Rebranding 101: Signs Your Business Logo Requires Redesigning 

Michaela Bobulinski

 March 24, 2022

From the perspective of a consumer like you, you could have noticed that the logo of the store or business you are buying goods from is not the same throughout. You will see their logo at one point, and you will notice that this logo changes its appearance after a few years or a couple of months. This is known as logo redesigning. It is a strategy that many businesses adopt to ensure they are ahead in the business landscape that only gets more and more competitive as the days go by.

If you are a business owner, you are on the right page. Nowadays, entrepreneurs can easily redesign their logos without wasting any time. They can go on with attending to the more urgent tasks in running the business and save up time when it comes to managing additional designers. It is because there are several companies now that can provide entrepreneurs with an easy-to-use platform that does not require learning any technical skills. If you need free logo templates, for instance, you can simply visit these platforms and use them to produce beautiful designs within minutes.

You should be careful, though, because logo redesigns are not like doing them whenever you want to. It requires timing, and there are tell-tale signs that your business logo needs a redesign. We will discuss them here. But before knowing the signs your business logo already requires redesigning, let us take a glimpse at why businesses need a logo redesign.

Why Your Business Logo Needs A Redesign

An entrepreneur like you may argue, “Our company has been around for several years, including our logo. We still want our customers to recognize this logo.” Well, change is the only constant entity in the world. Like many other things, your logo also needs to evolve, especially with technology shaping how businesses compete with each other. Your website needs to be updated, so does your logo.

The first reason you need to update or change your log design is that you need to let consumers feel the company is always up to date. You do not want to imply that your company is stale and unwilling to change, especially if the company has already been running for years.

Then, you also have to provide your consumers with something they can compare your company to. You are multiplying your success in the business when you make these changes.

Likewise, your business also has to keep up with the changes in the online world. It needs to adapt to these changes.

So when should you consider a logo redesign?

When Is A Good Time To Redesign Your Business Logo?

Apparently, it has been said that knowing when to pursue the logo redesign is not an exact science. Introducing something new and never-before-seen yet within the business can be scary and counterintuitive when you know your customers have well-recognized your previous logo for several months or years. However, doing this brings fantastic results.

With those being said, know that redesigning your logo is not something to take lightly. Changing your business logo may lose the brand recognition you have built with your consumers, so it is crucial to find the balance and take each step cautiously.

So, if you are looking at changing the design of your logo, here are the questions you should work through to know whether or not you need a logo redesign.

1. Has Your Market Changed?

Several times, your business will find itself targeting new audiences, for example, younger consumers. When it does, you should also consider redesigning your logo, more so if you are already having trouble relating and connecting with them.

The new company logo will provide your brand with a fresh and modern look, helping your new audiences identify with you.

2. Is There A New Competition You Are Facing?

It is common for well-established businesses across various industries to encounter stiff competition from new companies in the field that claim they are more modern, agile, and use better technology.

When you redesign your logo, you prove to your audience that you are not just sitting there idle, but you are taking action to respond to your competitors.

3. Has The Business Expanded? Does It Have A New Focus?

It is likewise common for businesses to reposition their focus, for instance, adding new products in the catalog or merging with other companies. If your business is going through these major changes, consider changing the design of your logo too.

4. Does The Logo Of Your Business Look Outdated?

Considering the connection that your customers have made with your logo, this is a rather tough question to answer. However, it is vital that you find answers to questions like this.

Trends in the industry have changed over the years, and that often means changes in priorities. A great way to put your new brand objectives is by changing up your logo.

5. Your Logo Is Gradually Becoming Unidentifiable

A fearful part, but logos becoming unidentifiable is common, especially since new platforms are being introduced where you can share about your business. Take, for example, the emergence of online marketing channels.

What does this mean? It means your logo should be redesigned with these media in mind. If your logo is difficult to view on a smartphone, you should consider redesigning it.

6. Does Your Business’ Logo Have A Meaning?

Logos represent businesses, and believe it or not, they convey a message too. If they are just plainly beautiful, you should create a new logo reflecting your business’ core values and strengths.

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The Conclusion

Redesigning your business logo falls under the concept of rebranding. If your business has not gone through rebranding yet, it is high time that it should.

Rebranding is defined as the process of making changes to the business’ corporate image. It is a market strategy of giving a new design, name, and more for an already-established brand. The idea behind this strategy is to create a more unique identity for a brand, different from its competitors.’

From what you have learned in this discussion, logo redesigns should not be taken lightly nor something you want to do based on a whim. Instead, you need to understand why you are redesigning your company logo.

Identify which design elements should stay and those that should be changed. Also, refer to how other companies did it. Nowadays, it is also about redesigning the logo, so it is compatible with digital media.

Changing your logo also means you need to replace your marketing assets where your previous logo is, such as on social media, merchandise, and more.

So, only start with the logo redesign when you are fully ready, as, if you want us to tell you objectively, there are consequences to taking this path, both good and bad, and these consequences can be huge.

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