How to Install AppLinked on FireStick 


 November 11, 2022

Don’t know how to install AppLinked on FireStick or find an alternative to the recently closed FileLinked app? Don’t worry, we have you covered, this article will help you learn how to install AppLinked on FireStick. Only thing is, you need to follow the instructions! 

A fantastic replacement for FileLinked is the file-sharing application AppLinked. The file-sharing program FlieLinked, also known as DroidAdmin, is quite well-liked among FireStick/Android users. Unfortunately, downloading FileLinked has been impossible for a while. Because it functions precisely like FileLinked, this has dramatically increased the AppLinked app’s popularity.

So, if you want to install AppLinked on FireStick, this guide is for you. As always, we will first learn about the app and try to find out if will this be helpful for us or not.  

What is AppLinked?

The development team behind  Strix, UK Turks, and Media Lounge has released AppLinked, a fresh FileLinked ripoff. A file-sharing application that works almost like FileLinked. You only need to input the code before browsing and downloading the APKs.

You may download a wide range of applications from the AppLinked Store, including ones for sports, utilities, live TV, movies, TV series, and much more. The software also enables you to exchange photos and videos in addition to APKs. The program turns an APK link or collection of APKs into a numeric code, making it possible to install apps quickly.

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Android smartphones, Amazon Fire TV devices, tablets, and TV boxes may all use the app. You could have problems finding a decent AppLinked code but don’t worry, we have covered some awesome working codes that you can use right away./ 

AppLinked Salient Features

There are many features that make this app terrific. Some of the key features of the AppLinked app are as follows: 

1. AppLinked Store

You may download apps from the AppLinked Store in a variety of categories, including entertainment, games, live TV, utilities, and others.

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2. Sharing

Video and picture sharing is also possible with AppLinked.

3. Instant App Installation

AppLinked may turn links to various APKs into a number code for quick program installation. The installation of the app is significantly accelerated as a result. No more sideloading apps if you use AppLinked. 

4. High Android Device Compatibility 

AppLinked works with many Android devices, including smartphones, Android TV boxes, and Android tablets, in addition to FireStick.

Aren’t these features fantastic? Want to install AppLinked on FireStick? Well, the next section will help you do so. Read on! 

How to Install AppLinked on FireStick?

We need to utilize a third-party portal to sideload AppLinked because it isn’t legitimately offered on the Amazon App Store. We separated the installation procedure into two steps to make it simpler to follow:

Step 1: Setting up Your FireStick 

To download AppLinked, we need to set up the device as installing apps on FireStick is not allowed by default that is not available in the Amazon App Store. Follow the steps below to allow sideloading apps on FireStick first.  

1. Go to the home screen of your FireStick and select the Find option. A drop-down will appear, click on the Search button. 

Click on Search Option

2. Type the Downloader and search for it. Click on the Downloader option once you find it in the search results. 

Type Downloader and Click on it

3. Click on the Downloader App tile on the next page. Select the Get/Download option from the bottom of the screen. Wait for some time to complete the downloading process. 

Click on Download for Downloader

4. Once your downloading process is finished, click on Done.

5. Go back to the home screen of FireStick and choose the Settings icon. 

Click on Settings Icon

6. In the Settings menu, click on My Fire TV.

Select MyFire TV

7. Click on Developer Options from here. 

Choose Developer Options

8. From here, you need to select Appls from Unknown Sources. 

Turn on App from Unknown Sources

9. Click on the Turn On option. This will help you to download apps from unknown sources that are not available on Amazon App Store. 

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Step 2: Installing AppLinked on a FireStick

Now, you have to install the AppLinked on the FireStick devices with the help of the Downloader app. 

1. Launch the Downloader app that we have downloaded above. Click on Allow to allow permissions to use the app on FireStick. Don’t worry, it will show you for the first time only. 

Click on Allow for Downloader

2. On the home page, you will see a URL bar. Type the following URL and click on Go https://bit.ly/3xSeyGA

Click on Go for Amazon Silk Browser

3. Wait for a couple of minutes to download the APK file. Once downloading is finished, click on the Install button. Let the installation process finish.

Click on Install for Downloader

4. When the application is installed on your device, you don’t need the APK file of AppLinked. Click on Delete to delete this file. And then, again, click on the Delete button. It will help you free up storage space on FireStick

This is it. You have successfully installed AppLinked on FireStick. Let’s move to the other section that will help you learn how to use the app effectively. 

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How to Use AppLinked on FireStick?

You will be diverted to the home screen that appears when you first open the AppLinked app. You’ll see there isn’t much to explore or customize in the UI. Go ahead if you know the code you wish to utilize. Alternatively, you might experiment with some of the scripts we will list below these guidelines.

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Once a store code is entered, the app will automatically keep it, so you don’t have to type it in each time. 

Here’s how to install apps that have AppLinked codes.

1. Click on the Add Store option given in the top right corner. 

Click on AddS Store for AppLinked

2. A message will be pop-up on your screen. Select the given “Input Box,” which shows your code is here. Now, you need to type your code and submit it. You can use the codes mentioned below in this article only. 

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3. Now scroll down and select the given A Store. Then select the code which you have already submitted. 

4. A list of apps will be displayed, select any one app which you want to install. Download the app and wait for some time or unless downloading is finished. Follow the installation steps, and you are good to go. 

This is easy, right? You can easily download apps using the Store codes. 

How to Register and Create an AppLinked Code?

You are confident of the applications you want to sideload on the FireStick, but they are not all easily bundled into one installation code. You might make a store code with all the apps you wish to download using your computer or a mobile device.  Using one code, you may then install each of those applications on your FireStick.

You must first register for an account with AppLinked to generate your store code. We’ve broken it down into steps below. Look at this.

1. Open the web browser on any of your devices.  Press the enter key or button after typing https://i4studio.co.uk/applinked. Click on Create a Store button on the top right-hand corner.

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2. Register by entering the necessary data and clicking on the Register button.

Fix Cinema HD Not Working on FireStick

3. From inside4ndroid find the email with the subject AppLinked – Sign Up by going to your email account immediately.

4. You may either manually return to https://i4studio.co.uk/applinked or click the link supplied in the email.

5. Pick Login from the top menu. Your store code, username, and password must be entered. After that, click the Login button found underneath your data.

Congratulations, your AppLinked shop is now up and running. You may add an app to the store code by selecting the Add Application option up top. Before submitting, you must complete the Application Description, APK External Link, Application Title, and Image External Link fields.

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AppLinked Working Codes 

As we mentioned above, AppLinked is pretty new and has a small number of codes. You may read our whole post on the most fantastic AppLinked codes and all their applications if you’re searching for information on the most acceptable codes or particular apps.

Below are a few top AppLinked codes to attempt if you wish to get started and browse the code right now.

1. 4554

Number of applications: 175+

App categories: all

2. 5555

Number of applications: 35+

App categories: movies, live TV, sports

3. 6464

Number of applications: 50+

App categories: movies, live TV, utilities

4. 727272

Number of applications: 100+

App categories: all

5. 719778818

Number of applications: 35+

App categories: movies, shows, live TV

6. 8888

Number of applications: 25+

App categories: documentaries, live TV, sports

These are some of the best AppLinked working codes that you can try to stream your favorite movies, TV series, live sports, etc. 

Do you Like AppLinked?

With this, our article explaining the ways to install AppLinked on FireStick is finished. We provided some codes as well as how you can create your own code as well in this article. 

AppLinked is simple to use, has an increasing selection of Store codes, and is straightforward to explore. Since the app is still in testing, only a few codes are available for now. The codes may alter or change. So keep on tracking new codes. For that, you need to bookmark this page as we will update it with new AppLinked codes from time to time. 

If you know any other AppLinked code that you think is worthy enough to mention, drop us a comment below. 

Also, if there’s any difficulty you are facing while installing the app on FireStick, connect with us and we will try to resolve it. 

Can I install apps with AppLinked?

Yes, you can download applications one at a time or construct your store by linking several applications together. In this manner, several apps can be installed using a single code. As a result, sideloading your frequently used apps become considerably quicker and easier.

Is AppLinked on FireStick safe to use?

Virus checks for AppLinked revealed that it was malware-free.

Can AppLinked be installed on other devices?

AppLinked works with most Android devices, including tablets, TV boxes, and Smartphones.

Can I install AppLinked on FireStick?

Installing AppLinked on a FireStick is simple. Go to the installation instructions mentioned in this post to learn how to accomplish it. 

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