Ordering A Custom Outdoor Table Cover For Your Patio  

Michaela Bobulinski

 November 27, 2021

You have put a lot of time and money to buy an outdoor table for your patio. However, when it comes to maintaining the furniture, there are mixed feelings plaguing our mind?  The outdoor is a lot more functional than you think bit leaving it on the patio for a long may cause the material to destroy nature. Therefore, the best you can do is get a cover for the patio table.

Ordering a custom table cover:

One of the greatest odds you may face while protecting the outdoor table is when buying an appropriate cover. The following points highlight the aspects to keep in mind when buying a custom protective cover for the outdoor table.

  • Fittings and appearance

If you think that the outdoor table covers are just for protection, take a few steps back and think again. With the changing times, people are more desirous of getting protective covers that are aesthetically appealing. Typically, the material you select is the key to determining the look of the cover. You can get several colors with vinyl, so choose the option you prefer.

As far as the protection of the outdoor table is concerned, you need to get something that fits it perfectly. Unless the cover fits the table perfectly, water, dirt, and dust enter through the gaps. So, the best option is to order a custom cover.

  • Usage

Choosing an outdoor table cover is challenging due to several reasons. Primarily, people find it hard to get the proper size and quality material. You can save time and energy while choosing a protective cover based on the usage of the table. Buying a custom cover is beneficial as you can get a blend of qualities in one place.

If you are using the outdoor table more often, a simple cover with more durability should be the best choice. However, for tables staying unused, you need to make the cover a perfect fit. Furthermore, you need to check the price points for the outdoor tables.

  • Prevent blowing off

If you live in a windy region, using cover clamps may be a more appropriate solution to allow the cover to stay intact even when the winds are harsh. Typically, the high-quality table covers are likely to keep the furniture safe in all kinds of weather conditions. The extra safety clips prevent lifting the cover material when the wind speed is higher than the usual limits.

  • Taking the dimensions of the table

Before buying a cover for the outdoor table, you need to consider the dimensions carefully as the custom covers need to be in perfect proportion.

The urgency of buying the cover:

Even when the cold season approaches fast and you need to get the outdoor furniture cover, do not make decisions hurriedly as you may end up buying the wrong fabric.

The final word:

Buying a custom cover has its benefits but you and to check the functionality and the features of the cover to make the right decision. Try to explore different varieties, fabrics, and colors of protective covers to get the right fit that matches the patio furniture.

What Are The Basic Things To Look For When Buying A Patio Table Cover

Are you planning to move the patio table to a shady area during the winter? Do you know how to protect the furniture from snow, strong winds, dirt, and dust? Buying cover for outdoor furniture can protect the temperature fluctuations and other unpredictable aspects of nature. However, the cover you need to buy must also include vents so that moisture can easily escape through it.

  • The sun’s rays can make the furniture polish fade, and you may notice cracks in the wooden and wicker tables in the patio, so the cover you buy must have a coating to protect the tables and chairs from deterioration.
  • The cover you get must not only have universal sizes but needs to be available in different sizes and on top of that, it should be made from high-strength material that stays wrapped around the table.
  • For places that need to endure wet climate during most parts of the year, UV protection may not be essential; instead, you need to look for fully waterproof materials to keep the patio furniture cover intact.
  • Mold and mildew may form on the furniture when the moisture content in the air is pretty high, so you need to check whether the cover comes with a wax-like coating to prevent water from seeping inside the cover.
  • The patio table cover you buy needs to be hard from the outside and have a soft lining inside that protects the furniture from bad weather and good tear resistance.
  • As long as the furniture cover stays in its position you need not worry about rust or insect infestation.

Things to consider:

What are the basic factors you need to keep in mind when buying an outdoor table cover? With so many options for fabrics and the kinds of stitches, you have everything it takes to call the outdoor furniture cover more durable.

  • Size

One of the major aspects to consider when buying the outdoor table cover is its size. You can get covers in all kinds of sizes and styles, so it is necessary to check whether the cover you choose is a perfect fit for the patio table. Buying an ill-fitting cover may not serve the purpose of protecting the furniture from weathering.

  • Design

The design of a protective cover is not about the prints or colors present on it but the shape. Moreover, it includes the closure system. You need to verify the design and the closure system to ensure that the furniture cover is the perfect fit.

  • Fabric

The last thing you want in the outdoor table cover is to choose a wring fabric. Based on the climate of the area where you live, the fabric withstands the effect of weather. For instance, you must avoid buying a lightweight fabric for a windy place or a water-resistant material for a wet location. To make the fabric suitable for rainy and windy areas, you need to feel the fabric on both sides and make the final selection.

The patio furniture requires adequate protection from bad weather, so get the right one that meets your needs and suits your lifestyle.

Following A Specific Buying Guide For Patio Table Covers

Most homeowners invest in buying outdoor furniture significantly but fail to get good protection to enhance the material’s longevity. It is here that outdoor furniture covers steps in and makes the homeowners aware of the availability of fabrics. The first question you may raise is about the type of cover needed for this purpose.

  • When buying outdoor furniture, people usually go for expensive wooden and cast iron furniture that is not easy to store, so you must have an equally broad approach when buying the covers for expensive furniture.
  • You must refrain from buying the table covers that are only available locally.
  • Remember that it is worth spending a bit more to get a good quality table cover and save generously for replacements and repairs.
  • It may sound usual and boring, but the furniture measurements play a good role in determining the kind of table cover you may get.
  • You need a tape to measure the dimensions; it provides more accurate readings, and if possible, try to consult a professional or double-check the measurements.
  • Ideally, you need to take the measurements from the ground to the top to ensure the correct size.
  • There are universal covers that match several styles and designs of furniture and tailored covers that cater to specific models.

Features to check:

When purchasing patio table covers, the ultimate thing that needs to stay in your mind is protection from weathering. Apart from this, you may have to select a few parameters based on which you need to make the buying decision.

  • Fasteners or tie-downs

The fasteners are the elastic straps and buckles that allow the patio table cover to stay in position. Apart from this, the fasteners allow the cover to protect against harsh weather conditions, such as high-speed winds. In the case of a table cover, the cover needs to protect the tabletop and reach the legs. The elastic closure creates more room to enhance the size of the cover and ensure that it reaches all sides.

  • Waterproof or water-resistant

The outdoor furniture may need to endure wet conditions for a long time and may contract mod growth. Based on the amount of rainfall, the patio table cover needs to be water-resistant or waterproof. Some of the most popular fabrics include polyester, vinyl, or canvas.

  • Soft cloth backing

The table cover must have a soft inner lining that can resist rubs or scratches on the furniture. The last thing you want is the cover rubbing away the paint coating and finish. So, you need to check that the cover has a soft lining inside for maximum protection.

Easy to use:

When buying an outdoor furniture cover, you need to find out the ease of use. Some of the covers are cumbersome and come with complex closure methods. Ideally, you need to find it easy to use the cover so that it can be assembled and dissembled in a matter of minutes.

Finally, you need to consider your budget preferences when buying a cover for the patio table. You need to cover every furniture item on the patio, so make sure that the price distribution is equitable and the quality of the outdoor table covers stays uncompromised.

Things You Need To Know About Buying A Patio Table Cover

The outdoor furniture covers are excellent for protecting the furniture items in your patio and ensuring that they last longer than usual. However, buying a cover for the patio table may make you feel odd.

  • Using a cover makes the patio furniture look new and fresh and protects them from dents and scratches.
  • You cannot move the heavy outdoor table to shady locations frequently, so the best way to protect it from the sun’s UV rays is to use a cover.
  • The outdoor cover you need to select must be durable, constitute the highest quality of fabrics, and protect the furniture during rains.
  • The furniture cover you buy must come with a specialized coating to prevent the water from seeping inside and block the sun’s rays from damaging the furniture.
  • The options table cover safeguards it from rain, sun, and snow but the weather conditions are unpredictable, so you need to get maximum protection.
  • You need to get a table cover in the proper size and place it over the tables.
  • Usually, the covers with drawstrings are durable and stay in position even when the wind speed is very high.

Choosing table covers:

There may be a plethora of reasons you may have to invest in outdoor furniture covers. Here is what you need to know.

  • Protecting the patio table

One of the primary reasons you need to get a patio table cover is for protection. Although the materials of outdoor furniture are strong, they may not be able to withstand the effects of weathering. Therefore, you can put on a sturdy cover with drawstrings to ensure that the table is not prone to wear and tear. Typically, the cover you buy should offer protection during all seasons.

  • The convenience of the homeowners 

Another reason to keep the patio table covered is to save precious time and effort. Once the outdoor furniture becomes wet due to rain or snow, you need to clean every piece of furniture inside out and wait for them to become dry. On the other hand, putting on the cover makes it easy to use the furniture easily.

  • Money-saving step

Buying the outdoor furniture cover saves you money for repairing and replacing the outdoor furniture. If you fail to use a cover for the outdoor table, it can be severely damaged due to rain, snow, and sun.

The outdoor furniture covers are picking steam during recent times due to their features and the ability to pick the furniture pieces inside out. However, you need to work on the appropriate sizes when buying covers so that they fit the item perfectly.

  1. The cover for the patio table must not only protect the table from leaves, bird droppings, hail, snow, and rain but allow air to flow freely and prevent moisture accumulation.
  2. The outdoor furniture needs to withstand the impact of nature in all seasons, so the cover you buy needs to protect the table and every other piece of furniture from the harsh weather.

The reputed manufacturers offer a two to three-year warranty for the furniture covers, so you can keep using them for a long.

How Patio Table Covers Shield And Protect Your Investment

You invest a lot of money in furniture to transform the patio and naturally want them to last for a few years. Regardless of the material of your much-loved patio table, the last thing you want is rainwater washing away its luster. Typically, the polish and shine of the patio table start fading within a few years. Therefore, you need an appropriate cover to extend its life.

Here are a few things you must consider when protecting the patio table:

  • The first line of protection is to prevent damage.
  • Investing in high-quality protective covers for the patio table protects it from the sun and another weathering impact.
  • The cover you buy must be specially made for the outdoors, so the fabric must be durable and weather-resistant.
  • Before putting on the cover, you need to ensure that the table is completely dry and clean, or else trapped moisture may result in the formation of mildew.
  • Even though outdoor furniture comes with low-maintenance requirements, you may require polishing the table once in a while for materials, such as teak, stainless steel, ad wicker.
  • It is necessary to clean the outdoor furniture once in a while.

Select the best cover:

When you shop for patio table covers, a good way is to look for options that come with minimal maintenance hassles. Here is what you need to know.

  • Measuring the furniture

Many people buy the table cover randomly but it will not provide all-around protection or may leave gaps through which water enters with ease. Therefore, you need to cautiously measure the width, height, and depth of your furniture to get the best-fitting covers and avid getting your hands on those ill-fitting covers.

Remember that a perfectly-fitted cover helps in keeping away dirt and during the harsh weather. You invest a good amount when buying patio furniture, so a frugal approach is generally not desirable when buying a protective cover.

  • Circulation of air

A form-fitting cover is the best thing you may have to ensure that the patio table stays protected during the winter months. However, you need to be equally aware of air circulation when buying cover as a lack of air circulation promotes mold growth and humidity. Of you get a cover, look for built-in vents inside that allow air to freely circulate while providing protection from water and sun.

  • Waterproof or not 

Most manufacturers of table covers claim about offering fully waterproof materials but you must check the fabric and its features before deciding. For instance, the vinyl covers allow bundles of water droplets to form on their top that eventually runs away.

  • Protect from winds

Rain and sun are not the only evils destroying the outdoor table but strong winds can also play havoc.  Heavy winds may lift the overcover material, leaving the furniture exposed to stormy weather. So, make sure you choose covers with tie-down so that they stay in place.

Buying a furniture cover is even more challenging than the furniture itself.  You need to make sure that the patio table cover fits the weather requirements fully and make the furniture last for years.

Why Vinyl Tarp Is A Popular Choice For Multiple Uses

If you have the nicest furniture pieces on the patio, it makes the outdoor space a great option for relaxing with your friends and family. However, buying patio furniture comes with lots of responsibilities as far as protection and maintenance are concerned. When it comes to maintaining patio furniture, the best option you can think of is vinyl tarps.

Sizes of vinyl tarps:

The sizes of vinyl tarps may vary, so you can choose the measurements based on the furniture in the patio. If you want to protect the patio furniture from the UV rays of the sun and weathering impact, you need to check the size of the vinyl tarpaulin sheets to apply to the furniture when not in use.  Keeping the furniture covered with a tarp helps in maintaining the furniture so that it lasts for many years and looks beautiful.

Reasons to trust vinyl tarps:

The vinyl tarpaulin sheets are recommended for protection and act as a durable waterproof cover. However, there are several other reasons why you may trust the vinyl tarps.

  • The vinyl tarpaulin sheets are fully waterproof and last for many years and contain a scrim fabric inside, making them tear-resistant.
  • When compared to poly tarps, the vinyl sheets have more weight and stay in place in windy areas.
  • You can get a wide range of colors when buying vinyl tarps, such as white, grey, black, blue, yellow, and green, so you can choose a color option based on your needs.
  • You can get vinyl tarps in different thicknesses and weights; you can select lightweight or heavyweight options based on your needs.
  • It is easy to heat weld a vinyl tarpaulin sheet to create a waterproof seam, so you can get unlimited sizes.
  • Several vinyl tarpaulin sheets contain a protective cover against cold and UV rays, so if you have specific requirements, go ahead with what you need.
  • The vinyl tarpaulin sheets come in flame-retardant varieties, so you can go ahead and get an option based on your requirements.
  • The heavy vinyl tarp sheets are available and used for covering firewood from rain and moisture.
  • The vinyl tarp resists rot and mold.

Benefits of vinyl tarps:

One of the primary benefits of vinyl tarpaulin sheets is their durability as they have dual bonds and are heat-sealed with different layers. The reinforced quality of the tarp makes it suitable for various jobs in the construction industry and in agriculture.

  • One of the biggest benefits of using vinyl tarpaulin sheets is their extended lifespan, so once you buy the sheet, it comes to use for a long time when stored properly.
  • The versatility of the tarps makes it viable for many uses, such as camping, boatyard, farming, trucking, and covering the patio furniture.
  • Vinyl is a waterproof material that may resist tearing, abrasion, rust, and corrosion and is used in manufacturing various products, such as shower curtains, construction materials, raincoats, and insulated wire.
  • Vinyl tarps are highly affordable are a popular choice for various industries when compared to other types of tarps.

If you are looking for affordable materials for various projects, try looking for various options before making the right choice.

Understanding The Multiple Uses And Advantages Of Clear Vinyl Tarp

You are familiar with clear vinyl tarpaulins that offer more than just protection for your valuable possessions. The outdoor living spaces, especially around the patio, porch, deck, or balcony, may have these clear tarps and provide good protection from rain, snow, heat, and cold. The clear tarpaulin sheets are available in varying thicknesses and provide full protection from mildew, grease, and chemicals.

Know the uses:

Most of the vinyl tarpaulin sheets you come across may have the light blue shade but the clear sheets are equally effective and are widely used today for various purposes. The reason why more people prefer them is the see-through feature, especially when using them as curtains in the balconies and open spaces.

  • The clear tarps are highly durable and reinforced to suit different weather conditions.
  • The quality of most clear vinyl tarpaulin sheets is high-grade and is available in multiple layers with tear resistance.
  • The clear tarps come with good longevity and are expected to last through several years based on usage and the method of storage.
  • For covering truck cargo and protecting them against all kinds of harsh weather conditions during transit, the clear tarp is an excellent material.
  • The clear vinyl tarpaulin sheets provide utmost resistance against corrosion, abrasion, rust, and ripping and they are highly effective for extreme heat and cold.
  • The clear tarps provide good protection against the harmful UV rays that are more likely to cause damage.
  • The clear tarps provide protection against water that may cause damage to the load.

The clear vinyl tarp provides protection against elements and does not block the light. These tarps are UV-resistant and offer high strength and durability to the materials and possessions they cover.

  • The clear tarpaulin sheets come as a means of saving your outdoor furniture and using it for covering the patio is a good choice.
  • The clear tarps are also useful for covering the vehicles and protecting them from the impact of weathering.
  • The greenhouses create custom spaces for growing fruits, flowers, and vegetables, and using clear traps is a usual practice here to allow the sunlight to enter so that the heat stays trapped inside, providing an ideal condition for the plants to thrive.
  • The large greenhouses use clear vinyl tarps extensively, but the thickness and the quality of the material need to be appropriate.

Features of clear tarps:

If you are yet to buy vinyl tarps, here are the features to consider.

  • The clear vinyl tarps are strong and have multiple uses.
  • These tarps are available in various textures, sizes, grades, weight, patterns, and colors, so you can call them versatile.
  • The clear tarps have grommets at all the edges for ease of handling and allow the material to stay securely tied to the beams and walls with hooks, straps, or cords.
  • One of the most noted features of clear traps is that they are transparent, so you can look through it from inside or outside with ease.

The clear vinyl tarp is resistant to touch conditions and is available in various sizes and shapes to suit your requirements fully.

What Specifications To Consider When Buying Vinyl Tarps

The uses of tarps are many, whether it is for residential, commercial, or industrial needs. You can use tarpaulin sheets when protecting your belongings from damage, carrying goods in commercial trucks and vehicles or for camping. For commercial and residential purposes, the vinyl tarpaulin sheets give longevity and good service.  Some of the features to get in vinyl tarp are cold and heat resistance to protect the things.

Longevity of vinyl tarps:

Before buying vinyl tarpaulin sheets, you need to consider their lifespan, especially when used for heavy-duty purposes. The vinyl tarp sheets with multi-laminated layers and heat-sealed seams can last for many years. Moreover, the heavy-duty tarps last for several layers.

  • The vinyl tarp comes with a coating that makes the tarps highly resistant and durable.
  • The heat-sealed seams come with several layers to reduce wear and tear.
  • The tarps are likely to last for about a decade and are suitable for daily use.
  • The tarps provide extra coverage for carrying freight on the truck.
  • The tarps come in varying sizes, weight, grade, thickness, and color, so you need to decide the grade of tarps to use for varied needs.
  • During the construction of vinyl tarpaulin sheets, the high-quality polymer resin is used and the expertise of the manufacturing unit determines the quality of the tarp.

Tips for choosing tarps: 

You are sure to come across different qualities of vinyl tarpaulin sheets. Therefore, you need to consider various factors before choosing the right option.

  • Check the quality 

The quality of vinyl tarps is one of the major considerations when choosing a tarpaulin sheet. Typically, the heavy-duty sheets are used outdoors and act as a tool for protecting different objects in the construction industry, for commercial goods and machines, and for other equipment.

You must examine the quality of the tarp for ease of use, durability, changing weather, conditions, and the convenience of handling the goods. It is necessary to measure the thickness of the tarp and the material. The thickness of the tarp needs to be different for lightweight and heavyweight materials.

  1. The fabrication of vinyl tarp is made from ethylene molecule.
  2. They are more robust when compared to poly tarpaulins.
  3. The tarp sheets are used for covering furniture, trucks, trailers, and equipment.
  4. A vinyl tarp is the most effective choice to cover the roof.
  • Application:

When using tarps for industrial and commercial use, you may require using heavy-duty tarps, especially for harsh conditions. If you want the tarp sheets to last longer, it is necessary to check the durability of the material.

  1. When painting your home, tarping the floor is the best alternative, and put it away in storage for later use.
  2. Tarps are also used for sheltering and protecting a damaged roof.
  3. Greenhouses are highly expensive if you go for glass pane coverings but using a clear vinyl tarp is an excellent option.
  4. Storms do not give you enough time to secure things, so you need to use a vinyl tarpaulin sheet to protect the outdoor furniture.

When buying a vinyl tarp sheet, you need to focus on using the right quality and get proper dimensions when making the right choice.

Custom Vinyl Tarps: Know The Purpose Of Use And The Benefits

Vinyl is a highly durable and versatile material used for residential and commercial purposes. Therefore, tarps made from vinyl serve various purposes, especially for protection from damage. When it comes to buying a vinyl tarp, using a customized option is the best choice.

Understanding the custom tarps:

When ordering a standardized tarp from a store, you need to know its applications. It is necessary to take accurate dimensions for which you need the tarp. However, if you are unsure of the exact purpose of using a vinyl tarp, a customized option is the best choice.

  • The custom vinyl tarp does not restrict you in any way, regardless of the purpose of use.
  • You can get the opportunity of customizing the tarp with grommets, colors, seat belts, and D-rings based on the application.
  • You can choose from a variety of patterns and textures when using a custom trap.
  • The additional treatment of a vinyl tarp makes it suitable for flame retardation and water resistance.
  • The spacing for grommets and D-rings needs to be personalized.

Benefits of custom tarps:

Whether it is to choose a material for protection or cover, checking the personalized option is the right thing to pick. The custom vinyl tarp offers better protection and coverage for various objects than the standardized tarps.

  • It is easy to handle customized vinyl tarpaulin sheets as they are made to order and look far better than the readymade options.
  • For tarping the outdoor kitchen, you can order pre-fabricated pieces to create a single and large piece.
  • You can order customized tarps in exact dimensions and get a better alternative than the other options.
  • For a swimming pool cover, you can select a vinyl tarp at first and customize it based on the size of the pool.
  • The custom-made vinyl tarps are designed based on your application and help in eliminating bugs and leaves in the garden when used as a cover.
  • One of the biggest reasons why you may choose a custom vinyl tarp is to get excellent protection from bird dropping and harsh weather when used on a vehicle as a covering.
  • The personalized tarps are less likely to sag or blown away by the wind as you can check the durability of the material.
  • The custom-made tarp coverings are ideal for the trucking industry and ensure that the delivery of the product is more secure.
  • Some of the special features present in tarps are the strategically-placed D-rings and grommets, unlike the standardized tarps that are highly unique.
  • The tailor-made vinyl tarp is likely to have flaps on the sides for carrying heavy materials.
  • The benefit of using a custom-fit tarp is the right option that fits the trailer or when used for rolling advertisements.
  • The custom tarps offer better protection than the generic traps when it comes to shielding and protecting the items.

Whether you need an industrial or commercial tarp in various shapes and sizes or need to use something to cover the patio furniture at home, ordering custom-made tarps can meet your needs perfectly.

Pergola Shade Cover: Eyeing On The Right Shading Option

The outdoor space of your home is the much-loved area where you enjoy with the family and entertain the guest through the year, especially during the summer and spring. Among the most popular shading structure, you may install in the outdoor space, a pergola is an excellent structure that suits your lifestyle and budget.

What is the method of choosing a pergola? How to determine the requirement of a pergola for your outdoor space? Read the points below to know more.

  • Know the purpose

Before you move ahead and choose a pergola for your outdoor space, it is necessary to determine the purpose it is going to serve. Will the outdoor structure be a place where you dine with your family or space for entertainment and parties? Once you know the purpose of installing the pergola, it becomes easier to choose a pergola that suits the size, shape, and material.

A pergola enhances the value of the garden and makes the space more versatile. The pergola roof is one of the most distinctive structures, so that you can choose from several options.

  • Material of the pergola

When choosing a pergola for your home, it is necessary to consider the material first. One of the most standard options the homeowners may choose is wood, as it creates a rustic feel. However, the disadvantage of using wood is the maintenance hassle. The other materials for pergola shade cover are vinyl, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and metal.

Apart from wood, the rest of the materials are easy to maintain and require annual cleaning only. The stone pergolas, on the other, have the longest life span and require the least maintenance.

  • Color and design

The pergola is not just a regular shade that protects the outdoor space from the weathering impact, but there is more to it. In most homes, the pergola needs to have a fantastic design that also offers protection from the weather. The design of the pergola shade needs to align with the home’s architecture.

When deciding the shape of the pergola, you need to choose based on the aesthetic and functionality. However, rectangle and square are two of the popular shapes to use for the pergola. You can also play with an array of colors but make sure that it changes the look of the patio and backyard.

  • Requirement of shade

The slats on the roof of the pergola may provide more shade than you desire, but you need to decide the kind of shade you desire. The amount of shade that the pergola offers needs to depend on the climate of the place. However, you can add certain features like steel panels, drapes, and sails, and all of them can be remotely controlled for convenience.

  • Create a living structure

The pergola is more popular in places with warm climates, so you can make the structure creative. Using flowering and non-flowering vine adds a fresh lease of life into the pergola shade. You can select from the open plank style or add more shade to beat the scorching rays of the sun.

Analyzing the parameters help you select the right pergola for your home.

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