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 September 13, 2020


Tanit Phoenix was lucky to be born beautiful and talented, which allowed her to achieve success in the modeling business and cinema. The South African actress has gained popularity on the screens, portraying strong and sexy women.

Childhood and youth

Tanit was born on September 24, 1980 in South Africa, but has Dutch and Irish roots. The mother of the future star dreamed that she would become a dancer, so as a child she took her to a ballet class. The girl devoted more than 10 years of her biography to dancing, but she never built a professional career.

But Phoenix succeeded in the modeling business. As a teenager, the beauty was noticed by an agent, thanks to whom she first attended a photo session. Her striking appearance allowed the girl to become the face of brands such as Veet, Nivea and Aqua Minerale. She also participated in ad campaigns for Adidas, Coca-Cola and Fa.

In addition, the model has starred for glossy publications, including Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and GQ. She rose to fame after posing in a swimsuit for Sports Illustrated and appearing in a candid photo shoot on the cover of Maxim magazine.

Personal life

The personal life of a celebrity was successful: in 2016 she married actor Sharlto Copley and took a double surname. Soon the couple had a daughter, who was named Ciel Phoenix-Copley.


Despite her popularity in the modeling business, Tanit did not abandon her dream of becoming an actress. For the first time she tried her hand at audition for the film “Alexander” by Oliver Stone , but the aspiring performer did not have enough skill, and in the end she did not get the role. But it became an impetus for work on oneself and self-improvement.

In 2005, the artist made her debut on the screens, making a cameo appearance in the TV series Charlie Jade. The project interested her, since she was fond of science fiction since childhood. In the same year, her filmography was replenished with such films as “Crazy Monkey Gifts from Benoni” and “The Gun Baron”. In the latter, Phoenix played the girl of Jared Leto’s character

Soon the film “Maya” was released, in which Tanit played the main role. The tape received a high rating at the box office due to the presence of candid shots, but, as the artist later admitted in an interview for SandwichJohnFilms, she did not consent to their use and was forced to seek justice in court. Initially, the actress signed a contract, which stated that such scenes would be deleted during editing, but after the change of director, other people finished the work.

Phoenix’s appearance in the horror film Lost Boys 3: Thirst was also not successful. Before that, the girl watched the 1st part of the picture with the participation of Kiefer Sutherland and was thrilled when she was offered the role. But the tape received mostly low ratings from critics.

In parallel, Tanit starred in the South African drama Malek, where the main character was played by Troy Sivan . The plot revolves around a teenager who moves to a new school and faces the difficulties of growing up. The actress had to play Eva Wilson, to whose role she returned in the 2nd part.

In 2010, the celebrity joined the cast of the action movie Death Race 2: Frankenstein Lives, where she embodied the former military sniper Katrina Banks. On the set of Phoenix, the experience of doing Thai boxing came in handy, because she repeatedly had to participate in battle scenes. True, there were some curious cases: while working, Tanit accidentally hit a stunt girl in the face.

The rest of the actress has positive memories of filming. She easily found a common language with her colleagues Danny Trejo and Luke Goss , with whom she had to play lovers in the sequel entitled “Death Race – 3: Hell”.

Work on the series Fatal Beauties, which tells about strong and dangerous women, was no less successful. Phoenix appeared in the form of Lilith, who is the narrator and only occasionally appears in scenes with other heroines. She became the only regular cast member and starred in two seasons. After that, the artist embodied Angel in the Western “The Hangers” and decided to take a break from her acting career.

Tanit Phoenix now

In 2020, Tanit rarely appears in public, but remains active on the web. Now she has a page on Instagram , where she shares photos and talks about the news.


  • 2005 – Charlie Jade
  • 2005 – “The Armory Baron”
  • 2009 – “Philanthropist”
  • 2010 – Lost Boys – 3: Thirst
  • 2010 – Malek
  • 2010 – Death Race 2: Frankenstein Lives
  • 2011–2012 – Fatal Beauties
  • 2012 – Crazy Couple
  • 2012 – Death Race 3: Hell
  • 2013 – Malek-2
  • 2013 – The Hangers
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