Benefits Of Using PNG Images 


 October 3, 2020

Portable Network Graphics, abbreviated as PNG, help transport images on the World Wide Web, famous worldwide. Moreover, introduced in the year 1995, it was explicitly designed for an enhanced and unoriginal replacement of Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), and to some extent for TIFF format.

To date, five versions of PNG images have been released, but the standard version was released in 2004. While it is used by all the users, including PCs, Macs, Android, and iOS platforms, none of us are familiar with its advantages.

Hence, we decided to shed some light on its benefits. Let’s get to it right away!

Compression Loss

One of the PNG image type’s premium advantages over JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is the minimum compression loss. Thus, it ensures that the image quality is not lost in the compression of the picture.

The format is perfectly designed for the image. Thus when saved again, the quality remains intact. In other words, pictures compressed under the structure preserve their data, quality, and details irrespective of frequent encoding and decoding. So, every time you send your dear ones a heart PNG, they will receive it in the highest quality.

Support Transparency

The PNG format sustains transparency, which means that it assists in compressing images within transparent areas. While on the other hand, the JPEG format reduces the transparent part as white color.

Color Depth

Another critical characteristic that is attained by this format is complete color depth. The structure is used to support a wide array of images that includes photographs or graphics.

It also extends its support to palette-based images, who acquire palettes of 24-bit RGB or 32—bit RGBA colors. Moreover, it also assists gray-scale photos, as well as full-color-non-palette-based RGBA/RGB images.

An Ideal Choice For Digital Images

The format is considered to be the ultimate choice for editing digital images. Because it does not lose digital image quality, it is the first choice of users to edit.

Free-License PNG

A permanent free license PNG is being introduced by the W3C and is determined to be always accessible and standard for users across the planet.

Layers Of Transparency

The format acquires multiple layers of transparency, which permits full alpha channel transparency. Thus, it signifies that the image is transferred from one background to another with no trouble. The format acquires 265 levels of opacity, vary between from fully opaque to fully transparent.

Built-In Gamma Correction

The built-in gamma correctors come up with the PNG format, which means that the user can view the digital image as intended only by selecting the gamma level projected on their monitor.

Sharp Edges With Solid Colors

The format is considered ideal for adding sharp edges and solid colors containing texts, line arts, or graphics. While on the other hand, JPEG isn’t viewed as a perfect choice, since it yields visual artifacts between objects.

With so many benefits associated with PNG images, it is no wonder that it is such a popular picture format amongst amateurs and professionals alike! Whether you wish to add a heart PNG to a digital greeting card or you wish to add a logo to an image, the PNG format makes things hassle-free for you!

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