How to Earn Money Betting on Football? 

Kyrie Mattos

 August 26, 2022

If you’re one of the millions of people passionate about football, you may have fantasized about making money by betting on the sport. While it can be extremely tempting to start throwing your money around after a few matches, you should take the time to learn everything there is to know about betting before putting down any at all because there’s more to it than what meets the eye. 

Did you know that football is the most popular sport in India? It’s estimated that over 60 million people play the sport, with many more fans watching from the sidelines. The game has been played in India for centuries, and its popularity only seems to grow. 

Several domestic leagues across the country include the I-League, Indian Super League, and Indian Women’s League. Clubs like Mohun Bagan AC and East Bengal Club have some of the best fan bases in Asia. With so much support behind it, it’s no wonder that betting markets are also available for this wildly popular sport.

The Impact of Football on Society

Football is a sport that is beloved by many around the world. In India, it is no different. The sport has been growing in popularity over the years and has positively impacted society. Football has helped to unify people of all backgrounds and religions. 

It has also given people a sense of pride and belonging. The sport has also positively impacted the economy, as it has created jobs for many people.

Types of betting

Many different types of bets can be placed on a football match. The most common type of bet is the Moneyline, on which the team will win the match. Other types of bets include the point spread, which is how many points one team will win or lose, and the over/under, which is how many total points will be scored in the match. 

There are also props, which are bets on specific events that may or may not happen during the match. You can bet on the outcomes of matches, the results of tournaments, and even on individual players. Many bookmakers offer football betting services in India, so you must shop for the best odds. 

BetFury Sports allows you to bet on sports events such as football games. Customers can place their wagers without worrying about lag since all the data is buffered before being sent to the servers. Customers must have an account with BetFury Sports before placing any wagers. 

To do this, they must provide personal information like name, address, date of birth, phone number, and social security number. Once customers create an account with BetFury Sports, they can make deposits into their account via a credit card. 

From there, customers can begin making their wagers on football matches. BetFury Sports is one of the best bets on football matches. The amount of money you can make from betting on football in India will depend on your level of knowledge about the sport and your ability to pick winners. 

However, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you can earn a substantial income betting on football in India.

Tips For Bets on Football in India

  1. Start by doing your research. Many factors can affect the outcome of a football game, so you need to know as much as you can about the teams, the players, and the league before you start.
  2. Stick to one type of bet. You can make many different types of bets on a football game, but it’s best to focus on just one or two so that you don’t get overwhelmed.
  3. Don’t use money more than you can afford to lose. This is important for any gambling, but it’s especially important when betting on sports because there’s always the potential for a surprise.
  4. Pay attention to the odds. The odds will tell you how likely a team is to win the game. Higher odds mean higher payouts if they win and lower payouts if they lose. The closer the odds are to 50/50, the less risk involved. 
  5. Keep track of your wins and losses. It’s easy to forget how much money you have won or lost during these times of excitement and adrenaline-filled action; keep an excel spreadsheet with all your data to help remind yourself how well (or poorly) you’re doing.


Whether you’re looking to make some extra money or are a die-hard football fan, betting on football in India can be a fun and exciting way to do it. However, there are a few things you should know before you start.  

BetFury Sports offers an interesting service for all fans of the sport who want to earn money from their knowledge of sports events. They offer the most efficient payout system that enables you to win more with less risk of losing your funds while using the platform.

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