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 June 15, 2020


Miranda Kerr is a model of Australian origin, who became famous for having worked with Victoria’s Secret for six years and was one of the brand’s “angels”. Today, the beauty is still famous. Fans call it a style icon and follow every exit.

Childhood and youth

Miranda May Kerr was born in Sydney in April 1983. Her zodiac sign is Aries. By this time, the eldest son Matthew was growing up in the family.

Shortly after the birth of Miranda, parents and children moved inland into the New South Wales province. There the family settled on a horse farm. Already in childhood, the future beauty learned to sit in the saddle, so that the children’s memories of the model are associated with these animals.

In the veins of Miranda Kerr mixed multinational blood. English, Filipino, Scottish and French – this “cocktail” was clearly manifested in the character of the girl. Miranda turned out to be a temperamental and purposeful child, and also beautiful.

Miranda Kerr did not dream of a career as a model. In her youth, the girl outlined for herself a serious profession as a nutritionist. Fate decreed otherwise by changing the plans of the young beauty.

Personal life

In the life of the world famous model, there were many novels, each of which was closely watched by millions of fans of the star. In 2003, Miranda met with broker Adrian Camilleri. A year later, the young people broke up. Miranda’s boyfriend was convicted of dirty financial transactions, in which, according to some rumors, Kerr was involved.

A couple of years after the breakup, Miranda broke out a new romance, this time with musician Jay Lyon. The girl graced a clip created for the author’s song “Everything for Me”. The relationship ended in 2007. They were replaced by a love affair, which became the most striking in the life of Miranda Kerr.


The husband of the Australian model was the handsome Orlando Bloom – the dream of many girls on the planet. Rumors about a romantic relationship between Miranda Kerr and a megapopular actor arose in the first half of 2008. A beautiful novel, the development of which was closely monitored by journalists and millions of fans, developed for 2 years and ended in marriage.


In March 2019, the media reported that the model was pregnant with a third child. By this time, Kerr had recovered greatly, so she decided not to hide the good news. On October 7, the second son of the couple was born, who received the name Miles.

Interestingly, with the new darling of Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry , Miranda struck up a friendship. According to the model, she loves the songs Never Really Over and Small Talk performed by the star.

Model business

It was a magnificent model appearance that determined the future biography of Miranda. At age 14, she tried her hand at the Australian nation-wide model contest. Suddenly, Kerr won. The contest organizers arranged a photo shoot for the winner, which soon appeared in one of the glossy magazines.

The success was grandiose, but with a scandalous “aftertaste”. The moral observers thought that the pictures of a minor girl in a swimsuit resemble child pornography. To this, Miranda Kerr herself objected that “Dolly” (the magazine in which the photos appeared) is intended for teenage girls, and not for adult men.

After a “loud” photo shoot, Miranda Kerr instantly became famous. The fashion industry gurus loudly extolled her angelic beauty. It is not surprising that the beauty received a tempting offer from a modeling agency in Melbourne and was enlisted in the state. At that time, Miranda’s education was crowned with a high school diploma.

The next step in the rapid career of Miranda Kerr was a collaboration with modeling agency Chic Management Sydney Division. This organization has opened the doors of the Australian to fame outside the country. In his youth, Kerr became popular in Japan. The real fame came to the model after she began to advertise Billabong sportswear.

In 2007, Miranda Kerr collaborates with such well-known brands as Clinique (Kerr is his face), Arden B, Roxy and Tigerlily. In Australia, it is becoming mega-popular. And world fame comes to her after a trip to America.

After several catwalks in New York, Kerr is offered to sign contracts with world famous brands such as John Richmond, Anna Molinari, Roberto Cavalli and Blumarine Swimwear.

The main achievement of Miranda is a collaboration with Victoria Secret. The trademark for the production of women’s underwear has become famous for its own models – “Victoria’s Secret” angels, who during the annual fashion show go out on the catwalk with air wings.


Miranda achieves the model parameters of the figure with the help of yoga classes and the 80 to 20 diet. The nutritional rule was developed for a woman by a personal nutritionist. The diet includes 80% of healthy foods and 20% of the rest, but with the exception of fast carbohydrates.

In public, Kerr most often appears with her hair loose. A well-groomed pile of healthy hair is a distinctive feature of all the “Victoria Secret” angels. But in everyday life, her hairstyles look more modest: a woman prefers various bunches and tails. As a rule, Miranda does not change the dark color of her hair, but for the shoot in the photo shoot for the Italian edition of Vogue she appeared blonde.

Leaving the catwalk, Miranda is in no hurry to change the stilettos to sneakers. She prefers elegant style, turning a catwalk into a shop or a walk with children in a catwalk. Kerr thinks through her wardrobe to the smallest detail that fans appreciate.

Miranda never resorted to face plastic to maintain her personality. Ideal parameters of the figure also completely suited the model, except for the small size of the bust. Kerr decided on a plastic surgery and is pleased with the result.

Miranda Kerr now

In February 2020, a mother with many children for the first time after the birth of her third son began to appear in public. Miranda attended the presentation of the new Noni Night line of facial cosmetics from her own beauty brand Kora Organics in Los Angeles. The party was also attended by girlfriends Kerr Olivia Mann , Sofia Richie, Stella Maxwell and others.

Now Miranda practically does not appear on the podium. The YouTube channel helps her to keep in touch with her fans, where Kerr posts videos revealing her beauty secrets.

YouTube video

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