Can you make a living from sports betting? 

Michaela Bobulinski

 February 27, 2021

Many wonder if you can make a living from sports betting, for example, football betting, baseball betting, etc., and make a living from it as if it were a steady job. According to statistics carried out by official bodies, 1 in 4 players and bettors earn money with this type of activity. Patience and perseverance are required to have a real chance of making money. Of that 25% of winning bettors, only a tiny minority live solely from sports trading. Can you really make a living from sports betting?

Tips or tricks to win at sports betting

Before starting, it is important that you are clear that a determining factor in this type of activity is chance, so no method or advice is infallible, although you can increase the chances of success in the game.

Some sports betting tricks in gambling houses are a perfect way to win money, among them, we can mention:

* Directional bets

They consist of analyzing when the implicit probability that the odds offered by the bookmaker is lower than the real probability that it is the predicted result.

* Betting arbitrage

The principle of sports arbitration consists of analyzing the odds of different bookmakers, where, due to their adjustment, a negative spread arises, the gap opens where you can place bets that seem contradictory in more than one bookmaker.

A negative spread is obtained when the sum of the implicit probabilities of all the possible outcomes in the game is less than 100%, it is important to know that the spread will be the profit margin of the bookmakers.

In summary, the first part of the arbitration consists of finding the appropriate matches and quotas and the second is the amount of money that you must allocate to each result, where it is recommended that the money allocated to each result be the same. Arbitrage is applicable anywhere in the world, where you can bet live by executing hedges and applying sports trading.

* Stop your impulses

Every decision you make should not be taken lightly and, therefore, should be analyzed in-depth in order to learn how to win sports bets, consider the odds and forecasts of these.

* Specialize in one area

Diversification in bets is important due to the issue of distributing the level of risk, as well as specialization in a specific market that will allow you to make the best decisions.

* Bet with your head

It is not advisable to place bets on sports where we have an emotional preference, as this limits our objectivity when making the right decisions.

* Tipsters

Tipsters play a fundamental role in the previous analysis carried out by bettors since they provide you with statistics with relevant data to achieve success in your bet, however, you must be careful in the network with many tipsters of dubious reputation.

* Betting trading

They consist of cross bets in which instead of playing against the bookmaker it is against other bettors, it is not a common market, but it is quite attractive for players.

Now it’s time to prepare yourself!

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