Do Not Make These Mistakes When Buying A Pergola Shade Cover  

Michaela Bobulinski

 November 27, 2021

Are you trying to make your home modern? One of the most popularly used elements to make your home stylish is the pergola. The pergola is a preferred option, primarily due to its versatility and can transform a basic roofing structure at the backyard or patio with the least effort. Typically, it is a garden structure in your yard, so you need to choose the right option to fulfill your objectives.

Eliminating the misconceptions:

Among the commonest misconceptions about a pergola is that offers a shade but the truth is that you can make it a shading structure only when you place a roofing element on the top of the cross beams.

What are the mistakes you need to avoid when choosing a pergola shade? Read the points to know more.

  • Not buying a suitable material

One of the commonest mistakes to avoid when buying a pergola is choosing the wrong material. Be sure to choose a pergola that keeps looking good for many years. The materials used for pergola include aluminum, steel, concrete, and vinyl. Wood is another material many people prefer but you need to choose an option based on the climate and the maintenance hassles you need to undertake.

The longevity you want for the pergola structure determines your choice and the material needs to be relevant with the existing architecture of your home.

  • Choosing the aesthetic option

Most homeowners explore several websites but choose a pergola that they find most beautiful in appearance. The pergola you install needs to rely on significant factors and aesthetics is only one of them.

  • Ignoring the notches 

When installing a pergola, you must not overlook the notches as they offer wind resistance and last longer than you think. When dealing with the manufacturers and suppliers of pergola, you need to ask them whether it is partially or fully notched. A pergola shade cover with notches may have interlocking joints to strengthen the structure, so avoid buying from those manufacturers who skip the notches to reduce the manufacturing cost.

  • Warranty of manufacturers

Irrespective of the reputation of the manufacturer, you need to get a warranty for the installation as it covers the cost of the replacement parts. Even if you buy a customized pergola, the manufacturers must provide you with a warranty.

  • DIY installation

It is easy to install a pergola but installing it is a different story altogether as it requires skills and expertise. You can follow the online tutorials for DIY pergola installation but the outcome may not be what you desire. Therefore, the best option is to call an expert installer to ensure that the work is perfect and meets your needs.

Choosing the wrong supplier:

Nothing is more frustrating than choosing a wrong supplier and manufacturer for buying and installing the pergola shade. The last thing you want is the pergola to develop a major defect too soon. Therefore, you need to compare the experience and reputation of the manufacturers and suppliers for installing the pergola.

When choosing a pergola material for your home, keep in mind the local weather as it may affect the longevity of the shade.

Why Should You Choose A Retractable Pergola Shade Cover

Are you planning to add more life to the outdoors of your home?  A retractable pergola can create magic, adds to the lifestyle benefits, and enhance the quality of time you spend there. Here are the basic reasons you may think about a retractable pergola.

  • The retractable pergola protects from weathering impact, especially from the sun’s heat during the summer months.
  • If you are trying to avoid sunburn or heat rash but still want to enjoy spending time in the patio, using a pergola is an excellent option.
  • The summer days become a lot enjoyable when you have a pergola structure to protect from the heat.
  • Similarly, if it rains, you can adjust the retractable pergola based on your needs.
  • The pergola shade is a suitable option to get protection from all kinds of weather issues.

Benefits to know:

With retractable features in the pergola, you can control the amount of shade to get during the summer, unlike the fixed awnings where you cannot make adjustments. To get protection from the weather elements and to relax in the outdoor space, you can go for a retractable pergola to create and functional space.

  • Protect the furniture and skin

Besides making the outdoor space more comfortable all year round, a pergola or the roofing structure protects your outdoor furniture. If the indoor furniture is placed near the door, it may face the impact of the sun’s heat so using a retractable pergola makes the furniture last longer.

Apart from the furniture, the retractable pergola saves you from skin burn if you spend more time outdoors. The harmful UV rays damage the skin and result in aging, so installing a pergola is the right choice.

  • Making the outdoors attractive

One of the noted benefits of a retractable pergola is enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home. You can make the pergola shade cover blend with the architecture of your home. If you know how to choose the right pergola, it can change the aesthetics of your home to a great extent.

  • Eco-friendly option

Installing a suitable pergola roofing structure in the outdoors keeps your home cool during the summer and reduces the energy bills. Apart from this, you need not avoid coming out on the patio on a beautiful sunny and breezy day. The automatic pergolas use minimum energy, so you get an affordable and effective shading solution to slash the energy bills.

  • Spend time outdoors in bad weather

Remember that the pergola offers some shade but does not block out the sun completely. Therefore, you can enjoy spending time outdoors during rain and light winds. So, if you are all set to have fun in poor weather, a retractable pergola is the best option to choose.

Price and size:

When buying a retractable pergola, you may come across a wide range of pricing options, so, try to compare the rates to avoid spending money uselessly. Besides, you can also get different sizes of pergolas, so choosing the right one for your home should not be that difficult. You can talk to a few suppliers to get the best rates for installing a retractable pergola.

Skin Cancer Awareness: The Critical Role of Custom Sun Shades in Backyards

Everyone loves the outdoors – especially homeowners who have access to backyards or patios. Spending time outdoors on outdoor patios, sofas, etc., is great for our mental health. The right amount of exposure to sunlight can do wonders for our physical and mental health. However, overexposure can easily lead to harmful UV rays penetrating your skin.

As per the Skin Cancer Foundation’s latest study, clouds in the sky filter only 25% of the skin cancer-causing UV rays. When you spend long periods outdoors, your skin absorbs large amounts of UVA and UVB sun rays. That’s why investing in shade structures in backyards, patios, playgrounds, and other similar spaces is critical.

If you have an outdoor space, it could benefit immensely from a custom sunshade. Here’s how.

Addressing the Risk of Harmful UV Rays

Skin cancer risks are ever-present. Spending hours under the sun will increase your chances of getting this deadly disease. Even if you spend 20-30 minutes under direct sun rays, your skin’s health is at risk. The best sun shades are made of premium-quality fabric.

This fabric is anti-UV. It bounces back all the UV rays that strike it throughout the day. Even on cold, cloudy days, the risk of UV rays is ever-present. Adding a sunshade to your patio will give constant protection to all members of your household.

Protection from Other External Elements

The UV-resistant synthetic fabric in modern-day sun shades is also highly resistant to wind. These durable shades create solid barriers, protecting users from wind, dust, rain, snow, and other external threats in outdoor environments.

Plus, the most popular sun shades in the market are also water-resistant. Any water that falls on these shades runs off. Homeowners can store their furniture items underneath these shades and not worry about rainfall or storms.

These shades are particularly helpful for homeowners who leave their properties vacant for long periods. Store all outdoor furniture items underneath water-resistant and UV-resistant shades. The furniture items will receive total protection from all external elements.

Climate Control

High-quality fabric shades are breathable. They allow air to pass through. Hence, people sitting underneath these shades feel cool and comfortable. Unlike wooden or metal structures, fabric shades don’t make things hot for users.

In winters, they do the opposite. The shades protect homeowners from cold winds, snowfall, drizzles, etc. Homeowners are also likelier to spend more time outdoors throughout the year once they install these protective shades.

Create Private Spaces for Guests or Equipment Storage

High-quality fabric shades protect whatever items that are underneath them. That’s why many car dealerships install these shades to protect their cars from sunlight or dust damage. This protective nature of these shades makes them very cost-effective.

Homeowners can use them to protect essentially any furniture item or expensive equipment (e.g., outdoor BBQ grill). They can also use their shade structures to create private, pollution-free spaces for guests or customers.

For example, many business owners install these shades in their parking lots to attract and serve customers. Outdoor enjoyment shouldn’t come at the cost of your skin’s health. If you want to enjoy our outdoor areas to the fullest, install high-quality sun shades.

What is a Custom Sun Shade and Why Your Property Needs One

Sun is the ultimate source of life. However, it’s far from “perfect” for humans. Overexposure to sunlight can cause various types of dangerous skin diseases. Unless your home or backyard spaces receive appropriate sunlight protection, even you’re under threat of picking up these diseases.

Every year, over 1 million cases of nonmelanoma skin cancers caused due to UV exposure are registered across the globe. It’s high-time property owners view these threats as what they are – deadly. That means investing in the right tools to protect your property and all household members from UV exposure.

With sunshades, property owners have the perfect low-cost solution

What are Sunshades?

A custom sunshade is a protective material typically made of UV-resistant fabric. Users can install these shades to protect all types of things from UV exposure – outdoor furniture, expensive equipment, and humans. These durable sunshades are also abrasion-resistant. Hence, they last for decades, giving users total sunlight protection throughout the year.

Why Should Property Owners Buy Custom Sunshades?

In the past, property owners didn’t like the idea of buying sunshades. That’s because old-school sunshades weren’t aesthetic. Homeowners feared that installing these shades would ruin how their patios or backyards look. Now, sunshades come in various designs, sizes, and color customization options.

Homeowners can pick sunshades of different shapes, sizes, designs, and colors to complement their outdoor spaces. Of course, the purpose of sunshades isn’t aesthetic – it’s functional. These customizable sunshades help homeowners create private, comfortable, and sunlight-free spaces in their backyards.

  • Homeowners can customize the sizes of their sunshades. The customized sunshade will fit their outdoor spaces perfectly.
  • Premium-quality sunshades are made of UV-resistant fabric. They protect homeowners from harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of skin cancer by up to 99%.
  • The tear and abrasion-resistant fabrics of these sunshades last for years without picking up significant damages.
  • Despite being ultra-durable, fabric sunshades are also breathable. Users won’t feel suffocated while relaxing under sunshades made of breathable fabric.
  • Homeowners can even pick the colors of their sunshades. They can pick colors on the basis of their exterior décor. Or, they can pick different colors to make the sunshades more reflective of sunlight.

For example, installing white-colored sunshades during the summer will help you create cool, quiet outdoor relaxation spots. Install dark-colored sunshades during the winter months to trap heat and create outdoor sitting spots.

Give Your Property a Dose of Energy-Efficiency

Architects and contractors love using sunshade systems because they improve their buildings’ energy efficiency. By blocking sunlight from entering through windows/doors, sunshades keep homes cool. They perform the exact opposite function during the winter months.

Homeowners don’t need air conditioning 24×7 when they create cool outdoor spaces with sunshades. They can customize their sunshade systems and make them both aesthetically appealing and energy-efficient.

Plus, durable sunshades are resilient enough to withstand years of exposure to harsh external elements. They last for years, saving homeowners plenty of money on replacements. If you want to enjoy your outdoor spaces, your property needs a high-quality fabric sunshade!

How to Optimize Your Custom Sun Shade and Earn Back the Upfront Costs

All homeowners with backyards, patios, or other outdoor spaces need high-quality sun shades. Or else the heat, glare, and UV rays that come with excess sunlight will damage their skin and their furniture. If you’ve invested in an affordable low-angled sunshade, it might be your purchase of the year.

A well-designed custom sunshade can light up any exterior area. Their main job is to reduce the amount of heat and glare that comes with long periods of sunlight exposure. But, they also add other benefits to small outdoor areas. Smart homeowners use their custom sun shades in different ways and earn back their initial investments in the long run.

Here’s how they do it –

Buying the Right Shade

High-quality shading systems will always enhance the quality of outdoor spaces. But, these shades come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, shapes, styles, and designs. Picking the right type of shade will make all the difference in the long run.

Do you want your sunshade to last for years and essentially earn back the upfront costs? Go for sun shades with the following qualities –

  • UV-resistant Fabric:  Do you want your sunshade and the outdoor furniture items it protects to last for decades? You’ll need your sunshade to be made of UV-resistant fabric. There are many synthetic materials that filter up to 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Look for shades that are specifically made of such fabrics. Unlike sunscreen that doesn’t offer 100% protection from UVA or UVB rays, high-quality solar shades offer complete UV protection.
  • Tear and Abrasion Resistance: The great thing about sun shades is that they’re easy to install. Once installed, homeowners barely have to do much to maintain or reposition them. In this aspect, sunshades are not prone to tears or abrasions. However, outdoor spaces are notorious for presenting countless threats to sun shades. Dust, wind, insects, and sunlight – these elements can easily cause your outdoor sun shades to lose their structural integrity. That’s why you’ll need sunshades made of tear and abrasion-resistant materials.
  • Customization Options: Shopping for sun shades becomes much more fun when the seller gives you custom sizing or design options. More importantly, custom-sized sun shades allow homeowners to create exactly the types of outdoor spaces they want.
  • Custom Color Options: Make sure to pick the right colors for your sun shades. The color of your sunshade will directly determine its ability to repel unwanted UV rays. For instance, light-colored exterior solar shades will reflect heat, not light. Similarly, dark-colored sun shades will trap heat during the winter months. These qualities are vital for homeowners who want to create comfortable outdoor spaces that are usable throughout the year.

How Custom Solar Shades Pay Off in the Long Run

High-performance solar shades are always worth more than what they cost, especially in the long run. With the right shades, homeowners can create comfortable outdoor spaces that are private, safe, and noise-free for very little cost. High-quality sun shades come with warranties. Ordering them online takes less than a few clicks and minutes.

Buying Custom Shade Sails in 2022 – The Definitive Guide

There aren’t many activities as relaxing as sitting outside in your backyard and enjoying the sunlight. Sunlight exposure is proven to increase serotonin levels. Serotonin is a mood-controlling hormone that prevents us from experiencing depression or sadness. Plus, exposure to sunlight helps our skin create Vitamin D, which strengthens our bones.

However, too much exposure to sunlight can be very bad for health. The UV rays (UVA and UVB) of the sun can cause cancer. Enjoying the outdoors is impossible when the weather turns super-sunny. That’s why smart homeowners install custom shade sails in their backyards. These sails protect them from the sun and other external elements.

What are Shade Sails?

As the name suggests, shade “sails” were first used in ships. They’re based on the same technology that a ship’s sail uses. Shade sails have flexible membranes tied tightly between two or more anchor points. They’re easy to install and cheap, which makes them ideal for homeowners who want cost-effective sun protection for their backyards.

Why are Shade Sails Popular?

Shade sails are one of the most-purchased backyard accessories. That’s because these items provide up to 99% protection from the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays. They convert hot, uncomfortable outdoor spaces into cool, luxurious spaces that are ideal for relaxation. Plus, the latest shade sails come with various customization options.

Homeowners can customize their shade sails before ordering them. They can pick the colors, designs, shapes, and styles that suit their backyards. If you pick a shade sail with a unique design, you’ll be giving your backyard a low-cost aesthetic renovation. These are the reasons why décor experts advise homeowners to invest in high-quality shade sails.

Where Can I Buy Shade Sails?

Homeowners can now buy shade sails on the Internet. There are various sellers of woven sailcloth. Pick the ones that offer customization options. Use your sail shade as a deck shade, a patio shade, or to cover your entire outdoor area.

What Type of Shade Sail Should I Purchase?

In terms of fabric, here are the qualities you should be looking for while shopping for shade sails –

  • UV Resistance: Make sure the material/fabric used to create your shade sail is UV-resistant. Shade sails made of weak items like cotton or wool quickly lose their structural integrity. On the other hand, UV-resistant fabrics can withstand decades of sunlight exposure without fading or losing their shape.
  • Waterproof: Waterproof shade sails serve two purposes for the cost of one. Not only do they protect outdoor spaces from sunlight threats, but they also offer optimum rain protection. If your outdoor space is full of furniture items (especially wooden furniture), opt for shade sails made of waterproof fabric. These fabrics don’t absorb moisture or water droplets. Any water that falls on this fabric simply rolls off.

In terms of design, you’ll get two options while shopping for shade sails –

  • Fixed Shade Sails: Standard sail design with multiple panels that form together to create single shapes. Ideal for car park shading.
  • Retractable Shade Sails: These sails have folding arm awnings and foldable sails. They’re slightly more expensive but much easier to use.

Ready to “sail” into 2022? Use this guide to get the best shading solution for your outdoor spaces!

7 Solid Reasons to Use Custom Shade Sails this Summer

Every summer season, we receive our yearly doses of Vitamin D, aka the “sunshine vitamin.” Unlike other vitamins, the “sunshine vitamin” is available for free, and we can all benefit from it. This vitamin is critical for maintaining our bone health. During the COVID19 pandemic, Vitamin D was also touted as one of the best immunity-boosting agents.

From keeping our bones/muscles healthy to boosting our mental health, Vitamin D benefits us in various ways. However, this fat-soluble vitamin is only available via ultraviolet rays (UV) of the sun. Sure, you can get some food items and supplements that contain Vitamin D. But, the sun is the only main source of natural Vitamin D.

Long-term exposure to UV rays can destroy our healthy skin cells and promote the growth of unhealthy, cancerous cells. That’s why homeowners who plan on spending the upcoming summer months outdoors must regulate the amount of sunlight they receive. Installing shade sails is the easiest way of doing so.

What are Shade Sails? 

Shade sails are covers made of UV-resistant fabrics. They help homeowners create comfortable, cool, and shaded spaces in their backyards. They enable homeowners to enjoy the summer days and receive sufficient amounts of Vitamin D without the UV-ray-related risks. The durable UV-resistant fabric filters up to 99% of the UV rays.

Here are seven other solid reasons why homeowners must use custom shade sails this summer –

  1. Host Hassle-Free Summer Parties: Summer parties can get really hot. With light-colored shade sails, homeowners can deflect all the sunlight that enters their outdoor spaces. These sails are also water-resistant. They can protect party guests during heavy drizzles.
  2. Long-Term Investment: The best shades sails are made of UV-resistant fabrics. These synthetic fabrics are also resistant to tears, abrasions, and wind damage. They protect outdoor spaces throughout the year without picking up too many damages.
  3. Easy Aesthetic Boost: Want to give your outdoor space an aesthetic boost but don’t want to overspend? Well-designed sunshade sails can instantly transform any outdoor space. They introduce new colors to outdoor spaces, making them look classier and feel more relaxing. Plus, these shades are very cheap.
  4. Easy to Order: The best sellers of custom sunshade sails offer straightforward online shopping experiences. Users simply need to fill in their customization requests, pick sizes and colors, and order. Within weeks they’ll receive their customized sails.
  5. Customization Options: Homeowners can customize their sunshade sails however they want. From colors to sizes to designs – homeowners get plenty of customization options when shopping for custom sunshade sails.
  6. Reliability: When you leave your home for long periods, your outdoor furniture items face several threats. From sunlight damage to moisture damage – sunshade sails offer reliable protection to these items for long periods.
  7. Easy to Install and Uninstall: Shade sails can be taken down or re-installed within minutes. Homeowners who want to regulate the amount of light their homes receive throughout the year will love using shade sails.

If you want these advantages, avoid buying low-cost ready-made shade sails and opt for customized ones.

Why It’s Impossible to Maintain Outdoor Furniture Sets without High-Quality Seat Cushion Covers

Does your property have outdoor seating or lounging areas? If yes, great! Spending time outdoors in such spaces can do wonders for your physical and mental health. However, outdoor furniture items are expensive. Plus, outdoor environments aren’t ideal for furniture items. Without the right protection, your outdoor furniture items, cushions, etc., can lose their quality very quickly.

Recently a study revealed that sunlight could break down polystyrene – the world’s most durable synthetic material. Sunlight takes decades to break down polystyrene. The damaging effects of sunlight are much faster on wooden furniture items and cotton pillows. Just imagine how much damage hours of sunlight exposure can cause to your furniture items.

Thankfully, there are protection options for homeowners. Premium-grade seat cushion covers made of UV-resistant fabrics can keep your outdoor furniture items protected at all times.

What are Outdoor Cushion and Seat Covers, and Why are They Important?

Outdoor cushions and seat covers are made of 100% waterproof and anti-UV fabrics. These qualities make them ideal for outdoor furniture items that face sunlight and rain-related risks throughout the year. These covers have water-repellent fabric. Any liquid, mold, or mildew that grows on these covers brushes off instantly.

The latest outdoor cushion and seat covers also come with special protective coatings. These coatings make the covers tear-resistant and even more durable. Technically, your outdoor cushion and seat covers can last for decades. These covers can easily withstand harsh weather conditions, be it rain, snow, dust, or the sun’s harmful UV rays.

These covers are important items for homeowners because –

  • Prevent Outdoor Furniture Items from Fading: Outdoor chairs, lounges, etc., often lose their shine in less than two years. That’s because long periods of sunlight exposure break down their structural integrity. High-quality outdoor cushions and seat covers can prevent this premature fading. They can ensure that the sun rays don’t damage outdoor furniture items, even when left outdoors for long periods.
  • Insurance: It’s hard to manage outdoor spaces without protective items. Homeowners who leave their homes for long periods often return to find that their outdoor furniture items are damaged. Moisture, sun damage, dust, and allergens – these are just some of the unpredictable threats that outdoor furniture items face. With strong outdoor cushions and seat covers, homeowners can stop worrying about these risks. Waterproof cushion covers can experience long periods of sunlight and moisture damage without any deterioration.
  • Long-Term Solution: The latest outdoor cushion and seat covers come with various customization options. Technically, homeowners can customize their covers precisely how they want. From the sizes, the designs, the colors, and the shapes – they can customize each aspect of their covers. Plus, we already know how durable outdoor cushions and seat covers are. Essentially, homeowners buy long-term solutions when they buy outdoor cushions and seat covers. These covers protect their outdoor furniture and cushions from mildew, rotting, and other types of external threats.

With waterproof outdoor cushion/seat covers, maintaining outdoor furniture items becomes a breeze. Without these covers, homeowners always have to worry about the potential risks their outdoor furniture items face.

How to Use High-Quality Seat Cushion Covers to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture Items

The furniture market is becoming ridiculously expensive for shoppers. Whether you’re, refurbishing a home or merely buying new cushions – expect to overspend on all furniture items in 2021.

According to recent reports, the prices for furniture and bedding items have increased by 8.8% in 2021. Homeowners who want to spend money on furniture items should also have clear strategies to protect these investments.

Thankfully, high-quality seat cushion covers are still relatively cheap. These covers not only help keep cushions and furniture items clean, but they also make them last longer. Here’s how these covers make outdoor furniture items last longer –

Maintaining Cleanliness

All cushions and seats are home to trillions of dust particles. Cushions and seats on outdoor furniture items are likelier to contain higher amounts of dust. When people use these cushions/sets, they inject them with their sweat, germs, and dead skin cells. All these factors can make the cushions and seats on your outdoor furniture items super dirty.

Synthetic seats and cushion covers prevent these germs from building up. Unlike cotton or woolen cushions or seats, these covers are made of synthetic materials. Any dust particle or germ that lands on these covers simply rolls off. Plus, these covers are made of water-resistant fabrics.

By using these covers, you eliminate the risk of mildew, mold, or other bacterial infestations plaguing your outdoor furniture items. Remove and wash these covers (in washing machines) every few weeks. The seats and cushions of your outdoor furniture items will remain fresh fluffy, and clean for longer periods.

Make Outdoor Furniture Items Fluffier and More Comfortable

Waterproof seats and cushion covers prevent the buildup of sweat and oil (released from our bodies) inside cushions or seats. The sweat, oil, germs, and dead skin cells from our bodies can make any cushion lose its fluff and softness. Cleaning them repeatedly (to get rid of the oil stains) makes them even less fluffy.

The best way to maintain the “fluff” of your outdoor cushions is to cover them with protective items. Synthetic seat and cushion covers absorb all the sweat and oil you release on your outdoor furniture items. They’re super-durable, so washing them multiple times inside washing machines doesn’t damage their quality.

Protect Outdoor Cushions from Sunlight Damage

Many homeowners buy stunningly designed cushions to decorate their outdoor furniture items. To their dismay, the cushions quickly lose their colors and overall “shine.” How? Sunlight damage. Hours of regular sunlight damage can ruin the structural and aesthetic integrity of outdoor cushions and seats.

That’s why savvy homeowners always invest in seat and cushion covers made of anti-UV fabrics. These fabrics are designed to withstand years of sunlight exposure. These covers keep outdoor furniture items protected for years.

Customize Your Outdoor Cushion Covers to Suit Your Requirements

Shoppers can now customize their outdoor seat and cushion covers. They can custom-pick the size, design, and color of their covers. Pick covers that perfectly fit your cushions and seats – both in terms of size and design. Use this guide to give your outdoor furniture items the “custom” protection they need!

Make Your Outdoor Patio Seats Last Longer with Custom Seat Cushion Covers

The better you maintain your seats and cushions – the longer they last. Outdoor seats and cushions used on outdoor furniture items are, of course, harder to maintain. These cushions and seats face various types of weather-related threats. From the destructive effects of the sun’s UVB rays to moisture and mildew risks – maintaining outdoor seats/cushions is hard.

Thankfully, there are protective tools to preserve outdoor seats/cushions. According to furniture-making experts, the best seat covers can completely change how furniture items feel, appear, and function. More importantly, high-quality seat cushion covers protect furniture items from all external threats.

Smart homeowners want their furniture items to last as long as possible. That’s why they invest in the best cushion covers. Now, homeowners can even customize their seat or cushion covers to make them more durable. Here’s how you can make your seat covers extra durable –

Pick the Right Fabrics

While shopping for seat or cushion covers, you’ll receive plenty of fabric options. Fabrics like cotton or wool may seem appealing because of their aesthetic qualities. But, they don’t offer half as much protection as synthetic, UV-resistant materials. Ask your seller to provide seat or cushion covers made of synthetic, UV-resistant materials. These materials are –


Synthetic, UV-resistant materials are designed to withstand long periods of sunlight exposure. They make harmful UV rays bounce off the seats and cushions. By doing so, they prevent outdoor furniture items from fading too weak.


After sunlight, moisture is the number one threat for your outdoor furniture items. That’s why investing in seat or cushion covers made of 100% water-resistant fabrics is vital. Buying seat or cushion covers made of waterproof materials is even more important if your backyard has a swimming pool.

Small droplets of water may accumulate inside your cushions and seats. In the long run, these moisture build-ups promote bacterial growth. Mold and mildew infestations are common in unprotected furniture items. To ensure your outdoor cushions, seats, and furniture items don’t suffer from this fate, ask your seller for waterproof fabrics.

When water falls on seat or cushion covers made of waterproof fabrics, it simply rolls off. Waterproof seat covers are also washing-machine-friendly. These durable covers can go through hundreds of wash cycles without picking up any wrinkles or tears.

Customization Options

Gone are the days when only a limited number of companies sold high-quality seat or cushion covers. Thanks to the Internet, users can access high-quality seat and cushion covers from across the world. Find sellers who offer total customization options. Your cushion covers must fit your furniture items.

Pick the right size customizations. Some sellers even allow shoppers to customize the colors and designs of their seats and cushion covers. The colors of your cushion covers will determine their ability to deal with sunlight. Cushion covers with light colors are better at reflecting the harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. Dark-colored cushion covers trap heat and is easier to clean.

If you’re shopping for outdoor furniture cushions, follow this guide to buy the most long-lasting items.

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