DUI Charge: Definition and How to Prepare for the Hearing  

Elle Gellrich

 August 17, 2023

What is a DUI charge? Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is a term used to describe anyone who operates a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It’s a charge that can impact long-term consequences like the seizure of your driving license. Instead of ruining your life due to a DUI charge, you need to understand your legal options, which can only happen by seeking help from an attorney.

Why You Need a DUI Attorney

A first-time DUI charge can overwhelm you with the thought that you’ll make several appearances in court, lose your driving license, or pay hefty penalties for the offense. However, before appearing in court, seeking legal guidance from a Saskatchewan DUI lawyer is beneficial to ensure you don’t dig a deeper hole for yourself.

You can easily navigate a DUI charge by hiring a lawyer to protect your rights because they know how the law works. Depending on your situation, they represent you throughout the process to ensure you win, get the least consequences, or remove them fully.

Preparing to Meet a DUI Attorney

Understand that the DUI law is quite technical and counter-intuitive. It can change fast, which is a good and bad thing. The good part is that for someone charged with a DUI, you can still attract a minimal conviction even after exhausting the legal limit to retain your driver’s license.

However, the bad news is that most people cannot tell if their defense is workable due to its technicality. You can make the process of a DUI charge easier by working with a DUI attorney; this is how you prepare yourself.

  • Gather all information about your case, like the details of your arrest.
  • Write down any questions you may have in mind.
  • Carry any court documents, make copies to your attorney, and keep the original.
  • Be honest about the incident so your lawyer can prepare an appropriate legal strategy. Additionally, be forthcoming with prior legal problems or convictions.

Once you furnish your lawyer with all the necessary information regarding your case, they can make informed decisions when representing you. Moreover, they’ll have a better idea or judgment of what you should expect as the case rolls out.

How to Prepare for Your DUI Hearing

You may be uncomfortable about your first DUI appearance, but your attorney can help you navigate the intricate process if you pay your part well. Here’s how you can prepare for the hearing.

Lawyer Up

How you plan to plead is not important, but a qualified DUI lawyer will help your case. Lawyers know how to mitigate your case to the best of your interest, and if you can’t afford one, the state will provide one for you. Suppose you plead guilty; an attorney can negotiate a lenient penalty.

DUI charges are intricate, and you cannot navigate successfully without an attorney. Remember to listen and heed your lawyer’s advice to the latter since arguing with them can harm your case if he deems your actions disrespectful.

Dress Appropriately

The dress code is how you make your first statement, and your appearance can determine your case’s direction. Judges look out for any signs suggesting you may commit the same offense, and you should do everything to convince them you can’t.

Address the Judge with Respect, “Your Honor”

In the corridors of justice, your honor, sir or madam, is a show of respect and will go a long way in the ruling. Although not all judges are rigid on how you address them, it’s good to be in the good books.


A DUI charge is serious, and the entire process can overwhelm anyone. From gathering evidence to getting a lawyer and making court appearances, there’s no guarantee of the direction the case might go. However, hiring a DUI lawyer with experience dealing with such cases can work in your favor.

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