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 March 15, 2020

Hema Malini is  a famous bollywood star


Name: Hema Malini
Date of birth: October 16, 1948
Zodiac sign: Libra
Age: 69 years
Place of birth: Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India
Height: 168
Occupation: actress, dancer, producer, director, politician
Marital status: married

Famous for the role of the twins in the film “Zita and Gita”, Indian actress Hema Malini starred in hundreds of films, acted as producer and director of several projects. She was nominated eleven times for the Filmfare Award for Best Actress and received this award once. Marked with state awards, is a member of the Parliament of India.

Childhood and youth

The career of the actress was intended for the girl from birth. Hema Malini Ramanujam Chakravarti was born on October 16, 1948 in a wealthy Tamil family, her mother was a film producer. True, not in Bollywood, but in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, where Hema was born and raised.

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Music, dancing and singing lessons formed a proportional figure of the girl, taught to masterfully control the voice and move gracefully, and the beauty inherited from the ancestors.


The biography of the film actress began in 1965 with the role of a dancer in the film “Pandu leaves this world.” In this and subsequent films, Hema’s dance performances were notable for their complexity and beauty. The actress has been improving all her life in the styles of bharatnatyam, kuchipudi and odyssi, taking lessons from famous gurus. After several episodic roles at a local film studio, the girl goes to Bollywood.

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Mother helps to break into the first echelon of actors of the Indian “Dream Factory”, but you have to achieve fame yourself. The first partner of the young actress was the illustrious Raj Kapoor in the film by Mahesh Kaul “Seller of Dreams.” Further invitations from directors began to flow. They remove Hema in the role of a positive heroine: tender, kind and patient. And, of course, singing and dancing.

In 1969, the actress signed a contract for shooting in four films with Dharmendra. In the comedy “Zita and the Gita,” Hema played the twin girls, identical in appearance, but different in education and character. These characters allowed the actress to reveal new facets of talent: the audience easily distinguished the sisters in the facial expressions and movements of Malini, who not only adorned the picture with herself, but masterfully led their roles.

The duet of Hema Malini and Dharmendra appeared in dozens of projects, of which ten other romantic and adventure films got to the Soviet audience, in addition to the already mentioned story of the separated sisters. The tapes “Beautiful and Stubborn”, “Beloved Raja”, “King of the Jungle” and others, which collected full cinema halls of spectators who wanted to see an oriental tale, dubbed Russian. And the name of the film “Dream Girl” stuck to the actress as an unofficial pseudonym.

By the nineties, the actress had grown out of the role of a young positive heroine, but she found a way out of the situation by launching series in production. Malini immediately acted as a producer, director, and actress in the television series Dancer and Tell Me God. The Indians liked the idea of ​​filming series in which the script dispenses with the traditional images of heroes and villains, bringing the plot closer to life, and Malini got followers.

Personal life

Hema Malini’s personal life story is a plot ready for Indian cinema. A young and beautiful girl from a rich and noble family should marry a decent person. Parents introduce the daughter to potential suitors, but not a single candidate kindles the fire of love in the heart of the impregnable beauty. The actress liked her colleague Sanjeev Kumar, and she accepted the sincere offer of the young man in love.

The family approved the girl’s choice, but offered to postpone the wedding until the end of Hem’s acting career. The fact is that in traditional Bollywood films there are few roles for young women: the heroines of romantic films are young girls, mothers and aunts are old ladies. Therefore, having left the age of the heroine, the actress can devote time to the birth and upbringing of children.

The bride and groom returned to the set to collaborate on the comedy melodrama Zita and the Gita. Malini played both twin sisters, Sanjeev – Dr. Ravi, Gita’s lover. In the role of the rude Raki caring for Zita, a mature man starred, Dharam Singh Deol (known by the pseudonym Dharmendra). Dharmendra is 13 years older than Hema, he has a wife and four children, but this did not stop falling in love.

Four films are filmed simultaneously with the participation of both artists. Real emotions mix with the portrayed ones, roles change, but feelings remain. Hema Malini breaks the engagement and agrees to become the second wife of Dharmendra. But the laws and customs of India do not permit either divorce or polygamy in this case. For eight years, the girl resisted the pressure of the family, and the new chosen one was looking for a way to connect with her beloved.

The novel of movie stars was covered in detail on the pages of Indian newspapers. Fans of the acting duo were on the side of lovers: after all, everything happened “as in a movie.” The couple managed to get married in 1980, after the death of his father Hema, who was the most opposed to unequal marriage. As expected in fairy tales, the reward for endurance in trials was a happy family life.

The couple raised their daughters Eshu and Ahan, who, following in the footsteps of their mothers, from childhood studied the art of dancing Bharatanatyam. The girls continued the acting dynasty, like their paternal brothers – Sunny and Bobby Deola, and the production company Hema Malini creations provides the younger generation with work. In 2014, the youngest of the daughters of Dharmendra, Ahan, married. Family photos and dance videos Hems with daughters demonstrate a combination of tradition and modernity.

Hema Malini now

The venerable age and the presence of a grandson does not mean that a woman will fully devote herself to household chores. Although Hema Malini has a huge house now – after the commercial success of Zita and Gita, the wealthy movie star bought a small house near the airport in Mumbai, to which she later added a five-story extension.

A large place is occupied by the dance hall – Hema teaches traditional dances. The library, selected according to the interests of the hosts, contains books on philosophy and politics. Malini is engaged in politics professionally: together with her husband, she sits in the Upper House of the Parliament of India from the Indian People’s Party. The woman publishes news about the work on Instagram and Twitter, but does not advertise the details of her personal life.



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