How to Install Duplex Play on FireStick 


 November 11, 2022

Want to install Duplex Play on FireStick? If so, you have come to the perfect page today. You will learn how to set up and utilize Duplex Play on the FireStick/Fire TV in this article. 

IPTVs these days are more affordable and feature-rich than our outdated satellite or cable TV connections, most cable TV subscribers are now switching to alternative IPTV providers. Even if some IPTV streaming may not be entirely legal, individuals still prefer it to other OTT platforms since it is more practical and less expensive.

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Let’s dive in straight to the Duplex Play installation guide. But before that, let’s learn a little more about Duplex Play and what are its features. It will help you to understand whether the app is worth downloading or not. 

What is Duplex Play?

Duplex Play is a cutting-edge IPTV player that works with various platforms, including Android phones, tablets, and Fire OS. Watch your preferred channels by adding several IPTV media playlists to the app.

In addition to this, it supports all of the widely used video stream formats and playlists (such as M3U and M3U8). Everyone can use Duplex Play’s straightforward and it has a user-friendly interface and navigates via the channel playlists with ease.

On a few IPTV feeds, users may additionally disable embedded subtitles and change audio tracks. You may also navigate the VOD streams using the integrated IPTV player. You should be aware that Duplex Play does not provide any complimentary IPTV channels. Duplex Play needs users to submit their IPTV playlist like any other IPTV player.

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What are the Key Features of Duplex Play? 

Here are the features that make us sure and certain to install Duplex Play on FireStick. Have a look!

1. The most crucial thing about Duplex Play is its affordability. It costs just $1.99 for a year, which, in my opinion, is reasonable. I have to remark that Duplex’s cost is much better than other IPTV providers.

2. Duplex lets you personalize your favorite channels, films, and TV episodes so you can easily access them with a single click.

3. You also can search, which is incredibly useful for finding playlist elements.

4. Duplex Play also allows you to choose the necessary audio track.

5. With the aid of Duplex, it is simple to stream video with subtitles.

6. Duplex Play does offer a 7-day free trial to the users to enjoy free streaming services.

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Aren’t these features exciting? Would you like to install Duplex Play on FireStick? If your answer is yes, keep on reading as our next section will talk about how to install Duplex Play on FireStick. 

How to Install Duplex Play on FireStick?

Duplex Play is not listed in the Amazon app store; therefore, you cannot find this IPTV player and install it in the most straightforward way. You need to use either the Downloader or ES File Explorer app to install Duplex Play on FireStick.

You may use one of the two methods listed below to download and set up the Duplex Play on the Amazon FireStick device.

Let’s start with the first method in which we will use the Downloader app to install Duplex Play on FireStick. The method is called sideloading the app that does not require you to jailbreak the device. Have a look!

Method 1: Install Duplex Play Using Downloader App

Find out the steps that you need to follow to install Duplex Play on FireStick using the Downloader app. 

1. Go to the home screen of FireStick. Click on the Settings icon that you will find on the middle bar. 

Click on Settings Icon

2. Now, click on My Fire TV once you entered the Settings menu.

Select MyFire TV


3. Find the Developer Options and click on it.

Choose Developer Options

4. Now, you have to enable the Apps from unknown sources. Click on it and there will be a confirmation box, click on Turn On. This will allow you to download apps that are not available in the Amazon App Store such a Duplex Play. 

Turn on App from Unknown Sources

5. You can now install the Downloader app on your FireStick. For that, click on Find followed by the Search option underneath it. 

Click on Search Option

6. Type Downloader in the search bar. Once you see the search results, click on Downloader and press enter. 

Type Downloader and Click on it

7. On the next page, click on Get/Download button, and the file will be downloaded. 

click on open on downloader

8. Once the app is installed, select the Open button to launch the app.

9. When you open the Downloader app for the first time, you will see a confirmation pop-up and other details that we have already read for you. Everything written is basic and you can click on Allow to provide the necessary rights. 

Click on Allow for Downloader

10. You will reach the home screen of the downloader app. You now need to input the URL https://duplexplay.com/InstallationFireTV.html when the Downloader application is launched.

11. After inputting the URL, a page with Version 1.2.201 printed on it will appear; you only have to click on it to begin the download.

12. Wait a minute or two while the downloader application downloads the Duplex Play APK. Once the download is complete, you must press the Install button. The installation of the application will now begin.

Install Duplex Play on FireStick

13. Click on the Done button after the installation of the program is complete.

Once the APK has been installed, you may remove it because it is now useless and merely takes up space. For that, you need to click on the Delete button and that will help you save some storage space on FireStick

That’s it. This is how you can install Duplex Play on FireStick using the Downloader app. Next, in our article, we will talk about how to install Duplex Play on FireStick using ES Explorer app. Use this method only if you have faced any problems with the above method while installing the app. 

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Method 2: Install Duplex Play using ES Explorer App

Follow the steps below and install Duplex Play using the ES Explorer app. Please note that this app is not premium and charges you while downloading it. 

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1. Go to the home screen of the FireStick. Click on the Find icon followed by the Search option from the drop-down menu. 

2. Type ES File Explorer, once you find it, click on the name of the app. 

Type and Click on ES File Explorer

3. On the next page, you need to select the ES File Manager app tile. Once you do it, click on the Download button to start the downloading process. The installation will be done itself

Click on Download on ES File Explorer

4. Once the installation process is complete, click on Open to launch the ES File Explorer application on your FireStick.

5. Now that you have a variety of alternatives on your home screen select the Downloader button from the right-hand bar.

Click on Downloader in ES File Explorer

6. Click on the New icon given at the bottom of the screen once you click on Downloader. 

Select New Icon in ES File Explorer

7. A popup will now appear and ask for your Path and Name. Enter Sportz TV in the given section and the exact URL shown below in the patch section https://bit.ly/33sfxR8.

8. After that, click on the Download Now option. Now, a connection to the server will be made that will help you to install the app. 

Enter Path Details in ES File Explorer

This is how you can use ES File Explorer to install Duplex Play on FireStick. Once it is downloaded, you can delete the APK file by going into the Library section of the ES File Explorer app. 

How to Use Duplex Play on FireStick?

Installing Duplex Play on FireStick is not enough. To add or change an IPTV playlist, follow the instructions below that will help you to use Duplex Play on FireStick effectively. 

1. Launch the Duplex Play app from your home screen. Click on the “I have activation” icon if you are ready to have paid subscription. New users can enjoy a 7-day free trial.

Install Duplex Play on FireStick

2. Now, you must note the device ID and key on your screen. Now, follow this URL https://edit.duplexplay.com/

3. Enter the ID and key inside the dialogue box. Click on Manage Device to proceed further. 

Install Duplex Play on FireStick

4. Once you have filled in all the details, go to the dashboard again and click on the given Add Playlist option.

5. You must now input the playlist’s name. You may give it whichever name you choose. Simply input the M3U or M3U8 URL included with the IPTV subscription in the Playlist URL field. After entering the Pin, press the Save button.

Install Duplex Play on FireStick

Now, go back to the home page of FireStick and open the Duplex Play app. You are all set to watch your favorite content by following the above steps. 

What will you Watch on Duplex Play?

So, this is all about how to install Duplex Play and how to use Duplex Play on FiresStick. We have tried to cover every aspect of the Duplex IPTV player. This media player, in our opinion, is among the greatest ones you can put on your FireStick or another device. 

What other IPTV players you have installed on your FireStick? According to you, which one do you think is the best? Do let us know in the comments section below and reach us if you find any problem in following the above steps to install Duplex Play on FireStick. 

How much does Duplex Play cost?

Once the 7 days free trial has ended, you may buy a six-month ($0.99) or one-year ($1.99) subscription using the app, and after that, you can activate it by selecting the Activate Device button given on the site.

What is duplex Play IPTV?

The most cutting-edge and user-friendly broadcast media player currently available is Duplex Play. Thanks to Duplex Play, you may view your preferred media on your TB in two different ways. This function is available, and you may choose between audio tracks and integrated subtitles. Playback is restarted from the last stored position after recently watched lists are saved for later access.

Is Duplex IPTV legal?

If the IPTV service provider from whom you are streaming has secured the required authorizations for the media being streamed and isn’t infringing upon any rights to the intellectual property after that, IPTV is legitimate in the United States.

What is the difference between a FireStick and a Roku?

You may stream videos from the internet using Amazon FireStick and Roku. The critical distinction is that RoKu lacks Alexa voice control, unlike Amazon FireStick.

What is the difference between IPTV and Internet TV?

IPTV and Internet TV differ significantly in one crucial way: the broadcasting method. Internet TV is accessible on a public network, whereas IPTV is accessible on a secure network. Speed is a little quicker, and content is safeguarded, but many users are unwilling to pay at a cost.

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