The Rules of Using Online Dating Apps in Modern Days 

Michaela Bobulinski

 February 9, 2021

The rules of using online dating apps have evolved considerably since their inception. Unlike using a dating website, dating apps are downloaded on mobile phones and tablets and they are easy to use. All popular dating platforms have an app with all features on their websites and more. If you have not used Tinder or Bumble, you probably have used Happymatches dating apps, especially if you are a youngster. For those who are yet to use these dating apps, you might find yourself using them sooner or later.

Dating apps allow have numerous users and they serve different interests such as heterosexual and homosexual serious and casual relationships. So, using them without following the rules might lead to some disappointments or even put your life at risk.

The insights below guide all users on all the rules of using dating apps in modern days. You will also learn why these rules are crucial to follow.

Do Not Use Too Many Apps at the Same Time

The first golden rule is to stick to one or two dating apps. What you need to know is that too many dating apps can be overwhelming. They each have thousands of users to peruse when looking for a new partner and they can lead to having too many choices.

If you research and identify a reliable online dating app that suits your needs, it is better to stick to it. However, you switch from one to another when there is a need for the same. Make sure that the one you are moving to has better features than the one you are ditching.

Do Not Disclose Your Information First

This rule has always been there since the beginning of online dating apps, and it is still very valid. As soon as you meet someone through a dating app, do not be fast to give your personal information. If the other person wants to know more than what you have shared on your profile, they should take their time with you.

Usually, reputable dating apps have provided features that allow people to engage gradually and get to know each other with time. There is also a lot of guidance on how to go about various relationships, and you can visit a reliable website to know them.

Do Not be Abusive

No matter how much the other person has annoyed you, do not engage them in abuse. Some people will slide into your DM and provoke you or even become abusive when you reject them. The best thing to do is end the conversation maturely and let them know that you are not interested.

Engaging in abuses is not only wrong but it can lead to blacklisting or blocking of your account. To understand more repercussions of this, you read the guidelines of using certain dating apps. They will also help you to know how to report abusive users.

Do Not Support Financially

When dating online or using online dating apps, you should never meet the people financially. One thing to know is that there are many people who go through these online dating platforms looking for gullible singles to swindle money. If someone starts to ask for money a few days after meeting online, you should take this as a red flag.

Others are cunning enough and they will try all possible ways to get money from you. Unless it is a FWB or hookup relationship where you are needed to pay as per the agreement, giving money when dating online is a no-no.

Specialize Where Possible

One-app-suits-all is not the best option when you want to enjoy online dating. For those who have used these apps, you already know that most of these dating apps are best suited for certain types of dating. For instance, there are those that are better for gay dating while others are best serious heterosexual relationships.

So, if you know what you want, it is better to focus on apps that are best suited for your case. It is easy to find them through review websites and social media pages. You can also ask around your circle of friends to find the best apps.

Responses Might Not be Instant; Learn to Wait

Always learn to wait for about 24 hours to get a response. Users are not always online since each person has other things to do. Many online apps are smart enough to give you an estimated waiting time depending on the activities of the user.

It is also a matter of time before you can know that it takes some time to get responses. If you are the impatient type, dating apps might frustrate you. So, learn to wait.

Be Clear on What You Want

Even after describing your interests on your profile, many suitors will come asking to start a relationship with you. But you have to stand firm on what you want. As soon as people engage you and you realize that they are not what you want, be clear to them that you are interested in something else. If they are genuine, they will let go and wait to meet someone who suits them. When you are not clear and accept anyone who comes along, you increase your chances of heartbreak.

Always Check for Red Flags

Using dating apps is convenient, but it has many risks. We have already mentioned people asking for money or asking you out even when they do not meet your description. Others will try to be intimidating or even abusive. All of these are red flags that you should take seriously and make the right decisions.

The first thing to do is break the connection and if they are aggressive, report them on the dating apps you are using and the admin will take the necessary action. Sometimes, they are completely blocked.


The rules are likely to change in the coming days, depending on the culture people create when using online dating apps. So, stay updated about them at all times. You can also read more rules from reliable sources and apply them.


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