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 March 16, 2020

Jessica Alba biography
Date of birth (day and year):  04/28/1981
Age: 38
Place of Birth:  Pomona, California, USA
Height:  169 cm
Weight:    56 Kg
Zodiac sign: calf
Eye color: brown
Jessica Marie Alba (b. 1981) – American film actress. She began her path to success at the age of thirteen in the series “The Secret World of Alex Mack”. Gained fame thanks to the television series Dark Angel. The films “Sin City”, “Fantastic Four” brought her worldwide popularity. In 2006, it became “No. 1” in the list of “99 most desirable women in the world” (according to the web portal AskMen.com). In 2007, she was recognized as the “Sexiest Woman in the World” (according to FHM magazine).


Jessica was born on April 28, 1981 in the California city of Pomona.
Her father, Mark Alba, is an American of Mexican descent. He served in the air force, which is why the family often had to move from one place to another. They lived in the state of Mississippi in the city of Biloxi, and in the state of Texas in the city of Del Rio, before returning back to California.

Mom, Katherine Alba (Jensen’s maiden name), has Franco-Canadian and Danish roots. She married Mark when they were both still teenagers. At the age of twenty, they already had two children, shortly after Jessica, Joshua’s son was born.

Parents had to work simultaneously on several jobs, however, they were low paid. Therefore, for a long time, the Alba family shared one apartment with their grandmother, received state assistance in the form of food stamps, and children often carried their clothes.

When Jessica and her brother asked for something from their parents or complained that they were living worse than others, my father put them in a car and drove to Mexico. He showed them the slums where people live, and the dirt that surrounds them. He wanted to convince the children that it was a sin to complain, someone was living much worse. Despite her father’s lessons, Jessica always wanted more, since childhood she had a sense of belonging to something higher.


Jessica was a very painful girl as a child. Moreover, she was ill for an infinitely long time, rarely went to classes, more and more often lay in hospitals. Two times the girl had a decrease in the lobe of the lung (atelectasis), 4-5 times a year she suffered from pneumonia (pneumonia), she had a cyst on the tonsils. Sometimes it came to the ridiculous: classmates forgot about her at all, and when Jessica, after another illness, appeared in the class, they were surprised like: “Where did you come from?” Most likely, the diseases were caused by frequent relocations and a change in climate, because when the family finally settled in California, Jessica stopped getting sick.

Due to a long absence, the girl was isolated from children, she grew very modest, there were no girlfriends, and indeed the guys avoided her. On top of everything, she studied at school, where there were a lot of sleek mother’s sons and daughters, who considered her Mexican origin to be shameful. Cruel children said that Mexicans can only pick up trash or work as gardeners. So, when Alba was not in the hospital, she was destined for the fate of the white crow at school. In this regard, she even appeared syndrome of obsessive states.

Beginning of an acting career

Jessica, who is now repeatedly called the most beautiful woman in the world, suffered from a Texas accent in her childhood, cutting her ears like a knife, and scary teeth like roe deer. Nevertheless, she was very attracted to the acting profession. She began to be interested in this type of art at the age of five.

When she was twelve years old, her parents gave her daughter to a drama school to study acting. The teachers managed to discern a very talented child in her, and already nine months later they signed the first contract with Jessica.

By the age of sixteen, Alba had completely changed and, unexpectedly for herself, began to get prettier. Still, a mixture of Mexican and Franco-Canadian blood affected the girl, she turned into an exotic beauty. At first, she could not believe it and for a very long time did not value her interesting appearance. But the friendship with the girls still did not work out for her, because Jessica did not want, like everyone else, to start smoking and walking at night. In addition, she was very interested in acting classes. After graduating from high school, Alba continued her studies at the Atlantic Theater Company, a theater studio founded by American actors, spouses Felicity Huffman and William Macy.

Her film debut took place in 1994 in the American comedy “The Lost World”, a thirteen-year-old girl got a very small cameo role. But she was enough for Jessica to understand: all this is insanely interesting for her, the choice in favor of the acting profession is made correctly. After that, she starred in several commercials and independent films. In the same year, she played in the television series Secret World of Alex Mack and Flipper, after which she became known to the general public.

jessica alba movies

From that moment on, the young actress became popular in the series, although the roles she still got were secondary:

  • Flory Hernandez in “Hope Chicago”;
  • Madissa Hauer at South Brooklyn;
  • Lianne in Beverly Hills, 90210;
  • Samantha Freedom in Punks.

The debut role in the big Hollywood movie was for Alba the heroine Kirsten Liozis in the romantic comedy “Kissed.” Immediately after that, there was a proposal to star in the lead role of Molly in the horror comedy “The Hand of the Killer”.

The path to the pinnacle of world fame

The spectacular young beauty attracted the attention of eminent Hollywood directors. James Cameron chose Jessica from 1,200 contenders for the main role in his series “Dark Angel”. Preparation for the shooting was very difficult: Alba starved herself to lose weight. I trained every day for three hours, doing taibo, this type of sports art at the same time combines aerobics, boxing, taekwondo and karate, helps to tighten muscles and lose weight. But the role of Max Guevara brought her popularity, the youth award “Teen Choice Awards” in the nomination “Actress”, the prize “Saturn” and the nomination for the Golden Globe.

The next successful work of Jessica was the youth musical comedy “Lapochka”, which was released in 2003. The role went to her by the will of fate, originally a 22-year-old dancer, moonlighting as a bartender in a store and in a nightclub, was to be played by singer Aliya. But she died in a plane crash, and the filmmakers invited Jessica Alba.

Another dancer – exotic stripper Nancy Callahan – the actress played in the film “Sin City”, which brought her world fame.

In the same 2005, two more films were released that strengthened the actress’s position at the top of world cinema – “Fantastic Four” and “Welcome to Paradise”.

In 2007 and 2010, five films with Jessica Alba in the lead roles were released immediately. Her characters are absolutely diverse:

  • Cam Wackler (caretaker of penguin aviaries in the zoo) in the film “Good Luck Chuck!”;
  • Sidney Welsh (the blind girl who transplanted the cornea of ​​the witch’s eyes) in the mystical thriller Eye;
  • the owner of the hockey team Jane Bullard in the comedy “Sex Guru”;
  • prostitute Joyce Lakeland in the movie “The Killer Inside Me”;
  • police officer Sartan Rivera in the thriller “Machete”;
  • Mona Gray, a lone primary school teacher, in the drama Secret Sign;
  • student Kate, seduced by a professor, in the film “How to Make Love in English”;
  • Gina (retired US Army officer) in the action-packed action movie Mechanic: Resurrection.

Often, the actress’s game caused, along with positive reviews from the audience, negative comments by film critics. It happened that for the same role Jessica was nominated for Golden Raspberry as the Worst Actress and for other awards in the nomination for Best Actress.

Personal life

Alba started acting and earned her first money at the age of thirteen, so she always felt older than her peers, they never interested her in terms of love relationships.

In 2000, during the filming of the series “Dark Angel”, Jessica began an affair with actor Michael Weatherly, who was twelve years older than her. The relationship was quite long. In 2001, on the birthday of Jessica, Michael proposed to her, and the girl agreed to become his wife. However, the wedding did not take place, in August 2003 they parted. Michael hated dancing and going to parties, and Jessica only discovered this wonderful view of a night’s rest, yet the age difference affected her.

Then she had short affairs with baseball player Derek Jeter and actor Mark Wahlberg.

And in 2004, Jessica met a man, whom she says: “If I met him while I was married, I would divorce immediately.” It was Cash Warren, an assistant director on the set of the movie Fantastic Four. The couple dated for almost four years before announcing their engagement. In May 2008, in Los Angeles, Jessica and Cash played a wedding.

In June 2008, Jessica gave birth to a daughter, Onor Marie. OK! Magazine paid the actress $ 1.5 million to publish the first photos of her baby.

In August 2011, Alba became a mother for the second time, again with her a girl was born to Haven Garner. Before marriage, the main thing in the life of the actress was shooting, films. Now Jessica confidently declares that for the sake of daughters can refuse any role.

Motherhood gave Jessica an impetus for doing business. She founded the company “The Honest Company”, which is engaged in the production of environmentally friendly products for mothers and babies (washing powders, diapers, wipes).

Beauty secrets

Jessica Alba is one of those stunning women who combine both clever and beautiful. She is not only a sought-after actress, but also a successful business woman, a loving wife, a beautiful mother.

Despite combining a film career with business and raising her daughters, Jessica always looks perfect. She has perfect skin and chic hair. It may seem to someone that stylists and cosmetologists constantly scurry around the actress to maintain such beauty. In fact, Jessica calls in the salon except to make up nails. From time to time, a friend comes to her home and makes face masks, so they combine business with pleasure – communicate and take care of the skin. The actress does everything else herself, is a fan of all sorts of new beauty devices and devices. Several times a year, Jessica does facial cleansing with beautician Shani Darden.


Every day she pays attention to her skin, the main thing for which is moisturizing. The actress drinks a lot of water, uses humidifiers, sunscreens and creams. As for hair, Jessica tries not to overdo it with smoothing irons and styling products.

There are some things Jessica is taboo on: she will never do a short haircut or put on short denim shorts that accentuate her hips and buttocks.

The actress likes to sleep, because of this she is sometimes late. In such cases, it may well make up in the car, especially since she does not drive herself, and her hands are always free. Her handbag always has mascara, lip gloss and a Braun Satin-Hair 7 hair brush.

Among the female population of the planet, Jessica has her ideals, these are Diane Keaton, Grace Kelly, Jane Birkin, Audrey Hepburn, Kate Moss.

Very important for the actress playing sports. At the same time, they not only contribute to maintaining good physical shape, but also help to distract from problems and relieve stress. So that the sport does not bother, Alba alternates it with yoga, running, hip-hop dancing.

The actress always remembers how her mother taught: external attractiveness reflects internal beauty. The main thing for Jessica is to be honest, not perfect. She considers resourcefulness, sense of humor, strength, empathy, intelligence and self-confidence as the most important qualities for a woman.

Jessica always feels harmonious. Ten years ago, she could not boast of such a feeling, and now she absolutely likes everything in herself. She became much more confident, in comparison with herself, over twenty years old, she learned to voice and defend her positions and opinions. And most importantly, now she is not trying to please everyone around, realizing that this is impossible. If someone is not happy with her, she does not take it to heart. Although the audience is unlikely to be those who do not like actress Jessica Alba. It belongs to that rare type of people whom men and women alike love.

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