7 Ways to Fix FireStick Remote Not Working (Nov 2022) 


 October 31, 2022

Firestick remote not working? In this article you will learn How to Fix It When Your Fire Stick Remote Is Not Working and Fire TV Remote NOT Responding, Syncing, Connecting after update.

The Firestick Remote is the most incredible innovation since it allows you to change stations and control the volume without leaving the comfort of your sofa!

However, you must leave your comfort zone if your remote control is not functioning properly. If this is happening with you too, do not worry, this will not last long because we’ll explain why your Firestick remote not working correctly.

Not only that, we will try to find out the solutions that will help you to fix FireStick remote not working issue. If you thinking about why this is happening? Well, you are not the only one whose FireStick remote not working properly.

There are many forums where users have reported several difficulties with the Firestick remote not working, the most prevalent of which were connectivity issues, button malfunctions, compatibility issues, and battery concerns.

The good news is that these were easily repaired! As with everything else, it’s easily repairable in a few simple steps.

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If you want to resolve the FireStick remote not working issue, you should first replace the batteries since this is the most frequently reported issue.

If the issue continues, you may either download the Amazon TV Remote app or check the connection between the TV and Remote.

You’ll learn about these approaches in a much more detailed way further down in the article.

But before that, you should better check the reasons that are causing for FireStick remote not working issue. Maybe you can find the solution here only.

Why FireStick Remote Not Working

Several factors might cause a FireStick remote to cease operating or fail to function at all.

The most often encountered faults are dead batteries and interference from other electronic equipment.

The following are the most often encountered causes for a FireStick remote to stop working:

  • The most common cause of FireStick remote failing to operate is a dead or faulty battery. Incorrectly inserted batteries, low battery charge, and other faults can all result in a FireStick remote being inoperable.
  • Because Fire Stick remotes use Bluetooth rather than infrared, their potential range is around 30 feet. Typically, the range is less in real.
  • Devices that can disrupt Bluetooth connections can cause your remote to malfunction.
  • Your remote will not operate until it is paired with your Fire Stick. Replacement remotes must always be linked before usage.
  • A straight line of sight between your Fire Stick and remote is not required; however, obstructions between FireStick remote and the device can significantly restrict range.

Also, check for compatibility before purchasing a replacement remote for your FireStick.

External damage, such as water damage and internal defects caused by damaged components, might result in your FireStick remote not working issue.

Fix FireStick Remote Not Working

Now, that we know most of the reasons behind a non-working FireStick remote, let’s find out the solution to fix the actual problem.

Thankfully, there are a few solutions that will help you to fix FireStick remote not working problem very easily.

We’ve listed the most common reasons for remote difficulties with the FireStick / Fire TV Stick Lite / Fire TV Cube. Proceed through these, and then we are certain that your FireStick remote will work properly.

Let’s have a look at all the ways through which you can resolve FireStick remote not working issue easily.

1. Check FireStick Remote Batteries – Very Important

The most common cause for a FireStick remote to stop working is batteries installed on your remote.

The primary difficulty is that the FireStick remote communicate by Bluetooth rather than infrared, and the Bluetooth technology can become unreliable as the batteries drain.

The remote for the Fire Stick and Fire TV are rather power-demanding in contrast to other remotes.

If you are using your Fire TV device frequently, you may anticipate that the batteries will drain more quickly than you might imagine.

So. let’s make sure batteries are not the cause behind FireStick not working problem. Ensure the below things are the same and then we can make sure batteries are not the problem:

Here’s how to rule out batteries as a possible cause of your Fire Stick remote’s malfunction:

  • Take note of how the batteries were fitted and ensure they were not inserted backward. Install them correctly and check the remote is working or not.
  • If the above method didn’t work, you should consider replacing the batteries.
  • Because your Fire Stick remote operates over Bluetooth rather than infrared, batteries that function perfectly in your TV remote may not work in your FireStick remote. If possible, use fresh new batteries.
  • If the remote continues to malfunction, try a replacement battery.

If you still facing the problem and your FireStick remote not working, the batteries are most likely not the issue.

Don’t worry, do check the below solutions to fix FireStick remote not working issue.

2. Have You Paired the FireStick Remote

Normally, the FireStick remote that comes with the device is pre-paired when you purchased it. If your FireStick remote is not already paired, you will need to pair it manually.

It might be possible that FireStick remote became unpaired after some time of usage which is quite common.

Whatever the reason be, let’s find out if your FireStick remote is properly paired with FireStick TV or not?

Take a look at the below steps on how to pair a FireStick remote:

1. Connect the FireStick to the HDMI connector on your television.

2. Both the FireStick and your television must be turned on.

3. When the FireStick boots, press and hold the remote’s Home button for at least 10 seconds.

Click on Home Button on Remote

4. This will pair the FireStick remote to your Fire TV device and ensure that it functions properly.

5. If the remote does not pair automatically, press and hold the home button for another 10-20 seconds. Users frequently need to repeat the process numerous times before achieving a successful pairing.

Additionally, if the remote does not pair with your FireStick device, please try again. Usually, it connects immediately, but in exceptional instances, it may take up to three attempts.

If the problem persists, you must proceed to method #3, which involves resetting and fixing the remote. It has worked for a large number of users.

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Up to 7 Bluetooth devices, including the remote controllers, can be linked to the FireStick.

If you already have seven Bluetooth devices connected to your FireStick, you must disconnect at least one of them. This is how you do it:

1. From the FireStick’s home screen, choose Settings. You need to click on the gear icon at the right-hand corner on the middle bar.

Click on Settings Icon

2. Once you are in the Settings menu, click on Controllers and Bluetooth Devices.

Click on Bluetooth and Controllers

3. You’ll see a list of all the devices that are connected through Bluetooth under Other Bluetooth Devices and Remote Controllers.

Choose the device and follow the on-screen instructions to unpair it from your FireStick TV device.

3. Unpair and Connect FireStick Remote Once

If your FireStick remote is paired correctly or you are not able to pair your remote with FireStick TV.

We suggest that the connection between your remote and the Firestick may need to be refreshed. Reconnecting the remote to your Firestick and repairing it may resolve the issue.

Check the below steps that will help you to unpair and reconnect your FireStick Remote:

Use the other Firestick remote to wake and enter the Settings menu on your Firestick.

If you do not have another physical remote, Amazon has iPhone app and Android app that can act as a virtual remote for your FireStick TV.

1. Choose Controllers & Bluetooth Devices from the Settings menu.

Click on Bluetooth and Controllers

2. Here, you need to select Amazon Fire TV Remotes.

Click on Amazon Fire TV Remotes

3. Scroll down to the remote that isn’t functioning – it’s probably just named Amazon Fire TV Remote at this point – and push the Menu button, followed by the Select button. Your remote control will be removed from the list.

4. Find and click on Add New Remote; then, on the unpaired remote, press and hold the Home button for 10 seconds.

Click on Add New Remote

5. When prompted by the Firestick, hit the Select key on the old remote that was previously used.

Hopefully, this will help you to fix FireStick remote working issue resolved and your remote will start working once again without any problem.

4. Check for Obstacles Between Remote and Fire TV Device

The Fire Stick and Fire TV remotes communicate through Bluetooth rather than infrared, which eliminates the requirement for a direct sight between the remote and the device.

You do not even need to direct the FireStick remote at your device, as the remote’s orientation has no bearing on the strength of the Wireless signal.

Bluetooth devices, such as the Fire Stick remote, theoretically have a range of around 30 feet, although a variety of factors can restrict that range.

Obstacles between the remote and the Fire Stick might significantly restrict the remote’s range.

Here’s how to determine whether your issue is with distance or obstructions between the FireStick device or remote:

  • Physically move Firestick remote nearer to your device.
  • Remove any obstacles that are in the way of your remote and your Fire Stick.
  • If the TV is positioned in a recess or entertainment cabinet, you may require a longer extension to pull the Fire Stick out from behind the TV.
  • Whether you’ve installed your Fire TV device within an entertainment cabinet or another similar enclosure, remove it and check to see if the remote works.

There are many other tricks that can help you in making your FireStick more usable.

Find out the useful FireStick tips and tricks.

5. Reset the Firestick Remote Control

On the market, there are various Fire Stick gadgets. A device may be incompatible with another.

As a result, if the Amazon Fire Stick remote does not function properly, you can reboot the Fire TV remote. This needs disassembly and repair of your remote.

To do so, hold down the circle left button, the back arrow button, and the three horizontal lines button simultaneously.

Hold it for approximately 15 seconds, or until the remote displays a blue blinking light.

If you’re using the original Fire TV, Stick remote, which includes a dedicated volume button, press and hold the circle left and menu buttons simultaneously for around 15 seconds.

Now, following method no.3 outlined above, connect your Fire Stick and validate the remote.

For detailed instructions related to various Amazon FireStick remotes, you can check our detailed guide featuring a step-to-step guide on how to reset FireStick remote.

6. Check for Damages

There is a high possibility that the FireStick remote you are trying to work with has some external damages.

There are chances that water has spilled onto it or there’s a faulty component inside it that is making the remote completely useless.

If this is the case, your only choice is to purchase a new remote. The great news is that replacement remotes are reasonably priced.

They cost roughly $10. Go to Amazon and search it up. There are several alternatives available. Additionally, you may discover a customized controller with special buttons for Netflix and other apps.

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Additionally, some remote controls have volume control. Do buy after checking the reviews and choose a trusted seller.

7. Check for Compatibility

If you are using the same remote that was under the box when you purchased it, you can skip this part.

And the people who have purchased additional or replacement remotes should check their remotes for compatibility.

This is because there are many options available for remotes that work with FireStick and Fire TV. These remotes are developed by Amazon and third-party manufacturers too.

You can be sure about Amazon’s official product that will be compatible with your device.

We would advise you to check the compatibility of third-party products on their official website before purchasing them.

Also, you can mirror your iPhone, Android, or iPad screen on FireStick.

In that case, you need not worry about FireStick Remote not working as the device you are mirroring will act as a remote too.

Signing Off…

All of the Fire Stick remote issues we’ve encountered thus far have been battery-related mostly.

Though, some users have reported a few other reasons for FireStick remote not working issue.

We’ve attempted to cover all probable reasons for the remote not working issue in this post, as well as all possible fixes.

I’d love for you to share which one of these solutions to fix the remote not working problem has worked for you? We appreciate your feedback and this will help our other readers too.

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