How to Clear Cache on FireStick (Nov 2022) 


 October 30, 2022

FireStick getting slow or acting weird while opening an app? This might be because of the cache on FireStick that is making your FireStick slow. In this article, we will tell you all the ways that will help you how to clear cache on FireStick.

When an app suddenly stops working properly on FireStick, one of the most common causes of that will be cache. In some cases, an app can also slow down and will stop working efficiently, this will be due to large corrupted data.

In such cases, your first course of action must be clearing the cache of the FireStick app to speed it up.

If you are experiencing unusually slow Firestick performance, or need to troubleshoot any other issues, clearing the cache is the best way to refresh your Firestick and get everything working efficiently again.

So in this article, you will learn how to clear the cache on Firestick.

However, to learn how to clear the cache on FireStick, a little overview of what is FireStick cache is and why do you need to remove will help you to understand the subject in a better way.

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What is Cache on Firestick

Cache memory is the storage space that is inside your Firestick. It is used to manage and access data which is used regularly by apps that you install.

This definition also applies to other devices. While it is alike to regular memory, the cache is quickly attainable because of its involvement in loading applications and making them run smoothly.

One of the most useful things about Fire TV devices is that you can easily download all kinds of apps that let you watch videos, listen to music, and do a whole lot of other things.

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Each app that you download has a cache, which is data that the app temporarily stores on your Fire TV device while it is operating.

Like other devices, the cache is just temporary and it gets deleted automatically once the app is no more running.

However, sometimes it just doesn’t happen and cache keeps accumulating and takes a larger space in the limited FireStick storage space. 

As an effect of this, the system and apps will no longer run flawlessly and you will start to experience slow loading times, and, potentially, other issues.

In most cases, clearing the cache on your Fire TV Stick will fix these problems such as slow speeds and app crashes.

Although, you may need to clear up all the app data, clear cookies, or even reset Fire TV Stick to its factory settings if that doesn’t do the trick.

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Why You Need to Clear Cache on FireStick

Clearing your Firestick cache will make your viewing faster and improve overall performance.

Installing a wide variety of apps and games on a Firestick will cause its memory to get jammed full of cached data.

Frequently, this will start severely affecting the performance of your device and you will notice that it gets really slow.

Cached data will bring on disputes on your device. As a result, it may become impossible to access particular streaming services on your Firestick.

This is caused because the cached app and device-level data offered information about you and your location to online services.

Clearing app data and cache will provide you with a clean slate so that you will be able to access services without conflicts.

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How to Clear Cache on FireStick

We are sure now you understand how important it is to clear the cache on FireStick periodically.

Clearing FireStick cache is the solution for so many problems that we have discussed above.

Luckily, it is easy to clear the cache on FireStick, only takes a few moments, and afterward, you should notice its performance improves a lot.

Here are the steps that you should follow to clear the cache on FireStick:

1. Go to FireStick homepage. On your Firestick main menu, click on Settings (gear icon) which is on the middle right corner of the menu bar.

Click on Settings Icon

2. Once the Settings menu is opened, select Applications tab.

Choose Applications

3. Scroll a little down and click on Manage Installed Applications option.

Click on Managed Installed Applications

4. There’s no way to delete cache of all apps at once. So, you need to click on each app and check the amount of cache and data utilizing on FireStick storage.

5. The cache data will appear on the right-hand side of the screen.

6. Once you find the apps that has lot of cache, you need to individually clear the cache of each app. To do so, click on the app name. 

7. Choose Clear Cache option to clear cache of the FireStick app. This will delete the cache on that particular app.

Click on Clear Data:Cache

You can follow the same steps to clear the cache of other apps as well. However, if your app still doesn’t work go back and click on the Clear Data option.

This will also clear the cache. Please keep in mind it will reset the app and remove all the data including the login details.

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Clear Cache on FireStick!

That is how you can get rid of the FireStick cache easily. If your Firestick has been getting extremely slow – or showing you a ‘critically low storage’ message – the best thing you can do is to clear the cache on FireStick.

In this guide, we have described everything you need to know about clearing the cache on your Firestick.

However, if you face any problem while following our guide on how to clear the cache on FireStick, make sure to comment down below.

We will try to resolve your problem as soon as possible so that you can enjoy streaming on FireStick smoothly. Till then, Happy Streaming! 

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