How to Spot an Online Dating Catfish 

Michaela Bobulinski

 March 28, 2021

Today, most of us know somebody or are somebody who met their partner on an online dating site or app. Online dating has definitely become more and more popular, and it can definitely work well for some people. However, online dating scams are on the increase, and people who are claiming to be somebody that they are not are always present on dating sites and apps. So, how can you spot if somebody that you are talking to on an online dating site is actually a catfish?

Ask Them to Video Call or Telephone:

If you’re looking to date teen lesbians at  https://meetville.com/catalog/us/page/4444-teen-lesbian, a good way to determine whether or not somebody is being genuine about who they say they are is to ask them to call you on the phone or have a video call with you. Video call is the best way to do this since it allows you to see them in person and determine if they appear to be the same as in their profile. If somebody is reluctant to video chat or keeps making excuses as to why they can’t, this can be a red flag.

Check Public Records:

Another good way to find out if somebody is real when you get matched with Latina lesbians on dating sites is to check public records. There are many different public records and people search sites available that you can use to find out more information on somebody based on their name, phone number, or email address. If the person you are speaking to says that they own a house, for example, you can use public records to determine whether or not this is true. You can also often find legal records like marriage licenses, divorce records, and criminal records.

Check Their Digital Footprint:

Almost everybody today will have some sort of online presence that will create a real identity when pieced together, and it’s very rare for somebody not to be present anywhere else on the web at all. You can conduct research on social media or using search portals to find out what else is out there on the person you are speaking to. Most social media sites will show you somebody’s profile even if they have high-security settings for their content. If you can’t find anything, it might be because they are not who they say that they are.

Do They Answer Detailed Questions?

Asking some specific and detailed questions is a good way to determine whether or not somebody is catfishing. If you are speaking to somebody who clams up and doesn’t have much to say when you ask them a question, or quickly diverts the subject away to something else and tries to distract you from what you have asked, this could be a red flag. Many people who have been duped by an online dating catfish describe feeling like the person knew everything about them, although they knew very little about the person. Be wary if you feel like you are the only one who is sharing information.

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