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 September 5, 2020


Sofia Helin is a Swedish actress whose popularity was brought about by the multi-part project “The Bridge” released in her homeland. For her participation in it, the artist became a nominee for the prestigious Guldbagge Award. She is mainly involved in Swedish, Danish and English filmmaking, so she is little known to a wide audience in Russia and the United States.

Childhood and youth

Sofia Margareta was born on April 25, 1972 in Hovst, located in the municipality of Örebro. The girl was born into a complete family, she had an older brother. My father was in sales, and my mother worked as a nurse.

10 days after the Helins celebrated the addition to the family, tragedy struck. Sophia’s grandmother and 6-year-old brother were involved in a car accident, as a result of which the boy died. The incident greatly influenced the atmosphere in the family. The parents were unable to save the marriage and soon divorced. Despite this, Sofia was not neglected.

Helin did not plan to become an actress, so she entered the University of Lund, choosing a philosophical direction. There she became interested in dramatic art and from 1994 she studied at the theater school for two years. University lectures quickly faded into the background. In 2001, the student became a graduate of the Stockholm Theater Academy.

Sofia decided to try her luck in a profession that accidentally changed her life. She moved to Stockholm and there, until the age of 29, she studied acting in specialized courses.

Personal life

Sofia Helin is married to former actor Daniel Gottschenhelm (Daniel Jotschenelm). The couple met in their youth, while studying at a theater school. Now the artist’s husband is a priest in the Swedish church.

Sofia has a personal account on the Instagram social network . Here she publishes personal photos, short videos, posts about what characterizes her civil position. Helin is not one of the artists who post pictures in a swimsuit, but her profile contains information on burning topics, pictures from travels, from filming and from public events.

Apparently, the woman is happy with her personal life. She lives with her family not far from the Swedish capital, in the town of Linköping. Sofia and Daniel are raising two children – son Ossian and daughter Nika.


Sophia’s creative biography began in 1992, when she was offered to participate in the creation of the daily talk show “Tomorrow News”. This was followed by shooting in the series “Shipping Company”, which was very popular in the homeland of Helin. Work on the project took 10 years, the actress embodied the heroine named Minna Lager in the frame.

“Police Officer Anna Holt” – a crime series with the participation of the performer, released in 1996. A year later, the filmography of the artist was supplemented by the project “Commissioner Martin Beck”. In 1998, Helin reincarnated as Anne-Carne in the new project The Challenger. This was followed by a cameo role for OP7.

For the first time, the interest of international producers was attracted by her work in the action movie At the Point of Void. Sofia portrayed a crime-fighting detective in the frame. Subsequently, she was busy in popular projects, but international cinema rarely spoiled a woman with interesting proposals.

The year 2004 turned out to be more productive: the premieres of two comedy dramas with the participation of the actress took place at once – “The Rump” and “Four Shades of Brown”. In the first film, Helin played the main role, for which she received the national cinematic award “Golden Beetle”. Then the artist was involved in the work on the films “Blood Brothers” and “Daddy’s little fat boy.” 2006 was marked by participation in the creation of the projects “The Searchers: Return” and “Evening”, and a year later the premiere of the film “Arn: Knight Templar” took place.

Sofia gained authority in the professional community and was in demand. She didn’t give up work, even when she was pregnant. The versatile performer easily transformed into any characters and starred in detective films, dramas and even comedies like “Nina Frisk”. Helin also worked on the anti-racist project Leende guldbruna OGON. The artist was also involved in the sequel to the saga of Arn.

In 2011, Sofia Helin achieved recognition outside of Sweden. The series “The Bridge” brought her career to a new stage. Having embodied the unsociable and eccentric Saga of Noren, she got used to the image absolutely opposite to her temperament. The film set partners were Kim Bodnia , Ture Lindhardt.

In the next project “Black Currant” Sofia acted not only as an actress, but also as a co-author. In 2013, the premiere of the adventure film “The Secret of Ragnarok” with her participation took place, and after 3 years the audience enthusiastically greeted the 4th season of the series “The Bridge” and the crime drama “The Snowman”, where the Swede played.

Sofia Helin now

In 2020, the artist participated in the creation of the TV project “The Secret of the Road”. The genre of the series is billed as a crime drama and is being produced by Australian filmmakers. Sofia is open to communication and gives interviews to Swedish journalists if necessary.


  • 1993 – “Shipping Company”
  • 1996 – Cop Anna Holt
  • 2003 – At the Point of Void
  • 2004 – “Redneck”
  • 2008 – Arn: The United Kingdom
  • 2008 – Good Advice
  • 2008 – “The Ballad of Marie Nord and Her Clients”
  • 2011 – The Bridge
  • 2013 – “The Secret of Ragnarok”
  • 2016 – “Snowman”
  • 2020 – “Mystery of the Road”
Interesting Facts
  • At the age of 24, the artist had a bicycle accident. Because of her, noticeable scars remained on the girl’s face and body. But they did not prevent Sofia from taking place as an actress, and Helin did not resort to plastic surgery.
  • In addition to working in the frame, the Swedish celebrity is engaged in dubbing. She gave her voice to Anna, an animated character in the Metropia project, created by director Tariq Saleh.
  • Saga Noren, the heroine of Sofia from the TV series “The Bridge”, according to TV viewers, has become a model example for women suffering from Asperger’s syndrome.
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