8 Ways to Fix FireStick Not Recognized by TV (Nov 2022) 


 October 31, 2022

Does your TV stop recognize your FireStick or Fire TV suddenly? Got a list of movies and TV series that you want to watch but couldn’t do so because your FireStick isn’t recognized by TV? Well, there are a few troubleshooting tips that you can follow to fix Amazon FireStick not recognized by TV.

Today we will be going to write all about these fixes that will help you how to fix FireStick not recognized by TV error. Keep on reading!

Whenever technology fails to meet our expectations, it’s a real bummer. At least for the time being, it is an inseparable part of our lives. It’s not uncommon for cars to break down, phone batteries to die, and the Firestick to not work.

Unfortunately, the last of these issues may be easily remedied, but this is not always the case with the typically trustworthy Amazon Fire TV Stick.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the most common problems that cause the Firestick to be unrecognized by TV, and we’ll show you how to fix them all. Streaming is as easy as following our instructions. 

“Firestick not detected” error can be solved if we understand how it works. The next section will help you to understand the reasons behind FireStick isn’t recognized by the TV error starts.

This would help us understand the problem in a better way that can be used to find the solutions as well. 

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Why TV Not Detecting FireStick

Before checking the ways that will help you to fix FireStick not being recognized by the TV issue, it is advisable to understand why you getting this error.

Below are the possible reasons behind TV isn’t recognizing your FireStick. Have a look!

1. Errors in the App

Even though the Amazon Fire TV Stick is a handy device, it is susceptible to app issues.

The device may become unresponsive as a result of errors in the apps. As we’ll see in a moment, many of these issues are trivial to fix. 

2. Issues with the power supply

The Amazon FireStick needs a constant current of 1A. As a result, if the power cable or power connectors are broken or inefficient, you are likely to encounter this issue.

Charging your gadget via a USB port is preferable if the electrical socket isn’t working. 

3. Cable of Inferior Quality

There is a widespread misconception that you may use any cable you find and expect a reliable connection.

The cable that is authorized and suited for your streaming device must be used in conjunction with it.

If the cable on your Amazon Fire TV Stick has been used for a long time, it may not work for you. 

4. FireStick Isn’t Plugged Right in HDMI Port

It won’t work if your Amazon fire stick isn’t plugged into the HDMI port of your TV properly.

Even if you try a different port, you may still have issues. A particular extender is needed at these times. 

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5. Input Sources Not Properly Set Up 

It’s important to set the TV’s active input source to the HDMI port that carries the Fire TV Stick to use it. 

6. TV/Port Incompatibility

The HDMI ports on your TV are optimized to work with a certain set of resolutions and refresh rates.

When utilizing Fire Stick 4K or the Fire Stick, if the HDMI is not capable of supporting at least HD (720p) or Full HD (1080p) at a 60/50 Hz refresh rate, the TV will not detect it. 

How to Fix FireStick Not Recognized by TV

Now that the root causes of your FireStick not being recognized by your TV have been discovered, let’s move on to the solutions.

There are a few fixes that you can try if your FireStick isn’t recognized by the TV.

I began with the simplest and most effective solutions. So, what’s the wait for, have a look at all the solutions that will help you to fix FireStick not recognized by TV error. 

1. Check the TV’s Input Source

There’s no way for your Fire TV Stick to be detected by your TV if it isn’t switched on. Rather than your TV’s USB port, make sure that your FireStick is hooked into a working electrical outlet.

This is because your TV’s USB port can’t supply the 1A power that the Fire TV Stick demands. 

The power outlet/extension should be checked for proper operation, as well. Try using the power outlet to charge other devices, such as your phone, to see if it works.

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2. Ensure that Power and Video Connections are Working Properly

We’ve already mentioned that your Fire TV Stick uses a lot of power. The first thing you need to ensure is that the power and HDMI cables are connected to your TV and FireStick properly

Next, you need to check that the power cable is not connected to a USB port on any other device. It is advisable to connect the USB to the power adapter it comes with and then to the power outlet.

Also, remove the HDMI extension cable if you are using any and connect the HDMI cable directly to your FireStick and TV

If there are any loose connections or cables not properly connected, trying the above methods will help you to fix the TV not recognizing your FireStick issue.

If not, you can check our other solutions that will help you to fix FireStick recognization issues.  

3. Replacing Power Supply

Sometimes, it’s not your FireStick’s power source that’s at blame, but rather the accessories you’ve attached to it. 

To begin, ensure that you are using the original Amazon cable and converter. Use the ones you have instead of the ones currently linked to your device if you’re not utilizing them.

Instead, you may purchase a new set of genuine power accessories at Amazon.com if the old one is not working properly. 

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Next, if you already have official accessories, you may still need to purchase a new set from Amazon.

The original power cord and adapter may suddenly stop working.

So, to test if it helps, try turning on your FireStick with the new official power accessories and see if the FireStick recognition error is gone or not. 

4. Reconnect Your Fire Stick

Your FireStick, like any other piece of hardware, may run into a snag from time to time.

When this happens, disconnecting and reconnecting your FireStick is all that is needed to get everything back to normal. 

To do so, disconnect your FireStick from the HDMI port on your TV.

After that, unplug the micro-USB cord from the device. Make sure you wait for a few seconds.

Reconnect your FireStick to the HDMI port and TV by plugging it back in. Connect your device to the micro-USB port after that.

Then, click the home button on your FireStick remote to ensure that your TV can recognize your device. 

Finally, use the TV’s remote to change to the HDMI source that your FireStick is connected to.

When your video signal is restored, you can return to using your device as normal. Hopefully, this will fix FireStick not being recognized by TV error. 

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5. Check HDMI Port and Extension Wire

HDMI is in charge of transmitting data from your FireStick to your monitor.

Cleaning the HDMI connectors and ports on the TV and FireStick has worked for many individuals, so you can try that as well.  

Begin by disconnecting the FireStick from your display. To clean the HDMI ports and plugs, use a dry microfiber cloth. Reconnect everything and test it out. 

Use a different device to verify that the HDMI extension cable is operating properly if you’re using one.

Remove the extension cable and plug your FireStick straight into your display’s HDMI port.

This will help your TV to recognize Fire Stick TV once again without any problem. If not, you can check out others ways that will ensure to fix the FireStick recognition errors on TV. 

6. Change HDMI Port

If there is another HDMI port on your TV, we would suggest you use a different HDMI port to connect your FireStick.

If the problem persists, you can try utilizing another TV’s high-definition media input port. 

Your primary display’s HDMI ports are likely to be damaged if your FireStick is operating on any other TV. You can contact your television or display’s customer care department for assistance. 

If your display’s HDMI ports don’t function, but it has a VGA connector, you may use a VGA male to HDMI female converter to fix the problem.

After that, all you have to do is connect your Fire TV to the HDMI female connector on the converter and the VGA male end to your display.

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7. Check Power Accessories

Did you check power accessories? Faulty power accessories might be the reason for FireStick isn’t recognized by the TV issue.

It is advisable to use original accessories that come with your FireStick TV

8. Other HDMI Devices Should Be Removed

We know that removing additional HDMI devices from your configuration is cumbersome.

However, this is one thing that you can try if your FireStick won’t work with your TV anymore.

Using too many HDMI inputs on a TV, as I discussed before, can lead to issues with the distribution of visual information. 

For example, if your TV is linked to other HDMI devices, or you recently attached an HDMI device to your TV, remove each device one at a time.

Unplug the FireStick power source, plug it back, then hit the home button on your remote control to make the TV recognize the FireStick.

Finally, check to see whether your FireStick is now detected using the right HDMI input.  

You can also try to restart FireStick to fix this problem. Find out all the ways to restart FireStick with ease.

FireStick Not Recognized by TV Issue Fixed!

FireStick not recognized by TV is a typical occurrence that can be remedied quickly and easily using the methods listed above.

Any power source, adapter, HDMI cable, and port you utilize must be taken care of and checked properly.

Most of the time TV does not recognize your FireStick because of a loose power connection or faulty cables.

If that is not the case, we have given other solutions as well that will help you to fix FireStick not recognized by TV.

If you know any other solution that helped you to fix FireStick recognition errors, do let us know in the comments section below to help our readers.

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