How to Install TNT on FireStick 


 November 11, 2022

Are you struggling to install TNT on FireStick? You’ve landed on the right page to know how to install and watch TNT on FireStick. Trust us, it is not rocket science. Just follow the steps mentioned in the article later. 

One of the most watched television networks in the country is TNT (American TV Network), which has over 89.5 million homes subscribed to it as of 2018. When it comes to TV series and movies, TNT is, without a doubt, the greatest. A few of its well-known programs include Arrow, Charmed, Castle, Supernatural, Animal Kingdom, etc. Additionally, TNT shows popular live sports like La Liga, UEFA, MLB, etc. For that, you can also install Fox Sports on FireStick and enjoy your favorite sports. 

However, new users may face an issue using FireStick and installing TNT. But don’t worry, in this guide, we’ll explain a step-wise guide on how to install TNT on FireStick. Before that, learn about TNT network a little more in detail so that you will understand whether the app is useful for you or not. 

What is TNT? 

Turner Network Television, or TNT, is a television network sponsored by Warner Media Network & Studios. A well-known American television network called TNT was established in 1988 with the primary objective of airing vintage films and programs. Since then, TNT has seen gone through significant change. In 2001, TNT began airing TV shows and feature films. TNT also emphasizes a few NBA and NHL games. You can also check our article that will help you to watch NFL games on FireStick

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The TNT television series has been registered by almost 89 million homes in the United States, according to 2018 estimates and new users are registering every day making it one of the most popular networks in the USA. 

Top Features of TNT App 

A few of the features that make us fall in love with the TNT app are as follows: 

1. This app is quite compact and won’t take up much room on your FireStick.

2. The app functions wonderfully with the Fire TV control and is fully compatible with FireStick.

3. With this program’s aid, you may enjoy watching the live TNT channel on FireStick.

4. TNT’s hit TV series and motion pictures are available as well.

5. The app’s user interface is quite simple and intuitive if we compare it to other apps for FireStick. 

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Different Ways of Watching TNT on FireStick

It’s not difficult to watch TNT on the fire TV stick if you’re a devoted lover of the channel. There are essentially two methods to achieve it. First, if you still have a cable TV subscription, you can download and utilize the TNT anywhere TV app to watch TNT on either FireStick or Fire TV. Millions of users have downloaded and installed the TNT app, and the greatest part is that we can do the same on our FireStick device.

Don’t panic if you do not have a working broadband or satellite TV connection; you can indeed watch TNT on FireStick by subscribing to various well-known live TV streaming services.

In this article, we have shared both the ways that will help you to install and watch TNT on FireStick. Let’s check both methods one by one starting with installing the TNT app on FireStick. 

Method 1: Install TNT on FireStick

Users may watch TNT on Fire TV if they have an active cable or satellite TV connection and TNT is part of their subscription. All they need to do is install the official TNT app; if you’re unsure how to do that, check out the instructions below.

1. Open the FireStick and visit the home screen. Now, you need to tap on the Find Option. You will find Search option underneath it. Click on that. 

Click on Search Option

2. Use your on-screen keyboard to type TNT in your search bar. Click on the Go once you find the app name in the search results. 

3. Now, you get the TNT application on your device screen

4. Click on either option, Download/Get icon to install the application on your FireStick. Wait for a couple of minutes to install the app. 

5. Once you’re done with the installation, go to the TNT app through the Apps & Games section of FireStick. Once you get the TNT app, you need to press the Move Button on FireStick remote and click the Move button to move this app to the selected location. 

Here you go! Your app is successfully installed and ready to activate. Ain’t it is easy to install TNT on FireStick? Well, it won’t work until you activate TNT on FireStick. The next section will help you activate TNT on FireStick. Have a look!

How to Activate TNT on FireStick?

After installing it on your device, you must complete the steps below for the TNT App to function on your FireStick. The below steps will help you to activate TNT on FireStick. 

1. You need to launch the TNT application on your FireStick device. In the top right corner, you’ll have the option of Sign-in. Click on it. 

2. You get a unique code that will appear on the screen. Copy this code 

3. Click on the URL tntdrama.com/activate to open it. Now, you’ll be asked to select the device. 

4. Select the Amazon Fire TV option and tap on the Continue button to proceed further. 

Install TNT on FireStick

5. On the next screen, you will be asked to enter the code. Here you have to enter the code which you have copied. Once you are done with the code, click on Submit. 

Install TNT on FireStick

6. After that, on the next screen, you’ve to enter the information of the TV provider. Go back to the FireStick TV home screen and open the TNT app. Now, your TNT app will work on FireStick. 

That’s it! Enjoy watching your favorite TV shows, movies and series using TNT on FireStick. It is very easy to activate TNT on FireStick. 

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After successfully logging in, the app’s home page will show up, and if you look carefully, you can notice three choices in the upper right corner.

If you select the Home button, you’ll be diverted to the home screen, where you’ll see a thumbnail of the movie or series you were viewing. If you want to pause your show in the middle, you may resume it by pressing the Watch button.

There is only one library option, and selecting it will display a list of all the TNT movies,  shows, and series. You may view the movies or episodes you want by choosing from various categories.

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How to Watch TNT Without Cable on FireStick?

We want to remind you not to lose faith if you don’t have a cable connection because there is still a method that will help users to watch TNT on a FireStick or, indeed, on any device you choose. We know many users do not have an active cable or satellite TV subscription and still want to stream TNT on the FireStick device.

Many services offer live TV such as the Live Net TV app on FireStick, and because we know most of you are aware of this, We’ve included some of the top live TV streaming sites below to enable you to watch TNT on FireStick. We have personally tested and endorsed the services listed below. 

1. Sling TV

If your budget is a little on the smaller side, We highly recommend people go with Sling TV because it is one of the oldest live TV networks now offered online and is also thought to be the lowest live TV streaming service. If you have any problems with Sling TV’s service, you may contact them, and they will respond to you well. 

Their after-sale assistance is also reasonably good. Depending on your needs, you may opt for the Orange or Blue plan on Sling TV, which both include the TNT channel.

You can check our article where we have talked about how to install and watch Sling TV on FireStick

2. Philo TV

We must say that Philo TV is among the most reasonably priced live TV streaming services accessible online because I have used it a lot myself. If you’ve never utilized a live TV streaming service, I urge you to give this one a shot; you won’t be disappointed. The best part is that Philo TV’s subscription includes your preferred TNT. You can enjoy a huge selection of entertainment channels for just $20 a month.

3. YouTube TV

Although its price is slightly higher than the competitors, YouTube has entered the live TV streaming service market. If your budget permits, We believe this is the greatest live TV streaming service currently available.

You may have access to the best channels in the United States by spending $64.99 each month. There are nearly all of the genres represented, including Entertainment, Kids, Devotional, etc., on more than 90 channels. 

Do you face any buffering problems while browsing on YouTube? There could be many reasons for that. Here’s the article that will help you to solve buffering problems in FireStick

Watch your Favorite Content on TNT!

We hope that this post, which covers every approach, will be helpful to you. By following this step-wise guide, you’ll be able to install TNT on FireStickwithout any hassles.  However, if you don’t have a cable TV connection, follow the alternatives mentioned above to watch TNT on FireStick. 

So, which series will you watch on TNT once you install the app on FireStick? Will it be a series or a movie? Do let us know in the comments section below. Also, if you face any problems while installing TNT on FireStick, hit us in the comments section below and we will try to resolve them as soon as possible. 

Is it possible to install TNT on FireStick?

Yes, it is possible to install TNT on FireStick and watch your favorite shows, sports, or movies. However, you need to be a cable subscriber to watch TNT on FireStick. If you don’t have a cable connection, you need to download apps that stream live TV content.

Does Firestick have a free TNT app?

Yes, you can install TNT on FireStick without any charges. However, you will need a TV cable subscription for the app to work and show the content the network provides.

Why does my TNT app says not authorized?

This might be the reason if your cable provider does not include the required TNT channel subscription. Because of this, you will receive messages like you are not authorized or you need to re-authenticate, or some authentication error. You need to call your TV cable provider and ask them if they have the required TV connection.

Can you record on TNT?

Yes, you can record your favorite movies, TV shows, live sports or older videos on TNT app.

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