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 March 16, 2020

Matt damon is  American film actor, producer and screenwriter.

Full Name Matt Damon

Date of Birth

Place of Birth Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Libra zodiac sign

Height 178 cm


Born October 8, 1970 in Cambridge (Massachusetts, USA) in the family of a tax inspector and college teacher.

Matt Damon made friends with Ben Effleck, who lived in the neighborhood, as a child, and subsequently this friendship grew into a successful creative collaboration.

A graduate of a private school, Matt Damon went to Harvard University, but after studying for three years, he decided to try his hand at acting.

The first role went to him in Mystic Pizza (1988), but the next one had to wait a long time – only in 1992 did he play in School Ties, but this film failed and, naturally, the young actor went unnoticed by the public.
Then Damon and Effleck undertook to complete the script, which the first of them began to write back at Harvard. The script was taken over by the Miramax studio. The result is the huge success of the movie “Good Will Hunting”, in which Damon played the second main role, and the Oscar for the best original screenplay.
This was followed by new diverse roles.

Against the backdrop of pretentious adventure and science fiction films, the film directed by Doug Liman’s “Bourne Identity” looks refreshingly intelligent. Matt Damon, who played the role of an FBI agent who lost his memory in this film, took another step towards gaining the status of a movie star, which he had long earned for his deep film works. In addition, in “Bourne Identity,” he appears before the public in excellent physical shape, which allows his hero to perform dizzying stunts, run, jump and fight like a real superman.

Matt Damon is married to Lucian Barroso. The future spouses met in Miami in 2003, and the wedding took place on December 9, 2005 in New York. Three girls grow up in their family (the eldest is Luciana’s daughter from her first marriage, the middle Isabella, born June 11, 2006 and the youngest Gia Zavalla, who was born on August 20, 2008)


Oscar Award (1997):
Best Screenplay (“Good Will Hunting”)

Nomination for Oscar:
1997 – Best Actor (“Good Will Hunting”)
2009 – Best Supporting Actor (“Unconquered”)
2015 – Best Actor ( “Martian”)

Golden Globe Award:
1997 – Best Screenplay (“Good Will Hunting”)
2015 – Best Actor, Comedy / Musical (“Martian”)

Golden Globe Nomination:
1997 – Best Actor, drama (“Good Girl” Will Hunting “)
1999 – Best Actor, drama (” Talented Mr. Ripley “)
2009 – Best Actor, Comedy / Musical (” Informant! “)
2009 – Best Supporting Actor (“Unconquered “)
2013 – Best actor of a mini-series or film on TV (” Behind Candelabra “)

Nomination for “BAFTA”:
2013 – Best supporting actor (“Behind the candelabra”)
2015 – Best actor (“Martian”)

Nomination for “Emmy”:
2011 – Best invited actor in the comedy series (“Studio 30”)
2013 – Best actor in a mini-series or television movie (“Behind the Candelabra”)

Nomination for the Screen Actors Guild Award:
1997 – Best cast (“Clever Will Hunting”)
1997 – Best actor (“Clever Will Hunting”)
1998 – Best cast (“Save Private Ryan “)
2006 – Best Cast (The Departed”)
2009 – Best Supporting Actor (“Unconquered”)
2013 – Best actor in a television movie or mini-series (“Behind the Candelabra”)

Nomination for the MTV Channel Award:
1998 – Best Actor (“Clever Will Hunting”)
1998 – Best Screen Duo (“Clever Will Hunting”)
1998 Best Kiss (“Clever Will Hunting”)
2000 – Best Villain (“Talented Mr. Ripley”)
2000 – Best Musical Performance ( “Talented Mr. Ripley”)
2002 – Best Screen Team (“Eleven Ocean Friends”)
2005 – Best Actor (Bourne Supremacy)
2008 – Best Actor (Bourne Ultimatum)
2008 – Best Fight (Bourne Ultimatum)
2016 – Best Actor (“Martian”)

“Satellite” Award Nomination (1997):
Best Actor, Drama (“Good Will Hunting”)

Award Nomination “Saturn “(2004):
Best Actor (” The Bourne Supremacy “)

Berlin Film Festival (1998):
Silver Bear for outstanding personal achievements (“Good Will Hunting”)


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