How to Reset FireStick Remote (Nov 2022) 


 October 30, 2022

FireStick remote giving you hard life? Not working or hanging while watching something on your TV? Have you tried resetting it? If not, you should check this article that will help you find all the ways how to reset FireStick remote?. Keep on reading!

Are you tired of your FireStick remote not working? An unresponsive FireStick remote will lead to you not being able to stream anything on the FireStick device.

To resolve the problem, you can try resetting the FireStick remote. In this process, you will need to press a wide range of buttons on the remote. After that, you must take out the batteries from the remote for some time.

Here, it is essential to note that there are different types of FireStick remotes. Not all will follow the same resetting process.

However, there could be many other reasons that might lead to the FireStick remote not working problem?

We have covered an extensive article that will help you find the causes and solutions related to the FireStick remote not working problem.

This article is mainly focused on how to reset FireStick if other solutions don’t work for making your remote work.

How to Reset FireStick Remote

Time to answer your question on how to reset FireStick remote. There are multiple steps you need to follow to reset the FireStick remote.

Take a look at the steps listed below that you help you in resetting the FireStick remote.

1. Unplug the Fire TV Stick from the TV

The first step in resetting the FireStick remote is to unplug the Fire TV Stick from the power cable. Unplugging the Fire TV device is essential to complete the resetting process.

Failure to do so will interfere with the process of resetting your FireStick remote. Keep in mind that an issue with the resetting process will lead to even more problems.

2. Press and Hold Some Buttons on the Remote

This is one of the most crucial steps in the entire resetting process. Keep in mind that there are different models and versions of the FireStick remotes.

For better understanding, we are dividing the different FireStick remote versions into two distinct groups.

Group 1 will contain – Fire TV Smart TV Remote, Alexa Voice Remote Lite, and Alexa Voice Remote.

In the second group, 1st Gen Alexa Voice Remote and Basic Edition Remote are present.

Firstly, you need to know which group your FireStick remote belongs it. After that, you can follow the steps given below.

Here, it is essential to understand that the remotes in their respective groups will follow the same procedure.

If you have remotes that fall in the first group, you can adopt these steps:

  • Press the left, back, and menu buttons together
  • Hold all three of them at the same time
  • You need to hold it for a few seconds

For group 2, follow these steps:

  • Press the left button and menu button
  • Hold them for at least a few seconds

If you have any trouble identifying the buttons, study the remote. The menu button is the button where you can see three horizontal lines.

However, the left button is the button present on the left side of the circle button of navigation. Lastly, the back button is the button that comes with a left-arrow icon.

Click on Home Button on Remote

3. Let the Remote Rest for Few Seconds

Release the buttons after some time. After this, you need to wait for a minimum of five seconds. By doing this, you give FireStick remote the time to process the steps you have just completed.

Moreover, this way, the system also gets the chance to refresh the new changes.

Are you wondering about data deletion when you reset the FireStick remote? Well, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Resetting the FireStick remote or making the changes to the factory setting won’t tamper with the data stored. It will just refresh the system.

Want to free up storage space on FireStick deliberately? Well, that won’t be a problem, we have written a post showing 4 ways to free up storage space on FireStick. Do give it a try.

4. Take Out the Batteries from the Remote

In this step, you will need to remove the batteries from the FireStick remote. No matter the version you have, you will find the batteries in the back part of the remote.

All you have to do is slide the compartment cover of the battery to gain access.

After that, take out the batteries from the remote. These may be placed side by side or in a vertical position. That varies depending on the version of the FireStick remote you have.

Here, you need to consider the state of the batteries. If they are drained, you need to replace them.

Generally, these batteries last for at least five months. However, if you use it too much, it might not last that long. Taking out the batteries during the resetting process is extremely crucial.

Removal of the batteries gets rid of the memory that the remote has stored. Now, resetting it is easier and hassle-free.

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5. Re-plug the Device

Now you need to re-plug the Fire TV Stick to the power source. Make sure that you use the same port as before.

Do not forget to include this step to complete the resetting process. Wait for a minute and allow the Fire TV Stick to refresh the settings.

That way, there will be no problem in the working of the system.

6. Insert the Batteries into the Remote Again

After this, place the batteries into the remote back again. Double-check to make sure that they are placed correctly.

If not, that can cause interference with the working of the remote.

Note: You will need two AAA batteries for the remote to work

7. Tap the Home Button

The last step will need you to press the home button present on the FireStick remote. If you are not aware, the house button is actually the one where you will find the house icon.

The majority of the FireStick remotes have the home button at the same location. It is placed just below the circle button (also known as the navigation button).

However, there is an exception with the Amazon Fire TV Smart TV Remote. Here, the house button is located differently. It is present above the circle button (also known as the navigation button).

Complete these steps in this particular order to complete the resetting process. Now, the Fire TV Stick is connected with the FireStick remote.

An excellent way to check if the resetting process is complete is to look for the indicator light. Check if the Fire TV Smart TV Remote and Amazon Voice Remote display a blue light.

If that doesn’t happen, it means that there has been an issue with the connection between the remote and the device.

In that case, you need to press and hold the home button for at least ten seconds or more. After this, check again if the reconnection is done.

You can check our article on how to pair FireStick remote if the above step is not working it has to be. This article will definitely help you to pair FireStick remote without any fuss.

When you should Reset FireStick Remote

You do not have to reset the FireStick remote if there is no problem. However, in case the remote becomes unresponsive, you need to reset it to gain functionality.

Moreover, you must also try resetting when there is an issue with the connection of the Fire TV Stick and FireStick remote.

Wondering what may cause the unresponsiveness of the FireStick remote? An error in the software of the remote can lead to such a situation. The most common cause for this error is software bugs.

In essence, software bugs occur due to mistakes that developers make while creating some other features or even updating the system.

These are defects or glitches that interfere with the functioning of the device. It leads to devise malfunction. In order to fix the issue, the developers create new updates.

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That is why you need to check out if there is any new update available or not before resetting it. If you find any updates, do it immediately. That will most probably resolve the issue right away.

However, if there is no such update and the issue persists, resetting the FireStick remote is the only option.

Not only that, there are various reasons that will lead to FireStick not being recognized by the TV.

If you facing a problem, you should check out our article mentioning troubleshooting ideas to fix FireStick not recognized by TV.

Why FireStick Remote Not Working

There are several causes that can cause the malfunctioning of the FireStick remote. Check out the reasons listed here:

  • An issue with the connection of the Fire TV Stick and FireStick remote
  • Battery corrosion
  • Unstable internet connection
  • Old TV firmware
  • Batteries that do not work anymore (drained)
  • Slow speed of the internet
  • Bluetooth disconnection

These are some causes that can cause issues with the FireStick TV remote. You need to ask some questions and obtain answers before resetting the remote.

For instance, you need to ask if the batteries need to be replaced or if there is corrosion in the battery.

You also need to check if the internet speed is fast and the connection stable. Or do yourself a favor, check out our article 7 ways to fix FireStick Remote not working problem.

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What if Resetting FireStick Remote Doesn’t Resolve the Problem

If resetting the FireStick remote doesn’t fix the problem, then you have no choice but to replace the remote. In this case, the issue lies with the PCB that is present inside the remote.

Failure of the PCB can be due to two reasons. Firstly, the dirt layer on the button contacts can lead to its inefficiency.

Secondly, the PCB might be broken. You can clean the button contacts and see if the issue is resolved. Otherwise, you will need to take the assistance of an expert technician.

Reset FireStick Remote

Resetting the FireStick remote is an easy and hassle-free process. For this, you need to adopt a series of steps in a particular order.

After that, you can reset the remote and start streaming. However, if that doesn’t resolve the issue, you need to check out other causes.

If the problem is not with the remote, you will need to assess the issue. That will lead to finding potential solutions. But in case, nothing works, get in touch with a professional.

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