How to Watch CBS on FireStick (Sep 2022) 


 September 1, 2022

Want to watch CBS live on FireStick? But struggling how to do so? Well, this article will help you to learn how to watch CBS on FireStick. To do so, you need to install the CBS app on FireStick which we will discuss in this post too. Keep on reading!

Excited to watch the CBS on FireStick? CBS All Access is a popular live video streaming platform for US audiences. But now, it gives access to ample stream videos on FireStick.

This is an on-demand video streaming services provider platform where you get a lot of stuff such as sports, movies, original shows, and live streams. 

Though the app is free to stream on FireStick, you can also pay $9.99/month for an ad-free experience.

So, if you are juggling installing this app on FireStick or looking for ways to watch CBS on FireStick, this article will help you so that you don’t need to scratch your heads.

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What is CBS & Features

There are many features available on CBS that make it a great choice to install on FireStick. The ones we liked are as follows:

  • Allows you to stream all the latest shows, web series, binge shows, and original CBS ALL Access shows after the day they go live.
  • You can binge all the latest late-night episodes, primetime, and daytime shows in high-definition quality.
  • Give you access to watch all the live local CBS stations with the help of TV Provider credentials.
  • With this app, you can unlock thousands of episodes, Live TV shows, and original series.
  • You can stream all the Live TV Channels such as CBSN, CBS station, live score, entertainment news, and many more with the premium subscription.
  • Access to all the live streaming episodes.
  • You can also download videos on FireStick for offline viewing if you are on the move.

These are all the features that make this sports app great from other apps.

If you are convinced and want to watch CBS live stream on FireStick, there are two ways that we will discuss in the next section.

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How to Watch CBS on FireStick

There are two best methods to watch CBS on FireStick. One is a free method using Amazon Silk Browser.

While the other method is installing an official app named CBS All access and activating it by opting premium subscription.

However, before choosing any method, it is recommended to use the VPN on your device.

So, let’s not waste further time and find out both the ways and how they work on FireStick one by one.

1. Watch CBS using Amazon Silk Browser (Free)

This method is free and doesn’t require a subscription to watch content on FireStick.

However, you need to have a VPN service working on FireStick before installing. This helps to keep your IP Address anonymous.

Here is the stepwise guide that will help you to watch CBS live on FireStick using Amazon Silk Browser.

1. Go to the Home Screen and click on Find.

Tap on Find Option

2. From the drop-down, select the Search option.

Click on Search Option

3. Type Silk Browse in the search bar and click on Amazon Silk Web Browser from the search result.

4. Select the Internet App card from the next page.

Click on Amazon SIlk Web Browser

5. Click on Get/Download to download the app.

Click on Download for Amazon Silk Web Browser

6. Wait for some time and let downloading finish.

7. Once downloading finishes, click on Open to install the application.

Click on Open for Amazon Silk Web Browser

8. Once the browser opens, click on the URL bar

9. A window will pop up, Type the given URL ustvgo.tv and then choose Go.

Click on the Go for Amazon Silk Web Browser

10. Now, you will be directed to the website so that you can click on CBS link from the given list.

Click on CBS Link

11. Once the selection is made, click on Play for streaming.

And that is how you can watch CBS on FireStick for free using the Amazon Silk Web browser.

However, do make sure you install a VPN service before opting for this method.

2. Watch CBS by Installing Official App (Premium)

The good news is CBS All Access is available on the Amazon App Store officially now.

Install this application easily from the app store and run this application on FireStick device.

Follow this stepwise guide to install this app and watch CBS on FireStick:

1. Visit the Home screen on FireStick and go to the Find icon that you will find on the middle bar.

Tap on Find Option

2. Click on the Search icon from the drop-down menu.

Click on Search Option

3. In the search bar, type CBS All Access and select the app from the results that appear on your screen. 

4. Once you get the app, click on the app card. Select Get/Download and start downloading the application on FireStick. 

5. You could wait for some time and let the downloading process finish. However, it may take a few seconds to download. 

6. Once downloading finishes, click on Open to open the app

That’s it, you have successfully installed CBS All Access app on FireStick. 

When you’re done with the installation, sign in to CBS All Access by filling in the login details. If you don’t have an account, get the free trial first. By clicking on Try It free.

However, to watch CBS on FireStick, you still have to follow a few more steps that will help you to activate the CBS account on FireStick. Move on to the next section to learn that.

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How to Activate CBS on FireStick

The next step after installing CBS All Access on FireStick is activation. Follow the below steps to activate CBS All Access on FireStick: 

  • After installation, launch your CBS All Access application.
  • Go to the Settings menu from the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the Sign in option given on the screen.
  • Now you will see there are two options given. Activate With a Code and Sign in Manually. You can choose any of the options.
  • Now, select Sign in manually and fill in all the necessary login information. Once you fill in the login details, click on Enter.

Alternatively, you can use the activation code to activate CBS All Access on FireStick. Type cbs.com/activate/firetv on your website browser.

Enter the code that you have on the CBS All Access App on FireStick. Now, click on Activate on your browser.

The app will be activated, and you can binge your favorite shows easily. Once the activation is done, you can watch CBS on FireStick easily.

However, please note that you need to subscribe to the cable TV for the CBS live to work on your FireStick.

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Watch CBS on FireStick using Mirroring Option

Mirror Screen is another alternative method to watch CBS All Access for free. You can go for the screen mirror from your Android phone on your FireStick. Here is how you can do this.

  • Press Home Button on Fire TV Remote. Hold it for seconds until you see a list of options on your TV screen.
  • Select Mirroring from the the list of options.
  • Go to the Play Store/App Store on your Smartphone and then install CBS All Access app.
  • Click on Cast from the Control Panel. Select FireStick device from the list of devices connected to your smartphone.
  • Launch the CBS All Access app you just installed. Sign in with cable TV provider.

Choose any content from the CBS All Access app and enjoy it on the big screen.

Finally, Watch CBS Live on FireStick

This is all we have for now! Hope this article helped you to learn watch CBS live on FireStick easily.

Not only that, you’ll be able to easily stream on-demand movies, videos, and other content on FireStick. CBS All Access is excellent for streaming on-demand videos and live TV shows.

You can choose any of the ways mentioned above to install CBS ALL Access and stream content online.

The best part is you don’t need to pay any additional subscription amount to access this platform if you choose the free method.

Install this application and start watching CBS on FireStick. Don’t forget to share your streaming experience with us below.

Also, let us know how we can enhance your experience? What kind of content would you like to see on FireTVLand.com? We will be looking forward for your suggestions/feedbacks.


  1. How can I upgrade CBS All Access on FireStick?

    To upgrade CBS All Access on FireStick, Go to the “Setting” on FireStick. Then, click on the “Manage Account.” Here, you’ll have the entire current plan.

    Please choose any CBS All Access subscriptions and then click on them. Your CBS All Access will be upgraded easily. 

  2. Is CBS All Access free to download?

    While, the app is free to download the services are on subscription plant. This is a paid services platform. You can choose from two of its subscription plan.

    One Subscription plan is available at $5.99/month, and the second is $9.99 per month. The $5.99/ month subscription is an ad version. So, if you want to experience the add free version, then avail the second option. Alternatively, you can go with 7 days free trial. 

  3. How do I watch CBS All Access on FireStick for Free?

    If you want to watch CBS ALL Access for free, subscribe to this app through a cable TV provider.

    Alternatively, install Amazon Silk Web Browser and check our 1st method to watch CBS content for free. 

  4. Why does CBS All Access keep on buffering?

    Buffering may occur due to slow internet speed. So, that could be why it keeps on buffering all the time. For a better experience, use a faster internet connection.

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