17 Ways to Fix FireStick Keeps Restarting (Nov 2022) 


 October 31, 2022

Does your FireStick keep restarting? In this guide, we will help you how to fix FireStick keeps restarting. Keep on reading!

Streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, and a slew of others can be enjoyed on your TV via the Amazon FireStick thanks to the device’s built-in WiFi.

However, what should you do if it keeps restarting itself? Is it a hardware issue, or is there something else that can be easily fixed.

Is there a solution to the problem of the FireStick keeps restarting? Using an unauthorized cable, micro USB cable wear and tear, faulty cable, insufficient power source, or a hardware issue might be to blame if your Amazon Firestick keeps restarting.

However, most of the causes of a FireStick restart are simply remedied at home. We would be showing all the ways that will help you to fix FireStick keeps restarting.

However, it would be recommended if you check what could be the reasons for FireStick keeps restarting the problem, and maybe you find the solution then and there.

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Why FireStick Keeps Restarting

We understand that having to restart your FireStick is annoying, and you want to identify the cause as soon as possible.

In most cases, the problem isn’t caused by a problem with the FireStick’s hardware, hence there are several fast fixes.

The main causes of your FireStick keeps restarting include broken connections, full memory slots, or other disk-clogged issues.

Stay with us until we uncover the obvious root of the problem. There are more options. Afterward, we’ll go through some fundamental troubleshooting techniques.

Quick Way to Fix FireStick Keeps Restarting

If your FireStick won’t stop rebooting, these are the most basic troubleshooting solutions you may apply.

Many different factors might be the root of an issue, so knowing how to address all of them at once is critical.

Good news: The FireStick restarting issue may often be resolved with only one of these methods.

If your FireStick keeps restarting, here’s what you should do first:

  • Remove your FireStick from the TV and unplug it from the power outlet.
  • Now is the time to turn off the television. Restart it after a few seconds.
  • Plug your FireStick back in when the TV is on and wait for it to reconnect.

This solution has worked for many of our customers because it essentially resets and reboots the FireStick.

How to Fix FireStick Keeps Restarting

If the above method doesn’t work, there are a few more solutions that will help you to fix FireStick keeps restarting issue that we have discussed below.

Let’s check those and fix the problem right away.

1. Use Official Accessories

In most of the cases, we have found that users start using any cable they find rather than the USB cable that came with the FireStick device.

We recommend don’t use third-party accessories for FireStick! Instead, utilize the Firestick’s power cord and power block it came with.

Firestick’s approved USB adaptor provides a specific amount of power that your third-party USB cable might and that is the reason you face this problem.

If your Firestick keeps restarting because you’re using an off-brand USB cable or power block, you can bet it won’t have enough juice to stay on.

So, it is suggested to use official FireStick accessories to fix FireStick keeps restarting.

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2. Order a New USB Cable

MicroUSB cables, like those that power your Firestick, have a set lifespan.

It’s possible that an outdated Micro USB cable you’re using to charge your Amazon Fire Stick / Fire TV isn’t working properly anymore and won’t supply enough power.

So, try a fresh new Micro USB cable instead of your old USB cable and see if that works.

3. Remove Any USB Extension Cord if Using

USB extension cords have varying levels of power. To make sure your Amazon Firestick / Fire TV gets the power it needs, if you’re using an extension cord that’s not providing enough juice, cut it off.

A typical cause of the Firestick restarting itself is a malfunctioning USB extension so better to remove the USB extension cord if you are using one.

4. Use a 2 Amp Power Adapter

Power for the Amazon FireStick is provided via a 1 Amp power adapter that comes included in the box.

Try using a 2 Amp power adaptor instead if your Firestick keeps restarting.

For the bigger Amazon Fire TV, which requires a 2 Amp power adaptor, this is the case for FireStick keeps restarting problem.

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5. Plug the Power Adapter Into a Power Outlet Directly

Users of the Firestick often utilize the USB connection on the back of their television to power their device. It is advisable to plug the FireStick power adapter directly into an electrical outlet.

Is there an issue with connecting your Firestick through USB to your TV and seeing if it works?

Your gadget may receive an “inconsistent” stream of energy if it is connected to anything other than a real power outlet.

Simply connect the power adapter of your Firestick to a wall outlet if your Firestick keeps restarting.

6. Disable HDMI CEC If It is Turned On

Are you aware that your FireStick can be controlled using your TV remote? True story! And it’s known as HDMI CEC.

Using HDMI CEC, you may control your Firestick from your TV. You may have a problem with your Firestick because of the HDMI CEC function.

As a result, you should try disabling HDMI CEC on your Firestick to see if it addresses the problem of the Firestick restarting.

To turn off HDMI CEC on the Firestick, follow these steps:

1. On the Firestick Home screen, click on Settings (gear icon on the middle bar).

Click on Settings Icon

2. Then, go to Display & Sounds option.

3. Turn off HDMI CEC Device Control.

Turn Off Allow Video Display

Restart your FireStick once and hopefully, it will solve FireStick keeps restarting problem.

7. Remove Other HDMI Devices from Your TV

More than one HDMI port is likely to be available on your television. As a result, you’re likely to have at least two HDMI devices hooked into your television.

If your Firestick keeps restarting, it’s conceivable that another HDMI device is interfering with the streaming signal coming from your FireStick.

Not all televisions are indeed made equal. Some TVs have a hard time handling several HDMI devices. Non-FiresSick devices should be unplugged from your TV’s other HDMI connections.

Make sure your Amazon FireStick is the only HDMI device plugged in if your device keeps rebooting. You’ll know that your Firestick isn’t rebooting indefinitely if this cures the issue for you.

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You may now proceed to connect to the other HDMI devices one at a time to determine which one is the source of the issue.

Replacing your Firestick HDMI cable is a good idea too. Why? Because FireStick keeps restarting problem can be caused by a defective HDMI cable.

8. Update your FireStick

There might be chances that there’s a fault in your FireStick software and that could be leading to restarting problems.

It would be recommended to update your FireStick to make sure everything is up-to-date. 

1. Go to Settings. Access the Amazon FireStick’s settings by clicking on the Gear icon on the main screen.

2. Select My Fire TV from the drop-down menu.

Select MyFire TV

3. Next, click on About.

Tap About

4. From here, click on Install Update option.

Click on Install Update

Make sure to install if there’s any update and this might solve the FireStick keeps restarting issue. 

9. Reset Your FireStick

If your Amazon FireStick keeps restarting, it’s probably because you’ve installed too many applications.

Resetting your FireStick is the quickest and most straightforward solution. 

Follow these steps to restart your FireStick:

1. On the Firestick Home screen, click on Settings option that you will find on the middle bar of the screen.

2. Select My Fire TV option.

3. Click on Reset to Factory Defaults.

Click on Reset to Factory Defaults

4. A confirmation pop-up will appear, you need to select Reset. 

Select Reset

Your FireStick will restart after you click on Reset which means you have successfully restored all the options to default.

This will probably solve the FireStick keeps restarting issue.

10. Try Another Firestick

Overheating is a common problem with Amazon FireStick, leading to device failure for many users. To test whether the problem persists, switch to a different Firestick.

If the problem is with the second FireStick too, it means that the power supply causes the Firestick to restart over and over again. 

In nutshell, try to use a different power outlet and your FireStick is working fine. 

11. Make Use of a Different Television Set

Your TV might have issues if it is not incompatible with some devices. Use your FireStick with a different TV to see whether this is the case.

In addition, the Firestick can be damaged by heat from TVs, which can be transferred to the device and result in a restart.

Use the HDMI extension cable that came with your Firestick. It will allow you to move the Firestick a little further away from the TV.

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12. Use The Fire TV Remote

The Fire TV remote may be used to do a “soft reset” on your device.

As an alternative to disconnecting your gadget, you might use this method. Firestick may be restarted via a remote by following the instructions below.

Follow these steps to perform a soft reset:

  • You must simultaneously press down the PLAY and SELECT buttons. Until a message appears on the screen, hold down the buttons.
  • Press and hold down the REVERSE  button, the BACK button, the RIGHT button and the SELECT button.

Wait for a message or a self-reset from Firestick.

Restarting your Firestick may seem counter-intuitive, but we’ve seen it work in the past. Try it out!

You can also pair other same model remotes to your FireStick.

13. Change Firestick Remote Batteries

FireStick TV Remote’s battery might cause your Firestick to be restarted, even though this isn’t the most typical problem.

It’s time to check the battery. If your Firestick remote isn’t working, try replacing the batteries in it. So, all you have to do is buy new batteries for your remote control.

14. Check if HDMI Cable is Defective

Other times, a defective HDMI cable is to blame for this problem. Inconvenient difficulties like these might arise if you’re using an HDMI connection.

You can use another device to see whether the problem is with your connection. Your HDMI cable will need to be replaced if it doesn’t function.

Check the ways to pair your FireStick remote.

15. Replace any Faulty Adapters

If your Firestick keeps rebooting because of a malfunctioning adapter, you need to change it.

To verify this, try using FireStick with different Micro-USB devices. The problem is most likely with your adapter if it doesn’t charge.

Changing the adaptor for your FireStick is all that is needed to remedy this problem. Investment is little, but the payoff is huge!

16. Delete Installed Apps Cache

Another typical problem that causes the FireStick to experience restarting troubles is a full cache.

You may free up some performance space by deleting your cache, which is a library of data and files.

To clean your FireStick’s cache, do the following instructions:

1. Click on Settings icon from the FireStick homepage.

2. Select Applications option from the drop-down menu.

Choose Applications

3. A list of available applications will appear after that. Select the app you want to clean the cache for.

4. Click on Clear Cache option once you select the app.

5. To enhance performance, repeat these instructions for as many applications as you’d like.

A dedicated article is written for you to know more about the app’s cache on FireStick and why to delete it. Have a look at how to clear cache on FireStick.

17. Uninstall Apps You Don’t Need

Even when you aren’t using them, more installed programs may consume a significant amount of memory and performance aids in the background.

In other words, if your FireSSick keeps restarting, uninstalling these applications may help. Clearing the cache is a similar process, but this one takes things a step further.

This is how you uninstall applications from your FireStick:

1. Click on Settings and then Applications to proceed further.

2. From here, click on Manage Installed Applications. This is where you’ll see a list of all the applications you’ve installed.

Click on Managed Installed Applications

3. Select the app you want to remove. Click on Uninstall for the app you wish to get rid of by clicking on it.

Click on Uninstall

4. A confirmation pop-up will emerge, click on Uninstall once again.

Press on Uninstall

No limit on the number of programs you may uninstall. Consider the download size and prioritize the programs that take up the most space even if you don’t use them often. 

You can also use various ways to free up storage space on FireStick.

Hopefully, this will solve FireStick keeps restarting problem once you delete apps you don’t use and reduce the load. 

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Stream your Favorite Content

And these are the ways that you can use to solve FireStick keeps restarting problem. 

We’ve all experienced the frustration of a FireStick that is constantly restarting.

Hopefully, this post has helped you resolve your issue, and it’s back to viewing your favorite series and movies!

Is there anything else we can do to improve this article? Please leave a comment down below.

Tell us what worked for you that wasn’t on this list to solve FireStick keeps restarting problem, and we’ll add it to the list to benefit other readers.

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