Best FREE Anime Streaming Sites [Updated] 


 July 10, 2022

Are you a fan of anime series? Do you always find a way to watch anime series? If yes is the answer, this article is specially curated for you. We have listed all the best free Anime streaming sites that will help you watch your favorite Anime shows. Keep on reading!

Are you on the lookout for the best free anime streaming websites? If you are a hardcore anime fan, seeking reliable websites to watch these anime shows is not absurd. After all, one of the most popular entertainment categories is anime. Originated in Japan, these animated shows or series are also called Japanimation. 

However, the difficulty in locating all the anime episodes in a single place is real. Moreover, it is also tough to get a hold of them after their broadcasting. Some fail to watch it simply because of geographical restrictions. That explains the rising popularity of free anime streaming sites. 

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What is Anime? 

In essence, anime is an abbreviation of the term “animation.” However, it is not based on the English word animation. The word anime has its roots in Japan, where it means “animated cartoon.” 

Anime covers all types of cartoons in Japan. But, for the rest of the world, anime has become synonymous with “animations that are made in Japan.” For years, anime was a local product generally meant for the Japanese. 

That is why the cartoons had the appearance, concept, and dressing style related to Japan. However, the last four decades have witnessed a massive spurt in anime popularity across the globe. In today’s era, anime has become a sensational global phenomenon. 

Reasons for Finding Free Anime Streaming Sites? 

Various reasons indicate the importance and need for free anime streaming sites. For starters, different streaming platforms, such as Netflix, blocks content based on geographical location. In that case, the anime you want to watch might be inaccessible. 

Moreover, various anime shows you want to view might not be present in these streaming services. For that, you will need to hop on to the search for the best anime streaming sites. Other than that, paying a massive subscription fee can force you to think twice. You don’t want to necessarily pay to have some entertainment. 

To help the hardcore or just-made anime fans, we have made a list of the best free anime streaming sites. Here, you can binge-watch multiple anime genres and shows without much hassle. 

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List of Best Free Anime Streaming Sites 

To have the best anime experience, you don’t have to go anywhere else. This article is enough for you if you are in quest of some best free anime streaming websites. So, without further adieu, have a look at all the best anime streaming sites that you can choose according to your preferences. 

1. Ani.ME

One of the best free anime streaming sites that you can use is Ani.ME. The website derives its name from the wide collection of anime shows that it offers to users. However, here, you will only get shows that US companies license. The site is perfectly safe and legal and provides an excellent viewing experience

On this website, you can watch anime videos at high resolution. If your hardware is compatible, you can even stream the shows at 1080p. Moreover, you don’t have to be irritated with multiple advertisements coming in between the episodes of your favorite series. 

  • Regions: Not available globally

2. MyAnimeList

If you are searching for an anime streaming site that doesn’t come with annoying ads, choosing MyAnimeList is the best idea. The site is completely free for anime lovers and has attained a great deal of popularity over the years. The easy-to-use interface plays a major role in attracting people to the site.

With different tabs, users can now search for the anime series they want to watch with ease. Moreover, it also offers a short description that gives a brief idea about the show. Besides, if you want the subbed versions, the English subtitle will not disappoint.

  • Regions: Worldwide

3. AnimeHeaven

Another free anime streaming site that you can choose is AmimeHeaven. The site doesn’t charge anything and offers a wide array of anime shows for the viewers. Here, you will get access to different animated series, films, cartoons, and more.

One of the most unique aspects of AnimeHeaven is that the site allows downloading. Apart from streaming, you can now download different videos with ease. Moreover, you also have the option of choosing the video quality you want, and one of the strong reasons to include it in our list of best free anime streaming sites. Want to download anime shows so that you can re-watch them later? Go for AnimeHeaven right away!

  • Regions: Worldwide

4. Anime-Planet 

If you are looking out for a wide collection of manga and anime, Anime-Planet is a perfect choice. The site has a collaborative partnership with Hulu and Crunchyroll. Partnering with these paid platforms offers users the chance to scroll from an extensive list of more than 49000 titles. Moreover, the intuitive user interface enhances the experience even more.

Besides, this best free anime streaming site also offers you the opportunity to form a kinship with a loyal Anime community. You can gain access to the anime forums, discord chats and make your anime watching experience worthwhile. 

  • Regions: Worldwide

5. AnimeFreak

One of the most reliable free anime streaming sites that have gained quick popularity is AnimeFreak. This free anime streaming site contains different types of anime titles, with the latest release added soon. Here, you will get to stream anime at 1080P resolution. For hard-core anime fans that seek an active community, this site will please you immensely. 

However, if you want to see something else, then this site is not the one. Users do get the option of choosing anime videos from various sources. You can now opt for the one that offers the best quality. 

  • Regions: Majority of the World

6. AnimeLab 

If you reside in New Zealand and Australia and want to watch anime shows, opt for AnimeLab. With this site, you can gain access to different anime titles with ease. If you are a hardcore anime fan, AnimeLabs is the perfect site for you. It is exclusively made to quench your unbridled thirst for anime shows. 

The site works perfectly well with multiple devices. Moreover, you can also view the content in high resolution. It is extremely easy to navigate the site, and the vast collection of dubbed and subbed content will impress you. 

  • Regions: New Zealand and Australia

7. Viz

With monthly visitors of more than 7.6 million, Viz proves why it is preferred by anime lovers across the globe. The site offers recent series, old classics, and everything in between. The user-friendly interface and ease of locating shows is a nod to its 30+ years of expertise in the industry.

Viz allows users to save anime shows in personalized user libraries, another reason to include it in our list of best free anime streaming sites. It aids in making binge-watching fun and convenient

  • Regions: Worldwide

8. Masterani 

The primary reason why Masterani is on the list of the best free anime streaming sites is the wide collection of anime videos. Moreover, the site has an excellent user interface and offers videos of HD quality. The site is updated daily so that anime lovers can view their favorite shows without much hassle.

However, if you are looking for recent anime movies, you might be disappointed. The site has more classic films than the recent ones. The design of this best anime streaming site is impressive with dark undertones.

  • Regions: Worldwide

9. WatchAnime

One of the most popular anime sites that come with a wide collection of titles is WatchAnime. Here, you can stream your favorite anime shows without much hassle. Moreover, the site is updated weekly and that means you can gain access to your anime series every week. This best anime streaming website offers different genres such as adventure, action, and more.

WatchAnime offers diversified anime content free of charge. That means you don’t have to pay anything to binge-watch your favorites. Apart from that, the high-quality videos available are quite impressive. 

  • Regions: Worldwide

10. AnimeDao

Another excellent alternative that you can opt for anime streaming online is AnimeDao. The site is reliable and doesn’t charge the users a penny to watch the anime titles. Here, you will get free access to different types of anime content with ease. The easy-to-use interface coupled with categories makes it much more appealing. 

Apart from that, users can also enjoy high-resolution anime videos. Moreover, you have multiple sources that you can choose from to get the best viewing experience. The site is available across the globe and boasts excellent loading speeds.

  • Regions: Worldwide

11. iQiyi

Do you want a reliable streaming service that can offer cult anime favorites with ease? For that, choosing iQiyi is an exceptional idea. Here, you will get access to some of the anime classics ever. Moreover, you can also gain access to the subbed versions (English subtitles)

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The number of ads is extremely limited and doesn’t interfere with the viewing experience too much. Besides, the experience of watching the shows in HD quality makes up for the few ads that pop up.

  • Regions: Worldwide

12. AnimeKisa

Another excellent free anime streaming website that you can use to watch anime shows is Anime Kisa. The website has a vast collection of anime titles and promises a fulfilling user experience. The homepage of the site assures that ads won’t be a problem on this site. The extensive collection of anime shows is what appeals to the hardcore fans of the entertainment form.

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One of the aspects that make Anime Kisa so popular is the dynamic and intuitive user interface. There are two different tabs present on the homepage that offers you the choice between subbed and dubbed videos. This is one of the great addition to our list of best free anime streaming sites. 

  • Regions: Worldwide

13. AsianCrush

If you are eager to experience other Asian shows and movies, AsianCrush is the best website for you. This best free anime streaming site offers a wide range of series and movies dedicated to the Asian landscape. You will find numerous anime titles with excellent video quality

AsianCrush needs you to sign up in order to stream shows from the website. However, there is a subscription plan that you can choose to have a better viewing experience. But, the stylish user interface might cause difficulty for some users.

  • Regions: Worldwide

14. AnimeOwl

The sleek design of Anime Owl grabs your attention right away. It is definitely one of the best anime-watching websites that you will ever come across. The website design is top-notch, and the wide list of anime videos makes the site a great catch. Watching anime videos here is fun and that is why listed in our article featuring the best free anime streaming sites.

The extensive list of anime titles is often updated, extending the collection even more. You can watch these videos at high resolution with ease. This best free anime streaming site is compatible with multiple devices.

  • Regions: Worldwide

15. Anime Show

Do you want to opt for a website that can offer lesser-known anime titles? In that case, AnimeShow is an excellent idea. The extensive list of anime shows in the site’s library explains why the site has so many loyal fans. Here, you will find both popular and lesser-known anime shows

The design of the website is sleek and easy to navigate. You don’t have to be technologically inclined to use this best free anime streaming website. AnimeShow provides a few ads, but those won’t bother you much. 

  • Regions: Worldwide

16. NarutoGet

Lastly, we have NarutoGet on the list of the best streaming sites for free anime shows. The name of the site explains the type of anime shows that you can get here. It is completely dedicated to Naruto fans. Here, you will get Naruto Shippuden, Naruto movies, the Boruto series, and more.

At NarutoGet, you will get the choice between dubbed and subbed versions. Moreover, you can also opt for videos from multiple sources and choose the one with the best quality. With smooth playback and downloading links available, the site is extremely appealing. 

  • Regions: Worldwide

1. Is it much more fulfilling to watch anime in dubbed or subbed form?

This is completely a matter of personal preference. However, if you want to have an enriching experience, go for the subbed ones. That way, you can retain the flavor of the original show and still understand what’s going on. Moreover, many anime shows are not available in dubbed versions. 

2. What is better – watching anime on television or going for the online route?

Streaming anime online is a better option due to the wide array of benefits. First of all, you are not restricted to any particular schedule. That means you can watch it whenever you have free time. Plus, you can view multiple episodes instead of one. Besides, in the virtual world, you won’t have to deal with censorship. 

3. Is it legal to watch anime on free streaming websites?

Whether it is legal to watch anime on free streaming websites depends on the site. There are some websites that have official licenses to provide anime shows to the viewers for free. However, there are some sites that do not have these licenses. In that case, it is illegal to watch them though there are no legal traps you will have to worry about.

4. Is VPN an absolute necessity to stream anime online?

No, VPN is not compulsory to watch anime online. But, it is highly recommended. With VPN, you can protect your system from IPS interception, malware attacks, and government radar. Moreover, it can also help you bypass geographical restrictions. Find out some of the best VPN services for FireStick.

5. Is safety a concern for free anime sites?

Legal free anime sites are safe, and you do not need to worry about it. However, for other third-party sites, you will need to watch it at your own risk. 

For the Love of Anime!

This concludes the list of the best free anime streaming sites. Originated in Japan for the local audience, anime has now gained massive popularity globally. People nowadays are going crazy over the anime hype and seeking different ways to get their daily dose. 

If you are an anime lover, check out these best sites to watch anime shows for free. Choose the one that suits your needs the best and start streaming your favorite anime shows right away!

Just bookmark and visit this link whenever you are in the mood of watching free anime shows online. Also, if you know any more sites that can be added in our article featuring the best free anime streaming sites, do mention those in our comments section below. 

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