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 July 7, 2019

Donald Trump Biography

Name: Donald John Trump
Date of birth: 06/14/1946
Place of birth: Jameica, Queens, New York, USA
Age: 73 years
Activity: current US president, businessman, media mogul. 2019

The current president of the United States today is spoken at every point on the globe, and his people, or rather the overwhelming majority, simply do not recognize him. Trump has come a long way to success, and, despite all the difficulties, he continues to this day.

Life path

The future 45 president of America, Donald John Trump, was born on June 14, 1946 in Queens, USA. His father – Fred Krist Trump – was an American businessman-developer; Scottish mother Mary Ann MacLeod, arrived in New York for the holidays, met with the young builder, remained in America forever. Trump is not the only child in the family, he has brothers and sisters: Marianne, Elizabeth, Robert, and also the late Fred.

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Donald graduated from the New York Military Academy boarding school. The decision to send him there was made by his parents when a thirteen-year-old boy started having problems learning. Changing the situation has benefited: improved performance, instilled a love of football and baseball.

Trump graduated from the Academy in 1964 with the rank of cadet captain S4 and planned to go to film school. But after some thought, the future billionaire decided to develop in a more profitable, from his point of view, direction – real estate. To do this, he enters Fordham University, which throws after a few years and enters the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Institution Trump successfully completed in 1968 with a bachelor of science degree in economics with an in-depth specialization in finance.

From cadet to billionaire. First steps to success

Business activities

Trump received his first professional experience in his father’s company, which at that time was a real estate leader. His first major project was Swifton Village, a residential complex in Ohio.

Trump Sr. chose stability – preferring the construction of facilities for the middle class, he had a permanent market. In addition, it provided government support and tax breaks. However, the young Trump initially understood that the position of his father, who arranged him fully, could not bring a truly tremendous success. He felt that big money can be earned only on those who are used to spending the same big money, not knowing what savings are. Finally, in his opinion, Trump established himself in 1971, having moved to Manhattan, where he had the broadest prospects.

The first serious problems already successful businessman Donald Trump ran into during the crisis that began in 1989. Unable to repay the debt to the bank, in 1994, Trump was forced to abandon some of his creations: he sells the Trump Shuttle, which he bought earlier (1989). At the same time, Trump Tower in New York remains at his disposal and he is still managing three casinos in Atlantic City. The latter, by the way, as early as 1995, he unites in the Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts – an open joint-stock organization, the share of which later will also come across a lot of tests. In 2004, after a series of events designed to avoid declaring the company bankrupt, Trump resigns from the position of general director, and in 2005 the company began to work with the new force under the name Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts.

Media activities

Trump has a unique ability to make money from his name, which has become, in essence, a full-fledged brand. Thus, from 2003 until the very beginning of the presidential race, Donald was the executive producer and presenter of the Candidate Show, in which participants fought for the right to become a manager in one of his companies. Trump’s personal fortune for the first season was replenished with 700 thousand dollars, and in the second season he received 3 million for each episode. Until 2015, he was co-owner of the Miss Universe Organization, which organizes world-famous beauty contests: “Miss Universe”, “Miss USA” and Miss Teen USA.


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Political activity

They talked about Trump as president back in the 80s, but then the businessman was not completely able to determine his political views. And there was no point in leaving a profitable business. Around 2009, everything changed – Trump joined the Republicans.

Rejecting the proposal to run for the presidency of the United States in 2011, in 2015, Trump changes his mind, announcing his readiness to take part in the race for the presidency.

His election campaign was thought out to the smallest detail: Trump visited a number of states, held a series of rallies and, I must say, it bore fruit. However, not everyone liked his policy. The harsh comments on the part of the Mexican people, the desire to build an analogue of the Great Wall of China, the demands to cancel the medical program of Obama’s predecessor – this is not the whole list of what the Americans were horrified by.

Trump Phenomenon

He is accused of sexism and misogyny, called a Nazi and a man initiating war. And yet, America, despite the serious political campaign of Clari Clinton, chose Trump. And here everything is much easier than it seems. As of today, the American confidence in the federal government is lower than ever – 19% of the country’s total population, and Trump, who openly expresses his position, made it clear from the first minutes that this situation does not suit him at all.


Trump officially took over as president on January 20, 2017. First, he set about preparing for the elimination of Obama’s reform. The next (January 23, 2016) was a decree on the US withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Trump immediately set about fulfilling his promises made during the election campaign. Including about immigrants. On January 25, a decree was signed to start building a wall on the border with Mexico, new provisions were introduced for illegal migrants with a criminal past, and funding for individual cities from the federal budget was stopped, which did not support its policies by refusing to hand over immigrants to the feds.

Personal life

Donald Trump was married three times, he has five children, and the difference between his youngest and oldest son is 29 years old.

Trump’s first wife was Ivan Zelnichkov’s Czech girl who bore him three children: Donald, Ivanka and Eric. Having divorced Ivan in 1992, Trump a year later made an offer to Marle Maples. Their marriage lasted six years, in it was born the daughter Tiffany.

At the moment, the politician and businessman are married to Melanier Trump (nee Knavs). A woman is younger than her chosen one for 24 years, but it seems that this fact does not confuse anyone. Slovak by birth, Melania became famous in the modeling field. Trump, directly related to the world of beauty, just could not help but pay attention to the young beauty. The couple got married on January 22, 2005.


Interesting Facts

Trump is treated quite differently, someone worships him, someone openly hates. But the fact that he is a multifaceted personality will probably not be denied by anyone. Trump is the author of almost two dozen books, among which are manuals for “beginner millionaires”, and thoughts on how to lead the country to a new level of life. Here are some of them:

  • “The Art of Survival” (1991)
  • “The Art of Return” (1997) (both books have a direct reference to certain periods of the businessman’s activities)
  • “Think like a billionaire. Everything you need to know about success, real estate and life in general “
  • “Shattered America: How to make America great again” (2015)
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