How secure is real money online poker? 

Elle Gellrich

 June 6, 2022

Security is a major concern for online poker players (as well as those who enjoy other games of chance), especially when playing for real money. Many gamblers who are new to the game wonder how safe it is to play online poker for real money. That is why in this article we will see in detail how reliable it is to bet money on this game over the Internet. 

Playing poker online nowadays is totally safe, due to the increasing regulations and controls that operators must comply with in order to obtain the corresponding license that allows them to operate. Anyway, here we will approach which are the aspects that must be taken into account to find the best real money poker sites, those that are safe and reliable. 

One of the biggest requirements that players look for in online poker sites is that they guarantee their security and that of their money. Although the gameplay, the graphics, and the characteristics of each room are aspects that influence when choosing a site to bet on, the most important thing is the user’s security.

Let’s see which are the aspects that ensure that an online poker room is safe and reliable. We will teach you everything you need to know to determine which is the best poker site. Let´s get started!

Make sure the site is licensed to operate

It is essential to make sure that the poker site has a license that guarantees that it is operating within the legal framework of the online gambling industry. Otherwise, it would be an illegal site, which cannot guarantee the safety of its users, and therefore is not reliable. 

Online poker sites that operate legally must comply with a series of requirements for the corresponding regulatory entities to grant them the license that enables them to operate safely in the market. Thus, the best real money poker sites make sure to exhibit their licenses and certifications on their website´s home page to accredit that their services are legal and audited by the corresponding entities to ensure that they operate in a safe and fair manner.

The site must operate through secure and stable software.

The software should not only be evaluated on its visual quality and playability, but one of the most important aspects to take into account is its stability.

The best online poker sites should offer secure and, above all, stable software. This means that it is necessary to have a smooth performance, otherwise, the player could be affected.

Imagine that you are making a really high bet, after having a bet on the preflop, on the flop, and on the turn; and when it comes to defining the game, the program crashes. Your opponent bets and takes the pot because you are disconnected. This type of failure can generate a great inconvenience, that is why the security and stability of the software are essential to guarantee a safe game. 

The site must offer excellent customer service

This service is also an aspect that is related to security since if the player needs assistance with a problem or difficulty, he/she must be able to go to the customer service center to be offered a solution. 

It is extremely important for this service to be available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Otherwise, the site cannot be considered secure. In addition, the means of communication to contact the service should be several, such as live chat, phone, and mail. It is also important that the service is available in several languages.

If a poker site does not have this type of service, it cannot be considered a secure site, since customer service is the only contact to which the user can turn in case of needing help. Therefore, a site without good customer service is not a reliable site.


It is not just a matter of defining what is the best online poker site for real money, but a matter of making sure that the site is secure. In order to discern whether an online poker site is really safe before registering, you can follow the criteria we have detailed in this article. In no time you will learn to recognize without problems which are the most convenient sites to play.

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