other content. This is a perfect app for toddlers who like to watch kids’ movies and TV shows. This channel has numerous applications where you can watch family-friendly content. 

In addition to this, you can also get some educational content to teach your kids. The best part is everything is available for free. You don’t need to make considerable investment and pay monthly subscription fees to stream content on this application. 

You can install it on FireStick and watch all the stuff for free. This app could be the best distraction and allow your kids to learn something interestingly

What to Watch Free on FireStick? Answered…

These are some of the awesome apps that are the perfect answer for your what to watch free on FireStick question. 

We all love to watch movies, TV shows, and web series online. FireStick is a great device that gives you a bundle of joy by allowing you all the content with 4k resolution. But like us, many users don’t want to pay a monthly subscription so that they can try any of the above mention apps.

These apps could be the best alternative to the paid subscription channels and apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime. So, what you are waiting for? Choose the right app and start watching content for free on FireStick. 

Also, if you have any other app that lets you watch free content on FireStick, do let us know in the comments section below. We will update the article and it help benefit our readers as well. 

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