Questions You Should Have Ready for a Lawyer Consultation 

Kyrie Mattos

 March 11, 2022

Any time you are in need of legal help, most lawyers offer a free or fairly inexpensive consultation to talk about the specifics of your case and to allow you to ask some general questions about their practice. In a consultation, you have a better understanding of your case and how this particular lawyer can help, as well as help you in deciding if they are a good fit for you. If you opt to hire this lawyer at a later time, you will have a more in-depth discussion of your case and can then ask further more detailed questions.

An accident lawyers free consultation will help in your final decision about who you will hire.

If you schedule a meeting with a lawyer, you should have questions ready that you want to ask. Furthermore, you should feel at ease about asking any questions, especially regarding their skills, experience, what they charge, etc.

If you are unsure about what to ask a potential lawyer, we have prepared a few to get you started.

How long have you been a lawyer?

At the very least, you should know how much experience a lawyer has and if they are inexperienced. Your legal problem might be addressed by a recent law school graduate, so this issue should be upfront and clear to you.

What are the most common types of legal cases you take on?

You definitely want to know how much of this lawyer’s cases are committed to the hype of the case you are inquiring about. If you are going through a custody battle or adopting a child, for example, you should look into hiring a lawyer specializing in family law. Maybe you were injured? In this case, a pi lawyer is likely the specific legal representation you need.

Who is a typical customer for you?

This is an essential issue that is sometimes missed. If you are an individual person who needs a lawyer, but the lawyer you have scheduled a consultation with solely works with companies, then this may not be the appropriate lawyer to talk to. Another point to ask about is the financial history of the lawyer’s clientele. This is important because when they work with a wealthy class of clients vs. college students, there may be distinct difficulties that a lawyer is accustomed to taking into consideration.

How many legal suits were identical to mine that you represented?

This is not the time to be shy with your inquiry. You should ask directly about the lawyer’s successful cases, like how many of their cases were successful or won.

Have you had any unique training that is useful in my case,  other than a legal degree?

For successful representation in certain cases, such as a DUI, for example, special training and understanding may be required. You want to be sure that your specific case will be in line with their training.

What are your legal fees, and how do you bill them? Who is the main person handling my specific case? Will it be you or legal assistants? If that’s the case, are there any savings?

This is, without a doubt, an important question. You want to be sure you can even afford the lawyer before you begin and how you will have to pay for them. At this time, you will want to ask about your options for payment.

How do you represent a case?

This is significant in two different ways. For starters, if you want an amicable divorce, but your attorney usually goes for everything they can, they may not be the right fit. Similarly, if you’re looking for an assertive lawyer who will not stop in getting the result you are looking for in, say, a massive corporate merger, then it’s important to ask these questions.

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