Create A Spectacle In Any Event With Stunning Winter Hats In 2021 

Michaela Bobulinski

 November 27, 2021

Expressing style may be futile if you are all bundled up. The bulky coats, base layers will leave you uninspired when trying to dress for the winter evening. However, there is a real outlier, and that is winter hats. Whether for men or women, hats never go out of fashion. These are essential accessories that have become staples in the men’s wardrobe and the women’s closet. Whether you prefer it or not, you may be possessing one or the other of hats to go the entire year. However, you have to be pragmatic enough to style yourself briskly as the temperature drops. The fall in the temperature would require you to make necessary modifications in your wardrobe and get something trendy to inspire your stylish look.

When you are hunting for your winter hat, there are a lot of primary considerations that play. First, the silhouette that will suit you best, the brim size, the material, your taste, and the overall personality. You can go for the rancher style, boater caps, fedora hats, or beanies. It is a winter essential that will elevate your look to another level. You can also try out pom-pom styles that will give you a playful look or knitted cashmere to suit the evening party. With every season, there is a particular trend. You have to pay attention to this so that you grab the best attention. If you are a fashion-forward individual, you may be looking out for some timeless fashion accessories. You can go for Beret or bucket hats that are leading styles of the winter season. They will not only give you coziness but add to your warmth and finish your look with grace.

A knitted beanie is a winter essential

The first and the most significant one is a beanie. It is versatile, ultrafine chunky, and attractive. If you are interested in a dramatic look, you will have to opt for a beanie and one which is a bit oversized. For a classic look, a well-fitted Beanie will do the job. You can go for a well-knitted one that will add to your comfort, which you can wear under your helmet while enjoying your winter sport. These are best for warmth along with style when you are out there enjoying your winter evening.

Don’t leave out cashmere beanies when you are traveling

Another winter staple that is known for its luxurious look is cashmere beanies. They are undoubtedly knitted ones but come with a minimal design. Moreover, you must go for neutral colors like charcoal, ivory, navy, or other solid colors. These are not only limited to the winter season, but you can wear them all year round. They will give you a practical look, provided you pair them with winter outfits. If you want to take your style factor to the next level, you can select cashmere beanies with elegant embellishments. You may also take the help of digital media to understand the recent trend and grab the one that suits your personality.

Try out pom-pom beanies to grab the best attention

Yes, pom-pom beanies are again back in fashion. They will give you a playful yet luxurious look to pair with your winter outfit. It is why most of the brands these days are designing pom-pom beanies that are very much in trend. Pom-pom beanies have gained immense popularity because of their rattlesnake hatband. They will provide you with an athletic and glamorous look that suits every casual setting. You can go for solid colors that are stylish and attractive. These go with every winter attire and partywear.  You can go for the branded ones and those pom-pom beanies coming from wool for a more versatile look.

How about trapper hats to assist you in your cozy winter evenings? 

Yes, there is another variant of winter hat that is slowly gaining prominence: trapper hats. These are hats that you can wear with almost anything that you possess. You have no hard and fast rules to follow when wearing a trapper hat. It is best for your holiday, official get-together, a dinner party, or any such occasion. It will help if you opt for oversized trapper hats because their coziness is imperative. Apart from this, trapper hats are high on style and provide you with a luxurious look. There is a range of trapper hats coming from leather and proper padding that might be your favorite. You can go for the woolly pom-pom beanies that look stunning and dressier.

Hence, these are all the winter hats that will provide you with a different look. You will have to experiment with these hats based on the occasion you are attending and your sense of style. If you are in love with a relaxed look, you can go for the wool ranchers that are very much in demand. You can also go for wool ranchers that have wide brims and make you look exotic.

Leather hats – An essential for every man’s wardrobe

The mystery of hats is mind-boggling for most fashionistas. Hat sellers bring about a wide range of material, colors, and styles leaving the hat wearer in a dilemma to opt for the most suitable piece. While other accessories such as watches and ties come with several options to provide a striking appearance, headgear is an ideal alternative to complement any clothing. It can be made easy by acquiring adequate knowledge about the suitability of hats with different outfits. However, hat lovers must make a careful choice while purchasing headgear to achieve a charming look.

If you are hunting for headgear with a sense of aesthetic, you can opt for leather hats. It has a soft texture that looks better with age with little to no chances of fading. Such accessories made of leather are versatile, elastic, and comfortable. However, you must be aware of the anatomy to compare different hat styles and understand the difference between genuine leather and cheap material that looks like the former.

Understanding the anatomy of leather hats

It is crucial to clearly understand the different parts, thereby making your purchase decision easy and smooth. The significance of every area, such as the crown, brim, material, and the flexibility of a headgear, enables hat buyers to make the right choices.

Here are some details about leather hat anatomy:

Crown of the hat- the main body of the hat encompasses the crown area. The central portion extending upwards provides full support to the head and satisfies the wearer with a perfect sense of style. Some headgears have a round crown, while others are perkier or flat at the top.

The brim- the area surrounding the crown that protrudes out of the hat is called the brim. There are various designs and styles of the brim in different hat styles. Every hat style has an extra brim. Large brimmed caps protect the wearer during hot summer months, while short brim hats fulfill the aesthetic. Hat lovers are free to choose the design that suits them best.

Pinch points and dents– some hats come with indentations and pinches on the crown, easing the task of wearing and taking off the headgear. It is easier for hat wearers to manage the tipping of hats to impress people.

Linings – The inner lining of the hat encompasses the logo of various brands. The internal portion of the crown has a fabric lining. Associate itself with the trademark of the manufacturer.

Sweatbands– as the name, sweatband suggests protecting the wearer from excessive sweat around the head. Sweatbands come in different materials based on various hat styles. A wide-brimmed hat often contains a leather sweat repellent band, while other hats encompass a sweatband of material that absorbs sweat.

Types of Leather hats

Most leather headgears look classy on men and women alike. Some of them come with added adornments to enhance the sense of style. Cowboy hats made of leather add a chill vibe to casual attire. Leather hats are available in wide-ranging styles, such as outback hats, topper headgears, and baseball caps made of leather.

Here are a few leather hat styles that modern man must have:

Baseball caps

Individuals who prefer a casual and outgoing appearance wear baseball caps. It is ideal for a sports event and looks good with cargos and t-shirts during a day outing. You can add a spin to your look by purchasing a leather baseball cap, thereby adding versatility to your wardrobe.

Cowboy hats

Cowboy hats are a good choice for individuals who face difficulty with storage. Cowboy headgears can be folded and stored without any concern about losing their shape. Leather cowboy hats can get sourced from various stores both online and offline.

Safari headgears

A Safari hat is an excellent choice for people who prefer embellishments on their headgears. Safari leather headgears come with a leather cord and rattlesnake hatband around the crown, offering a rugged appearance. Such headgears are available in several colors, navy blue, beige, brown, or black.

Fedora leather hats

Fedoras are very popular among hat lovers. It adds sophistication to the wearer’s appearance and offers excellent coverage. Such leather headgears get dented at the crown. However, such leather headgears are available in various materials and finishes, including suede and waxed suede.

Fedora hats with a wide brim

Leather hats are one of the compelling accessories in the wardrobe of a fashionable individual.

Hats play a crucial role in revealing the character of a person. Men and women can choose the perfect hat for their disposition and carry it with confidence. Leather hats add a touch of flair to your attire, adding a charming look to your personality. Go ahead and grab the perfect leather hat to complement your outfit for the next occasion.

Women’s Headgear- A representation of authority and power

Many women across the globe adore hair accessories, such as hats. Most of them feel that headgears will not suit them. Such females envy their near and dear ones looking spectacular in different styles of hats. However, such women are not confident enough to find suitable headgear for themselves. Under such circumstances, you can pop a hat on your head occasionally and check out which style looks flattering. It is essential to acquire knowledge about styling different headgears such that hat lovers can opt for the one tailor-made for their head.

Here are a few hat styles to help women make educated choices while purchasing headgear:

An embellished baseball hat

Many times, women wearing a baseball hat are ready to sport themselves as cool and sassy individuals. However, a baseball hat with additional embellishments can be a fashionable choice and looks best with casual attire. Many times, baseball headgear comes with a monogrammed version helping women to acquire look and glamour. You can club it with a buttoned shirt and leggings on days you are running on errands. The best way to carry a baseball cap is to let your hair loose, providing your face with a flattering appearance. Women who wear baseball caps look comfortable and polished at the same time. The best thing about the hat is that it does not require specific facial features and fits all sizes alike. The cool headwear comes out of soft material with a stiff peak in the front. Baseball caps often come with Velcro and a side-enclosure, helping women comfortably use the hole at the back with ponytails.

The classic and structured fedora

The fedora hat never goes out of fashion; it is a perfect accessory for women with round or square facial features. It provides stylish coverage, thereby adding structure to any outfit. However, Fedora hats look best with the loose-fitting maxi and braids, leaving all eyes on the beautiful locks. Fedora hat’s classical designs for women get adorned with pearls, ribbons, and other cute ornaments like a rattlesnake hatband that fit most heads. You can complement a relaxed outfit of black pants and a crisp white shirt with a classic fedora. It also goes well with casual attire and jeans and coat, helping women establish a lasting impression.

The head-hugging beanie

Beanie caps perform the function of keeping you warm during the winter months. Sometimes such headgear comes in handy to hide your bad hair days. If you have overslept on a particular morning and did not get the time to brush your hair, a beanie cap is your savior for the day. Beanies are available in two types: snug and slouchy beanies. It is the ideal headgear to team up with your essential attire, such as skinny jeans and a white T-shirt. Women who prefer acquiring a tomboy look can tie their hair in a bun and cover them up with a beanie to change its appearance. Some women prefer teaming their beanie caps with loud lipstick, an oversized coat, and fluffy boots.

The athletic visor hat

Other popular hat styles among women include headgear. It is an ideal choice for females looking for a hat to protect their eyes and face during outdoor activities. Although, visor hats are similar to baseball caps. A visor cap comes with an open crown that makes for the easy circulation of air. Yet, the absence of the crown area provides the head with an athletic and sporty appearance. The material of a visor cap is lightweight and breathable. Use it for early morning walks or during exercise to enhance your style. Visor headgears are perfect with ponytails and top knots, leaving the wearer safe from squishing their hair. Add a cotton absorbent sweatband to get a sporty feel.

Beautiful wide-brimmed headwear

One of the essential accessories of every woman’s wardrobe includes a wide-brimmed sun hat. It is a must-have for every woman, thereby protecting them from the sun. Wide-brimmed hats are versatile and come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. It is made of lightweight material, thereby making it easy to pair with several ensembles. Fashion experts popularized this fashionable headgear among women as a summer staple in every woman’s closet. The large circumference of a wide-brimmed hat leaves the wearer protected from the harmful rays of the sun. However, wide-brimmed hats are tailor-made for round and square faces. Yet, it seems to be working on every face shape. You can pair your wide-brimmed sun hat with the lightweight floral maxi or asymmetrical skirts with a top. Add a dash of refinement by wearing a sandal or flip flop to your attire.

Classic headgears enhance any outfit and work as an extension to a personal style. Keep in mind your facial features and body type before purchasing a headgear, thereby acquiring the perfect heart that fits you just right. Women who feel underdressed without a hat should not limit themselves to specific colors and designs. Search females should use trial and error methods from a wide range of options available in the market.

Do you want to put together your winter look with a fedora? There are ways to do it

Fedoras happen to be a perfect blend of class and style, something anyone would expect their fashion choice to provide without any questions asked. Hollywood celebrities also continue to shower their love on this headwear from many decades ago. Hence, it was even more inevitable for something as modish and classic headpiece like this to attract everyone’s attention across geographical boundaries, fashion sensibilities, and genders. Something that made its mark in men’s wear soon convinced women to go all out for it, and there cannot be an iota of doubt about it. You can spot most women flaunting their fedoras wherever you turn your gaze.

When it comes to a trustworthy choice, you don’t have to worry about seasons. There can be a fedora for every person with distinct requirements. In summers, straw versions remain irresistible. As fall or winter sets in, one can rely on wool felt and leather to cater to their practical and fashionable taste. Since there is a nip in the air already, it’s time to prepare for your look a little faster. A dip in mercury is a sign you have new possibilities to explore. With fedora hat women, you cannot go wrong with your decision. Befriend the wide-brimmed hat for your winter wardrobe. Here are some suggestions to rock the look.

The choice of colors

Seasons are not just about hot, cold, or pleasant weather experiences. These natural transitions bring with them exciting choices of shades that you can exploit through your outfits. You can show your personality with sapphire, purple, forest green, gray, black, and deep red shades in winters. Use the same-colored fedora hat as your dress or take advantage of it as an accent. If you wear a black sweater, you can pick your black fedora without a second thought. Or, with your grey sweater or green attire, a sage or plum-hued hat can be an ideal pair. The combinations should come from the place of ease and comfort with them.

The fabric or material thing

The reason fedoras are versatile is because of the diverse types of materials also. While straw suits hat wearers most in summers, heavy materials like leather and wool felt can keep you adequately warm during the fall and winter seasons. Straw doesn’t trap heat, and other fabrics tend to be less airy. Quite evidently, your preference can be leather or wool felt in the cold season then. When it comes to fun with outfits, ladies get it all. You can expect to have a bit of excellent luck with your fashion. Whether the mood is to dress down or up, your fedora hat can take care of everything. You will run your show, but it will ensure your endeavors pay off well.

The addition of accessories

It’s not a doubt that fedoras by themselves command attention. If you want to achieve more, you can improvise your looks effortlessly. Keep an eye on the hatband. Usually, these feature an elegant hatband in different shades and thicknesses. They can blend with the overall hat being the exact color match or offering an appealing contrast. It would help if you explored the options closely before taking a final call. Both simple and embellished touches can be tough to resist. You have to keep your personality on the front while deciding. Then, it can be easy to act.

As you know, you can put together your fedora winter look in many ways with a twist or straightforwardness. You can keep things casual on a night out with your beloved pals or go chic and proper in a suit and tie complemented by a vintage addition. With this humble yet luxurious option, you can safely wish for a stylish winter. Observe savvy people around you for some outfit inspiration also.

A few things to consider

There might not be strict hat rules, but some mistakes can prove costly when overlooked or not paid enough attention. You wouldn’t want to do that. That’s why getting some intelligence on this can be crucial. For example, you wear your fedora a little lower, covering a good part of the forehead. Another critical factor is the fit. The hat should sit comfortably on you. Else, it can impart the wrong impression. Then, the classic fedora look mainly consists of felt. You can test straw and leather for some more experimentation with your style. Green, red, and blue-colored hats come under bold options. You can opt-in for them if you like to have an adventure with your choices.

Women’s fedora hats have evolved in style and look just like their male counterparts. Still, girls and ladies can have more fun than guys. They tend to be richer with attires and accessories, having the upper hand with creative ideas. And being a part of this tribe, you can relish your benefit with pride.

The high crown and low crown hats – Thing’s women need to know before buying a hat

Women and fashion accessories walk hand in hand. It’s because women love to appear beautiful and well turned out. Hats have been a part of their wardrobe for a long time. However, most women used to wear a hat back in the past because they had to highlight their class and social standing. Today, things have changed, and the hat styles have also evolved. Most women wear a hat today because they want to shield themselves from the sun’s scorching heat and want to add a bit of style to their look.

Today, women have several style choices available. And the choice they make can change their look. For instance, you can opt-in for a t-shirt or a collared shirt, or even a necktie. Similarly, the hat you choose also plays a vital role in your styling. However, when you get to learn about certain hat basics, you are in an excellent position not to make the careless style faux pas that can make you appear out of place. When you have the correct hat, you can dress up correctly for an event, appear stylish, and look your best.

Today, online hat makers specialize in big hats for women and other designer hat categories. You can get in touch with them to choose the hat that best caters to your style and persona. The modern-day hat makers are amicable and will guide you correctly in selecting the best hat for yourself. From getting the correct hat size to the best style, you can count on the hat maker to guide you through the process. But before you make a purchase, you need to know the difference between the high and low crown hats.

The high and low crown hats

Simply put, hats are usually available in two categories, namely the high and the low crown. You can also call them low- and high-profile hats. The hat crown height indicates how low or high the hat top is. Choosing a low hat crown provides a closer fit and makes up for a snappier and sharper look. Also, the hat crown provides you ample headroom and appears much bigger.

It would help if you learned about the difference between the low and high crown hats. First, the high crown hat helps make a bolder, bigger statement as the hat will get more attention mostly because of its size. It indicates that the hats with a high crown are apt for a fashionable occasion or event when you need to appear in style. Hence, you can think of special anniversary dinners, black tie events, and weddings. So, if there is any occasion where you need to wear a suit and a tie, it is perfect for sporting your high crown hats.

That doesn’t indicate that the hats with a low crown aren’t stylish. These hats have occasions where they rule. You can wear your low-profile hat when you are roaming around the city or town or when you are spending some time with your friends at an afternoon gathering. In these gatherings, you don’t have to wear a suit. You can dress comfortably and sport your low crown hats.

The low crown hats

When you look at the low crown hats, you can include the popular flat caps. Usually, these hats are soft and not hard like the high crown hat choices. Typically, they get made of materials like leather, cotton, and wool. Usually, people mostly wear the Irish flat cap or the driving cap in this category. And the hats are generally available in herringbone, solid, or plaid patterns. A few popular low crown hats include the following:

  • Sailor or the Greek fisherman cap
  • Ivy
  • Berets
  • Newsie or newsboy
  • Irish flat cap
  • Driver
  • Ascot
  • Gatsby

The high crown hats

As the name suggests, the high crown hats are the ones that have an extended crown and are generally three to four inches atop the brim. These hats get made from straw or felted wool, and in the majority of the cases, they can also get made of cotton or leather. Such stylish hats are stiff and hard; else, the crown might fall down. Usually, they come with a brim that is either narrow or wide. It also has a hatband and has decorative accents such as an insignia emblem or a feather. Some of the best high-profile hats include:

  • Outback hats
  • Fedora
  • Homburg hats
  • Bowler
  • Cowboy hats
  • Pork pie
  • Panama hats
  • Gambler

Now that you are aware of the high and low crown hats, you can choose the one that caters to your style preference and personality. If you are someone who loves to attend upscale events, you can opt-in for the high crown hats. And if you attend more casual meet-ups, the low crown hat is your best companion. Today, multiple online hat makers specialize in both these hat types. It would help if you searched for an expert and reputed hatmaker and select the hat that you like best.

Are you planning for a Christmas gift for your mother? Unique and cool hats to choose from

In no time, it will be Christmas time, and you have to think about your gift list. Hence, it’s always better if you do prior planning. It gives you the time to research your gift list and get the best gifts for your loved ones and friends.

However, when it comes to your mother, you need to get something unique and cool. While every mother would say anything you gift them is excellent, it’s great if you take some time to know what she likes. It will help you to get her something that she will cherish forever.

Have you ever thought of gifting your mother a stylish hat? It can be one of the best Christmas gifts for her and will also enable her to express her style. It is a gift that your mother will love and appreciate. Also, a hat is slightly different from conventional Christmas gifts for women, which revolves around a bracelet or necklace. So, if you want to gift your mother the best hat for Christmas, you can get in touch with the online hat makers specializing in big hats for women and other designer hats. They can provide you with the best stylish hats, which will add more glamour to your mother’s persona without making her look out of place.

A hat will also be an unexpected gift for your mother. However, she can always use it when she is attending special events during the holiday season. If you are unsure which hat to select for your mother, this article can help you. Here we have discussed some of the hat styles that can complement your mother’s persona.

  • Beret

Your mother will always want to look their best. A beret can add more grace to her style. These hats are versatile and will complement the way your mother dresses up. And once she gets it as a Christmas gift, she will have a better idea of the dresses with which she can pair up the hat. Are you thinking about the hat color? If yes, then go with the popular choices. Today, most women like the white, black, and blue berets that match any attire. It’s an excellent choice for the fall and winter seasons.

  • Fedora

If your mother has a unique style, you can gift her a fedora without a doubt. It will complement her classy style. The fedora hats add an element of suave and character to any attire. Your mother can pair it with a dress, a formal suit, a winter jacket, and even her jeans and T-shirt. It’s a perfect accessory to level up her style game. You can browse through the best fedora hats and choose wisely.

  • Straw beach hat

The weather is indeed getting cold, but that doesn’t mean no one can step out and head to the beach. The warmer months aren’t far away. And if your mother loves the beach, one of the best gifts for her would be the straw beach hat or the sun protection hat. It will allow her to dress up in style and protect her eyes and face from the harsh sun rays.

  • Bucket hat

Are you confused about which hat you should gift your mother? If yes, then you can select this hat style. Generally, a bucket hat will complement every outfit. It complements a dress as well as a t-shirt and jeans. These hats get made of straw and cloth. You can choose the one that your mother will like best.

  • Cloche

This hat is known for its classy style. It is a great Christmas gift, and most mothers would love to wear it, as it looks elegant. If your mother loves to wear high-end, stylish outfits and fashionable winter clothing, then this hat is the best choice. If she loves to sport winter coats, then the cloche is a great addition to her wardrobe. She can dress the way she wants with this hat.

  • Bretton

Do you want your mother to look her best this Christmas? If yes, then opt-in for the Bretton hat. This hat has a designer appeal and yet has a laid-back and casual look. Your mother will receive compliments for sporting this hat as her fall look. Whether it’s a casual day or she wants to take a walk in the park, this hat can do complete justice.

  • A wide brim hat

Usually, a wide brim hat is a good choice if your mother is into outdoor activities. It could be that she loves going to the beach or is into gardening. Either way, a wide brim hat made of natural straw will look both stylish and classy.

These are some of the best hat ideas to gift your mother, this Christmas. However, make sure that you know your mother’s hat size to get the correct hat. If a good-looking hat is either too loose or tight, then it defeats the purpose of gifting a classy hat to your mother.

Women want to buy their big hats online today – The crucial online hat buying guide

Women today are gravitating more towards the big hats. But still, a vast section of style-conscious women isn’t aware of how or where to purchase these hats online. And it’s natural that they will have several questions about it. Fortunately, buying a big hat online is much easier than you can imagine. Also, it takes a couple of minutes to determine your correct hat size.

Hence, the moment you learn how to search for big hats for women online, you will have ample choices to select from.

How can you purchase a big hat online?

To purchase a big hat online, you need to get the correct hat size. After that, you can go to a reputed hat store and search for the hat you want. Make sure that you shop from an expert hat store or maker. They have a designer hat collection that guarantees both style and quality. Also, these stores have a good understanding of hats and what their customer wants. Hence, if you want any help with buying your hat, they will guide you correctly.

The best hat makers online provide the best hats, such as flat caps, boaters, derby hats, and fedoras. They also guide you on the best hats for women for different purposes. Also, they will provide you with hats that get made from high-end materials. Hence, when you purchase from an expert hat provider, you will get satisfied with the new hat because of the quality. Also, the fit will be good and comfortable.

When shopping online, you might get tempted by certain hat makers who provide you with hats at a cheap rate. While there is no harm in buying cheap hats, but you might not love the quality after a few days when it starts to fade or age faster. Hence, it’s always better to choose quality over price. That way you will make a good investment.

Find the correct hat size for your big hat

You need to know your correct hat size before you buy your big hat. It would help if you had a ruler and string for that. Wrap the string all-around your head, and then use your finger to mark it. After that, take off the string and measure the size with a ruler. Once you get the measurement, you can convert the inches measurement to the correct hat size. You can use the hat maker’s hat sizing chart to determine the right size. You can also ask the hat maker to guide you to choose the correct hat size.

Which hat should you select?

When you get the correct hat size, you can start shopping for your hat. Browse through the big hat styles that are appealing and available for you. For instance, if you want a wide brim fedora, you can search for the same. At the same time, don’t limit yourself to this hat type alone. You can also browse through other big hats for women that are available. Here you need to ensure that the hat you choose must complement your face shape and persona.

Also, think of the places, events, and occasions where you intend to wear your big hat. Hats get designed for particular occasions. For example, a big straw hat is great if you love wearing casual attires, prefer outdoor events and warm weather. On the other hand, a wide brim fedora might be perfect for an upscale event. You can also opt-in for the Panama hat if you plan a tropical vacation or want to visit the beach. This hat is versatile, breathable, and lightweight. Furthermore, hats such as homburg, bowler, derby, and pork pie come with their unique attributes. Hence, it would help if you decided which one is best for you.

Assess the return policy

If you want to buy a big hat online, you need to check if the return policy is good. Hence, make sure to evaluate the return policies before you make a purchase. It’s essential as sometimes you might like a product on the website page but not when it reaches you. Then it’s necessary to know whether you can return the hat. The best hat makers provide liberal return policies. They know that customers might not like the product they ordered for. Hence, they have a 30-day return policy, provided the hat is in a new condition.

Assess the customer service

If you are purchasing a big hat online for the first time, choose an online hatmaker with good customer service. Make sure that you can avail the customer service as you choose your big hat and order the same. Not every hat maker will have this service. Hence, get careful who you join your hands with. The best hat makers with round-the-clock customer service will be present to return your call or email promptly. They will also be available to resolve your issues and help you in every way to make a safe purchase.

Choose the correct shape for your cowboy hat – The three important tips to keep in mind

Today, you will come across many western hats that belong to the Far West. However, one that has become popular amongst men and women is the cowboy hat. And it is more than just a hat. The cowboy hat is a genuine emblem, as most fans of country music would know.

You can call them western hats or cowboy hats. And much beyond this symbol that they represent, the cowboy hat is a stylish accessory for your attire, and you can leverage it in many ways. The fact is that western hats are a great companion to some of your choicest journeys. For instance, when you are traveling through the horse riding trails, taking a beach vacation, visiting the countryside, or moving through the western landscapes – this hat can be your companion. That aside, you can also use the cowboy hat when you are opting in for the special dance nights.

The spirit of the cowboy hat

Few things successfully capture the spirit of chasing your dreams, freewheeling, and the American West. And one of the things that do it best is the stylish cowboy hat. Even though most cowboy hats bring the lawless and wild frontier world to your mind, it doesn’t indicate that the western style section has no rules. There are a few rules that you need to abide by.

And since there are various shapes and styles that the cowboy hats come in, it works best when you check out the guidelines to select the best hat for you. If you have been searching for that, this article has you covered. Here we highlight some of the best and essential tips that will enable you to select the correct cowboy hat shape for yourself.

Learn about the different shapes of the cowboy hats

You need to choose the correct style of accessories for yourself. One crucial aspect that determines the shape of the cowboy hat is its crown crease. The various styles have evolved across different times to cater to multiple purposes in the West. Some of the common shapes include the following:

  • Open crown – It gives a rounded look and possesses no crown crease.
  • Cattlemen crease – It has one crease at the crown center and two dents on both sides.
  • Gus – It has a tall brim along with three front creases and has a steep slope.
  • Gambler – It has a flat crown top and a round indent.
  • Pinch front – It has a crown that possesses a diamond-shaped pinch front.

When you browse through these hat types, you can become more particular about the correct hat shape for you, depending on how tall a crown you want. It will also help you to decide how curved or wide a brim you want.

Select a hat depending on your face shape

When you are trying to select an attire, you generally try to select it depending on the body shape. The rule applies to hats. Most people use their facial profiles to enable them to choose the correct cowboy hat. People can make their hats look good. However, here are a few suggestions that you can abide by:

  • Round and oval shape face – Opt-in for tall and medium height crowns that have a curved brim.
  • Long-shaped face – Choose a medium-size crown that has a curved, wide brim and the cattlemen crease.
  • Heart-shaped face – Choose a hat with a flatter brim and a pinched crease.
  • Square-shaped face – Choose a hat that is wide-brimmed and has an open crease.

Select your cowboy hat by function

The cowboy hats have evolved over the years for several reasons. For instance, the Gus variant was mostly reserved for dancing purposes. Also, the form of this hat is simple for cowboys for tipping the hats to the ladies. And the shape of the hat you select might change based on if you decide to wear the hat for a dancing event or riding. However, it would help if you keep the following in mind:

  • The low hat crowns don’t gather warm air.
  • The high-hat crowns generally accumulate hot air to keep the wearer warm during a cold climate.
  • The larger crowns will enable you to pull your hat further down to prevent it from getting blown away because of the wind.

Hence, you can say that the stylish cowboy hats are American in essence. You have the option to choose from the gambler and the cattlemen crease and other types as well. If you are not sure, you can opt-in for the Stetson hats that will enable you to sport your best look. Last but not least, you must get your cowboy hat from a reputed hat maker so that they can guide you on the style as well as the size. Today, there are reputed hat makers available online that specialize in stylish and high-end cowboy hats.

Hat selection made easy – How to distinguish between Fedoras and Trilbys?

Most men wear hats to acquire a dignified and sophisticated look, whereas women pay more attention to the fashion of hats.  There is enough truth in the statement, especially when you look at women’s cowboy hats, which are more for fashion than functionality. Women interested in replicating the Western style dominated by males would go for cowboy hats but with some twist in style to make it look more feminine. However, there is no denying that hats have a closer connection to men than women, even though many hats are gender-neutral or specifically suitable for both sexes. Although men might be less fashion-conscious than women, their love for hats is perhaps more than women’s.  Regardless of who wears a hat, there is no denying that you must wear a hat to complete any outfit most fashionably.

The choice of hats depends on the way you dress and the kind of look you prefer because all hats are not equal. The hat must complement the dress to create the desired look. For a sporting and casual look, you must opt for the baseball cap. The cowboy hat is the best to create the looks of an adventurist displaying a carefree attitude. The bucket hats can create casual looks, while there is nothing better than the fedora and Trilby for smart and sophisticated looks.

Decide on your style first

For the classical looks with loads of style, the fedora and Trilby are the obvious choices for men that can give an edge in fashion and help make a style statement. Despite being traditional, both types of hats hold high appeal for those who want to add enough sophistication to their looks that have an air of elegance and charm.   But the question is which hat would be best for you?  No, you need not toss a coin to choose the hat because it would mean that you are leaving it to your luck. Instead, make a well-informed choice based on your style and fashion goals with the help of your knowledge about the distinguishing features of the hats and how they can help achieve your goals.

Fedoras and Trilbys are close cousins, and it might be challenging to spot the differences at a glance. This article should help you differentiate between the two by knowing the salient features of the hats which separate them.

How Fedoras differ from Trilbys

Fedoras and Trilbys look alike and confuse most people who cannot spot the differences by knowing what to look for.  Both hats have an almost identical design, but to see whether it is Fedora or Trilby, you must first look at the hats’ brims.  Fedoras have wide flat brims, and no improvisation can change this style which is a hallmark of the hat. On the other hand, Trilbys have shorter and flat edges with a slight upward curl towards the back.  If you see someone wearing the hat more towards the front of the head to create a shade that protects the face from the sunlight, it is indeed a Fedora.  Wearing the hat by pushing it slightly behind to expose the forehead would mean a Trilby hat.

How to wear a Trilby

The Trilby hat made its first appearance during a stage performance in 1894, and the hat with an angled-down short brim at the front and slightly upturned at the back. The hat derives its name from the novel’s name that inspired its stage adaptation in which some characters wore the hat. Rabbit felt was the chosen material for making Trilbys during the initial days, but gradually tweed, wool, and straw became suitable substitutes.

Trilbys have a youthful feel that goes well with modern styles and designs of outfits. Pairing the Trilby with a fitted shirt and slim trousers and loafers can help create a semi-formal or smart casual look.  A straw Trilby in natural color is ideal for summer because of its lightweight and breathability that keeps the head cool.  The same Trilby made from felt would be suitable for the winter season.

How to Wear a Fedora

Fedoras have a typical teardrop-shaped design with a shallow indented crown pinched at the front and prominent creases on the sides.  The brim is wider than Trilby but flat and rounded.  The Fedoras made a similar dramatic first- appearance on the stage like the Trilbys but introduced as a woman’s hat that later became a famous hat for men. The trend began when Prince Edward VIII of Britain wore it during a trip to the United States in 1924.

The Fedoras are super stylish hats and so versatile that you can wear them with almost any kind of outfit that looks great. Its lightweight ensures more comfort, and straw Fedoras in light shades with a dark hatband looks stunningly beautiful.

Wedding hat rules and etiquettes to elevate your style in 2021 

Wearing the best hat to a wedding is a tricky task. And the thought itself can be a scary one. Many women believe that hats are not for them when the truth is that they haven’t stumbled upon a hat style that is flattering for their face shape.

A beautiful hat can add last-minute finishing to elegant attire. But when buying and pulling off a hat piece, you must ensure what works best for you and keep you up while you are at it. Whether you are a guest, the groom’s mother, or the bride’s mother, you have to follow the rules. But not to fret, this article is perfect for finding the best headwear, knowing its etiquettes, and knowing the rules of wearing a wedding headpiece.

Dress etiquettes 

The kind of dress piece you decide to wear depends on the dress code of the event. Whether it is a formal episode or a semi-formal one, you must follow certain specifications. Certain circumstances also have dress codes, where only particular headwear is allowed. However, if you are hosting the event, make sure your guests know this at least six weeks before the occasion.

Style quotient 

You can be confident, but at the same time, you must select a style that makes you comfortable. You might have to wear the hat all day; thus, comfort should be of utmost importance. The headwear should also complement your face shape.

If you want to create an illusion of height, you can choose narrow brims but taller crowns. While if you are someone tall, opt for wide-brimmed hats.

Women’s cowboy hats are also a great option to wear at a wedding. They are wide-brimmed, with tall rounded crowns. It is usually made of straw, leather, or felt. You can choose the material depending on the weather. For hot summer days, straw is perfect, while for winter day occasions, felt is best.

You can also customize your hat, according to your liking, by adding a few creases to the crown or having the brim rolled. When it comes to hats for the occasion, opting for decorative caps is a good idea.

Hat Etiquettes

Be it the bride’s mother or the groom’s, both can choose grander options when the hosts are the groom and the bride. But wedding hat etiquette involves the groom’s mother wearing a smaller hat than the bride’s mother when the bride’s family hosts the wedding. It is a social rule set across that states the hosts are not to be outshined by the guests.

Don’t take all the space

Often, hats worn by guests can hide their heads and shoulders while taking pictures. You can endure that the photographer gives a gentle reminder to adjust caps when posing for pictures; this way, their faces will be visible and look their best.

Stay true to tradition 

When opting for a decorative piece, or customizing a headwear according to your liking, ensure that the decorative items go on the right side. Traditionally ladies kept their embellishments, feathers, and flowers on the right, while men kept them on the left. Sticking to tradition is best.

Just because it’s big, it’s not better 

The kind of headwear guests wear is supposed to be determined by the event type, as well as the time you wear it. As a general principle, if it’s an evening event, the hat size reduces, and if it is a day event, the bigger the hat’s size, the better. The time of day your wedding guests are wearing their hats should directly impact their choice of headwear. Hats with large brims look extravagant when worn in the evening, and logically so, as the sun is not out to grind you.

Accessory to your outfit 

Hats for women are fashion items and part of their outfits. Thus, it is not required of a woman to take her hat off when indoors. Contrary to that, it is basic hat etiquette for men to take their hats off when entering certain places, including churches, greeting a lady, food is near the table, etc.

Hat tipping

Another etiquette for mothers and men includes avoiding a public display of the inner lining of their hats. It is a rude gesture if the inner lining of a hat is visible. Therefore, it is a must to be careful when tipping, walking, or removing your cap. Make sure that the outside of the hat is only visible. If, for some reason, you take your hat off, hold the hat, with the outside facing the audience.

Listen to mother 

Ladies attending the wedding can only remove their fascinators and hats when the bride’s mother does. She is responsible for guiding others when it is appropriate to terminate their fascinators and hats.

However, no matter what the wedding etiquettes include, you must avoid pointing out faux pas!

Your guide to wedding hats and fascinators to create a sensation  

Hats are the fashion items that you never knew you needed. Weddings are perfect opportunities to get dressed up and add that unique occasion hat you want, especially if you are the bride’s mother. But at the same juncture, there is a limited obligation to accessorize your outfit with a hat; after all, it is only an accessory, not a necessity.

With that stated, if you are here, there is a possibility of you wondering if a hat would add spark to your outfit! Below are a few things that can help you choose the best occasion hat for yourself or to help you decide whether fascinators are for you, and more.

Hat or no hat? 

The first and foremost aspect of donning a hat is deciding whether the idea itself is appealing or not. There is no pressure if you don’t feel tempted to wear a hat to your daughter’s special day. To follow tradition, you must remain uncomfortable. It is easy to be overwhelmed when wearing a hat if you are wearing it for the wrong reasons.

However, if adding a hat to your outfit is an appealing idea, you can take a piece of advice to make the entire “hat or no hat” process easier for you!

Another thing to keep in mind is to opt for one statement piece at a time. Either your dress garners attention or your hat; both are not an option. If you wear a printed outfit, or your outfit’s color is unique, adding headwear from the shelf is fashionably incorrect. Thus, if your outfit is the piece that stands out, you would require careful planning for the kind of headwear you wish to don.

Further, wearing a hat should be an option considering your daughter’s wedding venue and the dress code. If the wedding is ornate and more relaxed, a cap may not be as appropriate. However, if the wedding is a daytime event and more formal, wearing a headpiece is necessary.

Hat styles 

If you are skeptical of the style, you should opt for the best way to research it. Search the internet for possible style ideas, understand what hat styles complement your face shape, what may be occasion appropriate. With a wide variety of available choices, you should select a hat that helps you feel comfortable as well as confident.

Plenty of elements need consideration when it comes to the hat styles of the bride’s mother. But two factors require utmost focus, the brim, and the crown.

Full brimmed hats are perfect for people that have fuller figures. But it should be avoided with petite figures, as sometimes it may give a dwarfing effect.

But if you are short and want to give an elongating effect to your figure, you can opt for upturned brims or hats with taller crowns.

Comparatively, overturned brims with temporary crowns are perfect for people who do not require an illusion to their heights.

Women’s cowboy hats can also be a perfect choice for your daughter’s big day. When selecting one for the occasion, you can choose one with colorful hatbands, and some jewelry adorned. The cowboy hat has wider brims and high crowns. Traditionally the ribbon on the hatband is tied on the right side.

But remember, while you decide on the style of your hat, you also need to look perfect and remain confident. A hat well-chosen should help you feel fantastic about yourself!

Hat colors 

When selecting the color of your hat, avoid overmatching it with other accessories. However, matching your hat with your outfit is a good idea. But make sure that you check it in natural lighting to avoid color differences.


If the thought of donning a hat is still not convincing, you can opt for fascinators to add a touch to your outfit. For most parts of the world, fascinators have become a conventional wedding staple worn by royalty but adopted by the rest of the world.

However, a fascinator and its concepts can be challenging to grasp, as its form tends to differ from its functionality. Originally, fascinators were more straightforward and smaller in shapes, but they are much more elaborate and fancier in today’s fashion world.

If you want to opt for a fascinator to wear to your daughter’s big day, you must also consider your hairstyle and outfit to match it.

Your daughter’s special day is a brilliant chance to wear occasion headwear. A lovely headpiece will not only elevate your outfit’s appeal but also make you feel exceptional. Now that you get geared with all the information and advice that can help you choose the perfect headwear for a special occasion, have fun while you do it! Your choice will make or break your ensemble in the event. So, choose wisely.

Women who want to be stylishly feminine in cowboy hats can try out these outfits

As countries relax the Covid19 restrictions, women are venturing out with a vengeance to show their best side by dressing up with women’s cowboy hats. More and more women are embracing the cowboy hats that have become one of the most popular fashion accessories of our times. The wide-brimmed hats that represented Western wear meant for men only is now a much-loved fashion accessory for women too.  Women who want to shed the conventional ladylike looks and prefer some stylish, playful, and unique fashion with masculine undertones would be pleased to pick the cool-looking cowboy hat specially crafted for women.

Cowboy hats have been popular for years courtesy of the Hollywood Western movies that depicted the rough and tough pistol-wielding characters of the Wild West blazing on horseback across the dusty terrains. Cowboys chasing cattle herds while swishing the lasso to rein in some unruly animal made sure that they had their hats on that protected their faces from the blazing sun. Although protection from the weather was the only goal of cowboy hats, the focus shifted drastically when fashion designers and hat makers embarked on creating a female version of the quintessential cowboy hats.  Women’s cowboy hats are not the exact replication of the original design but a modified version that retains the central design and style elements.

Although women wear large hats like floppy hats for maximum sun protection, the cowboy hats they prefer are much smaller than traditional ones. While the hat design maintains the upward tilted brim on the two sides, the hats are much more colorful than the neutral shades of the traditional hats. A variety of colored cowboy hats gives more styling options to women to build a unique and stylish outfit around them.

Here are some styling ideas with cowboy hats that women can try out.

Styling with Straw cowboy hats

Straw cowboy hats are highly comfortable in summer because they support good air circulation that keeps the head cool while providing ample shade from the sunshine. The good thing about cowboy hats for women is that you do not need to match them with a cowboy outfit.  You can experiment with some other exciting outfit that is entirely modern.   Think about creating a fabulous beach outfit with a blue form-fitting light blue button-up shirt worn upon blue ripped mini denim shorts. A pair of nude sandals should help create the refreshing looks, with the hat contributing immensely to the style.

How to wear a green cowboy hat

Despite the masculinity of the design of cowboy hats, you can use the newly created styles of cowboy hats for women by pairing them with some ladylike outfits ideal for outdoor hangouts.  Start experimenting with a long sleeve ruched blouse in spotless white fabric and pair it with a mini pleated skirt in some shade of pink. Since all pink might not look good on your body, be careful to choose the appropriate shade.  Put aside the shoes and step into a pair of nude heeled sandals. The casual air created by the outfit is sure to lift the spirits as you support the green cowboy hat with a silver statement belt and a few boho-style necklaces that make the outfit look even more stylish.

Try another outfit for the green cowboy hat

Although women love cowboy hats, their styling ideas are primarily for creating a ladylike image, and they choose the outfits accordingly.  Create a stylish and straightforward outfit by wearing a white full sleeve pleated blouse that serves as the top and covers the lower part of your body with skinny jeans in dark blue and a brown leather belt. To complement the green cowboy hat, wear a pair of suede ankle boots that complement the outfit and enhance the style.

The Black and Blue combination can be mesmerizing

Wearing a cowboy hat with an ensemble of denim outfits looks extremely attractive. The combination of a black denim unwashed button-up shirt worn upon a pair of dark blue jeans provides the most versatile foundation for donning a cowboy hat of any color. When you cover your feet with camel suede boots, the picture looks simply stunning. To give your outfit and appearance a personal touch, you can even go all-black by choosing a black cowboy hat.

Straw cowboy hat with tank tops

For the sexy looks in a casual outfit that upholds the free spirit underlined by the cowboy hats, wear a white tank top with skinny dark blue or light blue ripped jeans. The dress will make you feel like walking in the air as you walk along the beach in strappy sandals. Although the outfit has almost nothing special about it, the simple look can be overwhelmingly intelligent and stylish, making heads turn.

Cowboy hats are so versatile that you can dare think of the most unusual outfit that would complement the hat nicely.

When fashion rules over functionality – How did cowboy hats become a hat for women too?

Women want to enhance their fashion and express their style in unique ways that inspire them to adapt cowboy hats primarily for men, as clearly understood from the name. Although cowboy hats were more functional than fashionable, the demands of fashion and style have changed the focus on designing the hats more for fashion, as evident from women’s cowboy hats.  In the early days, hats had clear identities that underlined their use by specific genders. Some hats were exclusively for men, while others like fedoras were exclusive for the female folks. However, the attractiveness of hat styles and the changing ideas about fashion gradually blurred the gender lines, and both men and women now wear most hats. Only a few exceptions, like the flat caps, still stick to its masculine identity.

Women are now exploring new styles of cowboy hats that remind them of the Wild West in an urban setting. The growing popularity of cowboy hats among women has set a new trend in creating feminine fashion by using so-called male accessories to make an impressive style statement.

Women prefer smaller cowboy hats

Cowboy hats belong to the group of large hats like the Panama hats and Floppy hats because protection from the weather is the primary objective of such hats. However, the most notable change that cowboy hats have undergone is size reduction to make them suitable for women.  Cowboy hats that women are fond of are much smaller in size to suit the petite female bodies but have enough style to enable women to achieve their fashion goals. Despite being unisex hats, the smaller size of the cowboy hats gives them a distinct women-centric identity. Still, today’s cowboy hats are suitable for both sexes because, despite variations in style to add some feminine touches, the basic design of the hats remains the same. As women have smaller bodies than men, the change in size seems quite logical.

More decorative hats

Cowboy hats, also known as Western hats, have some typical style elements and distinctive designs that remind of the rough and rugged lifestyle of the cowboys that are absent in the hats designed for women. Except for the hat shape and the proportions of the crown and brim, there is very little to relate to the original cowboy hats. Women who love cowboy hats prefer soft and gentle styles that match the female psyche but with some masculine undertones retained in the hat shape that resembles the original design.

Although named cowboy hats, the hats worn by women are only a shadow of the Western hats that earned fame because of their masculine appeal. The women’s hats have decorative elements like feathers, beads, and other embellishments to accentuate the hatbands, unthinkable for the original cowboy hats. The hatbands of women’s cowboy hats are more colorful, and you might even find a delicate pearl necklace gently wrapped around the band or some small trinkets making the hats look gorgeous. The changes in the style of cowboy hats to make them more lovable for women bring a lot of flexibility in wearing the hats with any outfits instead of sticking to the traditional dress code pairing it with jeans and boots only.

More colorful hats

Another marked deviation in the hat style is the choice of colors. The original cowboy hats were primarily black or brown, with a few light color options that complemented the dust bowls of the Wild West nicely. Moreover, such colors gave an earthly look to the hats that matched the desert-like environments. Since women’s cowboy hats break the traditional styling, it is not surprising that the hats are more colorful and available in a wide range of colors suitable for wearing will all types of dresses. Besides the neutral colors like cream, white and beige, bright colors like pink, red, blue, and scarlet are favorite choices for women’s cowboy hats.

Hat materials

Although there are some notable changes to the hat style to make cowboy hats more attractive and suitable for women, there is almost no change in the hat materials. The same is for the hat profile that adheres to the original cowboy hats. Felt, suede, wool, leather, and straw are used to make women’s cowboy hats as they used to be for the original hats. As hat makers keep experimenting with new materials to add more comfort to the design and style of cowboy hats for women, the demand for polyester materials is increasing because it is easy to clean and maintain their color and appeal. Moreover, polyester hats are for all seasons and easy to carry in bags when traveling. Polyester hats remain in perfect shape without wrinkling, and the hats remain new even after many years.

Although cowboy hats used to be for warm climates only, the woolen hats are suitable for protecting the head during the cold season.

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