Best FileLinked Codes [Updated List] 


 November 11, 2022

If you’re looking for the best FileLinked codes, you’ve landed on the right page. The codes listed here are active and available for Amazon FireStick and Android TV. With these codes, you can quickly install the APKs on your device without moving files on your USB device. 

In this guide, we’ll explain FileLinked and the valid codes you can use to install it on Android devices, including Amazon Fire TV. Let’s get started. 

What is FileLinked?

FileLinked is a mass downloading program. This is among the most used applications for Amazon FireStick users. You may quickly access various apps that aren’t available on the Amazon App or Google Play stores with Filelinked. 

On your Kodi Box, Filelinked codes make it incredibly fast to install well-known programs or APKs. In addition, users or developers can upload files into a FileLinked database. They need to provide the Filelinked code for others to be able to use it and downloadable right to their hardware box.

Is FileLinked Code Safe? 

The use of FileLinked and associated codes is completely secure. Installing programs from an unidentified web source should be avoided, nevertheless. Instead, utilizing code from a reliable source, such as our post below, is strongly advised.

Installing unfrosted software from Filelinked might compromise your computer with viruses and malware. Remember that filenames and program names may have been modified to fool you into installing malware when you install applications from untrusted sources. You can also use one of the best VPN services for FireStick to keep your identity anonymous. 

Why do you need to Use FileLinked? 

Let us explain here why you should deploy the Filelinked codes.

The Android operating system used by Android TV boxes offers a wide range of applications. However, the App store does not have any apps that provide free content, such as movies and TV series. In addition, due to the legal limbo that surrounds app streaming, some applications are not available in the store due to possible privacy concerns.

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Users can, nonetheless, download programs from other websites. However, using a remote or keypad on the FireStick web browser is challenging. Also, we strongly advise consumers to only download software from reputable sources.

Using FileLinked codes makes it easy for you to download paid and free apps on FireStick much easier and time-saving. It does not take much space on FireStick as well and the UI is simple to use. To download apps, you just need to enter the store codes that we will provide below and you are good to go. 

Updated List of Best FileLinked Codes 

Motion pictures, television shows, and live events are the most frequently requested genres. We have decided to post the top FileLinked codes that enable you to stream your preferred material.

The FileLinked codes listed below are all integrated into one. In other words, they provide applications or APKs for any form of media you’d like to view, such as live TV, TV shows, movies, etc. Let’s dive in and find out the best FileLinked codes that you can easily if you have installed the FileLinked app. 

1. Code 51829986

Name: Stream & Tech NOW

PIN: Not required

Number of Apps: 500+

Categories: Movies and TV Shows, Live TV, Utilities, Modded Apps

This one is one of the most helpful and complete FileLinked codes you can discover online. Nearly every application and freeware streaming service are available on Stream & Tech NOW. You may discover everything in our collection of more than 500 applications and services, whether you’re looking for films and shows or live TV apps. 

Famous FireStick Apps like CyberFlix, Live Net TV, Cinema HDMobdro, and many more are available with this FileLinked code. Moreover, you may get the modified versions of the third-party stream apps from this FileLinked shop in addition to the original versions. For instance, 51829986 offers editions of Cinema HD, Bee TV, and other services without ads.

2. Code 85810914

Name: Electrical MD

PIN: Not Required

Number of Apps: 40+

Categories: Utility, Movies, TV Shows

Despite not having as many programs as the others, this FileLinked code by Electrical MD still has a good selection. This code only includes the applications you would use, in contrast to the numerous other FileLinked scripts that include dozens of programs.

You can discover anything here, from the best live TV streaming services to the most widely used applications for movies and TV shows. Numerous well-known programs are available in this market, including Cinema APK, Mobdro, CyberFlix, and Live Net TV. Additionally, you may download several Kodi versions, including ones with preloaded Kodi builds (Xanax and Xenon).

3. Code 22222222

Name: NewTech’s APK Store

PIN: 4754

Number of Apps: 100+

Categories: TV Shows & Movies, Live TV, Utilities

Another wonderful location to find loads of applications and tools for FireStick and other Android devices is NewTech’s APK Store. Numerous popular third-party programs, like Cinema APK, Bee TV, CyberFlix, and many others, are included in this FileLinked code.

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Additionally, you may discover plenty of utility programs like Mouse Toggle. You may discover both the most recent and previous iterations of Kodi. You may also download modified, ad-free versions of several well-known programs from our FileLinked shop. Third-party media players like MV Cast Player and MX Player can also be obtained with this code.

4. Code 67664537

Name: Stream It All

PIN: Not Required

Number of Apps: 250+

Categories: Movies, TV Shows, Anime, Live TV, and Utilities

You should look at this coupon if you’ve been seeking a one-stop shop for all your streaming needs. It features a ton of applications that enable you to stream almost anything. Apps for watching movies, TV shows, anime, and much more are available.

Popular apps like CyberFlix, Cinema, Bee TV, Mobdro, and others are available, as you might anticipate. These programs also come in modified forms. That’s not all, though. There is a huge variety of excellent applications in many other areas. For instance, the FileLinked shop offers Smart YouTube TV, a tailored version of YouTube that enables you to see videos free of commercials.

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5. Code 71607934

Name: Fire TV Sticks

PIN: Not Required

Number of Apps: 200+

Categories:  Movies, TV Shows, Anime, Live TV

The FireTVSticks FileLinked code is unquestionably the one you want to use if you own an Amazon Fire Stick. It includes the list of apps available for FireStick & Fire TV gadgets. The applications, however, function equally well on Android Smart TV or Android Box.

On your Amazon Fire TV Stick, this File Linked code has almost all the streaming services you could ever need. Applications like Cinema HD and CyberFlix are available if you enjoy watching on-demand media. Other live TV applications are available, like Mobdro and Live Net TV. The FireTV Sticks shop also has a ton of useful utilities and apps. For example, you may disable adverts on third-party apps using Blokada, which is available there.

6. Kevin Porteous – 76705196

Number of Apps: Over 140

Categories: Movies, TV shows, live TV, media players, sports, utilities, music, and more

Pin Required? Yes

Due to the caliber of the programs, and the genres, the Kevin Porteous shop comes out on top of our list of the finest Filelinked codes. Aptoide, APKTime, Cinema APK, MX Player, and other well-known applications are a few examples. Moreover, Kevin Porteous has a fantastic YouTube channel!

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7. NxtLvlTech – 11039868

Number of Apps: Over 300

Categories: Movies, TV series, media players, music, anime, and utilities.

Pin Required? No

The proprietor of this site has done a fantastic job keeping the programs up to date, and NxtLvlTech is another interesting Filelinked code to investigate. TeaTV, Cinema APK,  BeeTV, FilmPlus, Morpheus TV, Pikashow, and more well-known applications are available in this market. Together with other YouTuber Rohas Reviews, NxtLvlTech also hosts a fun podcast called “Beyond The Streams.”

8. Dr. Venture – 27256340

Number of Apps: Over 130

Categories: Live TV, movies, TV series, anime, media players, social media, and tools.

Pin Required? No

There are more than 130 programs in various categories in this Filelinked shop, which has been hosted and maintained by Dr. Venture for a while. This shop features several well-known programs, including Kodi, Rokkr, ES File Explorer, Puffin TV, FreeFlix, Nova TV, and others.

9. Reviews on This and That – 95030652

Number of Apps: Over 270

Categories: Movies, sports, live TV, Kodi, TV shows, media players, and web browsers.

Pin Required? No

The YouTube channel Reviews run a popular Filelinked shop on This and That. Popular applications available in this market include VirusTotal, Cinema HD, Nova TV, Crackle, BeeTV, YouTube Vanced, and many more.

10. trust stream – 32364318

Number of Apps: Over 120

Categories: Live TV, media servers, TV shows, movies, IPTV players, and tools.

Pin Required? No

Some Other Valid FileLinked Codes 

11. Code 76115743

You get accessibility to over 100 APKs through this code shop, known as the “Kingson APK Store.” Yes, it contains the streaming applications you choose. However, it also includes a number of other helpful tools, like browsers and cleaners.

12. Code 33627466

One more excellent FileLinked code for broadcasters Try this code if you enjoy streaming and binge-watching, whether you’re using an Android TV or Amazon Fire Stick. For movies, TV series, live TV, and other things, it offers tons of applications.

These are some of the best FileLinked codes that are available right now. These best FileLinked codes will help you install some of the popular and not-so-popular apps. However, one thing is assured that the entertainment would be super fantastic. 

How to Delete FileLinked Codes?

Once you have added the FileLinked codes on your device, it is essential to delete these codes to free some spaces from your device. In addition, it helps to stop buffering on FireStick, and you will be able to stream smoother. So let’s follow these steps to delete such codes within FileLinked. 

1. First thing first, go to the main screen of the FileLinked and click on My Codes.

2. Here you get some Code History. First, you need to click on the Trash icon. Now, click on the Delete button. 

Here you go! Your FileLinked codes will be deleted from your device. 

Updated List of FileLinked Codes

The finest and best FileLinked codes for Android TV, FireStick, and other compatible devices are listed here. We hope this list proves to be helpful. You can use these codes to stream unlimited content on your devices without any hassles. However, some codes may not work after some time, so keep reading about the latest and updated codes by bookmarking this page for future reference. 

Do you need a VPN for Filelinked Codes?

About employing multiple Filelinked codes, we advise using a VPN. By doing this, you may maintain your online anonymity when streaming.

Are Filelinked Codes Legal?

Yes, using Filelinked codes to install programs and watch movies and TV series that are part of the public domain is lawful. However, we do not support or encourage unlawful downloading or streaming of protected material.

What happens if you get caught using unverified apps from Filelinked stores?

Legal repercussions may result if you are discovered utilizing programs from Filelinked marketplaces to view copyrighted content. Therefore, we advise only watching works that are in the public domain.

What are the Best Filelinked Codes?

The top Filelinked Codes on our list are 95030652, 76705196, 67664537, 51829986, and 27256340.

What Devices can Filelinked be installed on?

You may install Filelinked on any Android-powered Smartphone. This covers a variety of devices, including Chromecast, Android TV Boxes, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield, phones, tablets, and more.

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