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 January 14, 2020

Full Name Daniel Radcliffe

Date of Birth

Place of Birth London, UK

Leo zodiac sign.

Height 169 cm

daniel radcliffe biography

Daniel’s childhood

Daniel Radcliffe was born July 23, 1989 in London , becoming the only child in the Radcliffe family. His father , Alan George , worked as a literary agent , and his mother , Marcia, was an agent for casting.

Daniel decided to devote himself to the world of cinema at the age of five , after he made his theatrical debut in a school production , where he played a monkey.

However, the parents of the future star , not knowing firsthand all the pitfalls of the film industry , were not enthusiastic about his son’s plans and tried in every possible way to dissuade him. Nevertheless , the boy was adamant in his desires.

Star Trek Actor

The first appearance of the young actor in the movie happened in 1999 in the BBC television movie  David Copperfield”. The picture did not become super popular , but Daniel’s acting talent attracted the attention of many directors and film critics. His adult colleagues tirelessly emphasized the kindness and naturalness of Radcliffe , which made working with him easy and enjoyable. And already in 2001, Daniel starred in the film  The Tailor of Panama”, where his partner on the set were such stars of Hollywood , Pierce Brosnan , Geoffrey Rush and Jamie Lee Curtis. But , of course ,

Daniel Radcliffe’s true finest hour struck after determining him to be the most famous literary character of our time – Harry Potter.

On the role of the famous boy with the scar claimed more than 1,600 young actors , but , according to the director of the film of Chris Columbus , when, after a few months of searching on the samples appeared Radcliffe , the whole crew knew immediately , that they had found his Harry Potter. And did not fail. When Daniel himself found out that he got this role , he could not hold back the sincere tears of happiness.

The first Harry Potter film Philosopher’s Stone, released in 2001 , not only gained huge success with the audience , but also collected an unprecedented amount at the box office.

The subsequent pictures of the saga about the boy-wizard were in no way inferior to the first and only year after year secured the popularity of the talented actor.

In addition to filming in the famous  Harry Potter” Daniel actively participated in theatrical performances: in 2004 he played the role in the musical comedy of The-play what I of wrote , in 2007 – in the production of  Equus”, and since 2008 has appeared on famous Broadway. Also recently, the actor discovered his literary talent , and in 2007 published several poems under the pseudonym Jacob Gershon.

When all the episodes of  Potter” were filmed , Daniel did not leave the movie. He continued to act , and in 2012 the film  Woman in Black” was released with his participation. At the moment, Daniel Radcliffe is not only one of the most popular and famous around the world , but also the most sought-after and highly paid actor. By the way , Daniel Radcliffe has a height of 169 cm.

Daniel Radcliffe – personal life

Daniel Radcliffe is a very versatile person. In addition to acting, he loves literature , plays football and loves his two dogs , Bink and Nugget , whom he himself trains.

As an ordinary guy that fans of the actor so often forget , Daniel listens to punk music , watches The Simpsons and loves movies about Spiderman.

At one time, Daniel was linked with his partner in the play Equus Laura O’Toole , who is 4 years older than him. But a pair of linked , rather , instincts directed by actors appear naked and played a very frank erotic scenes.

In January 2012, Daniel made a statement , that his girlfriend is Rosie Coker , worked as an assistant director.




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