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 January 16, 2020

Zinat Aman Biography

Zinat Aman is one of the sexiest Bollywood actresses. Her languid look, sensual lips, thin waist drove crazy many men who were ready for a lot of things. And she chose married, proving the old truth that you cannot build your happiness on someone else’s misfortune.

On November 19, 1951, happiness happened in the family of Skinda and Amanullah Khan – they had a charming baby whom they named Zinat. The girl was their only child, so from the cradle she was surrounded by care and attention. But Amanullah and Skinda were different people in character and religion: he is a Muslim, she is a Hindu. It seemed to them that no one and nothing was able to destroy their relationship.

But religion is able to separate not only separate people, but entire nations in different directions. The birth of the girl paid off the differences between her parents, but not for long: when Zinat was completely tiny, they decided on a divorce.


Zinat practically did not see her father: he moved to Pune, which is 150 kilometers about Bombay (now Mumbai), where the girl lived with her mother. Amanullah Khan, being a screenwriter (he wrote the script for the movie “The Great Mogul”, which became a classic of Indian cinema), was always busy – his life consisted of constant meetings, discussions and endless rewriting of ready-made texts.

He met with Zinat when he came to Bombay on business. But these meetings were incredibly short and took place almost on the run. When Zinat was 13 years old, her dad died. The girl found out about this when she was in the morning prayer. While she was going to Puma, dad was buried. Subsequently, the actress admitted that one of the most striking childhood impressions for her was a huge number of strangers in white mourning clothes.


“We rarely saw my father, but when he was gone, I suddenly felt a huge emptiness,” said Zinat Aman. – And the older I got, the more this emptiness became larger, it was impossible to fill with anything. Once I met a friend of my father, and he talked for a long time about him, about how good and talented he was. Returning home, I sobbed for several hours. I could not understand why my father and I spent so little time together. ”

Soon, Scinda met a European, married him. The new dad had to go through many unpleasant moments associated with the behavior of his stepdaughter: Zinat was just experiencing the difficulties of adolescence. She had enough of her worries: she was shy of her changing appearance

Even in the heat, she wore baggy sweaters to hide, as it seemed to her, this ugliness. “When the teacher asked if I had caught a cold, I immediately started sneezing and coughing hard to convince her that it was,” Zinat recalled.

But over time, the relationship of the girl with her stepfather became almost related. He read books to him, which he had a huge number of, spoke about religion, wars, about European cities, about free women living there. These conversations had a great influence on Zinat – later she allowed herself to do in the frame what she did not dare to do. no one to do.

For example, in the film “Truth, Love, and Beauty,” she was dressed in a transparent sari, which would open the body rather than cover it. In another film, she was wearing a bikini, shorter than which Indian cinema had not yet seen


Critics slandered: “In the films where Zinat Aman plays, there is more body than soul.” She created the image of a free woman – for patriarchal India this was a real revolution. It is not surprising that the actress was repeatedly called the sexiest woman in the country.

Since childhood, Zinat Aman has strived everywhere and in everything to be the first: if basketball is only a victory, if studying is only high marks. It is not surprising that after school she was given a scholarship to continue her education. And not somewhere, but in distant California. In hot Los Angeles, where one of the most popular details of the wardrobe is a swimsuit, the oriental beauty of Zinat in combination with a fragile figure and huge eyes was noticed by agents of the modeling business.

At first, she was embarrassed to flaunt her body, but later she began to like the photographs in which she looked dazzling. Zinat realized that she should not be shy of what nature generously endowed her with.






She returned to India a year later and was already a completely different person. She took part in the national beauty contest and received the right to represent the country at “Miss Asia and Oceania – 70”, where she won the main crown.

As you know, from the modeling business to the cinema is one step, models often choose the acting profession. But if some do not advance beyond secondary roles, then others succeed in making a career. Zinat Aman was one of the last.

True, the first two films with her participation failed at the box office – the directors relied solely on the actress’s sex appeal, which was rejected by the audience. But for the third film, “Brother and Sister,” she took the prize in the nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role at the Filmfare Awards, India’s main annual film award for achievements in filming films in Hindi.

Zinat played a girl who escaped from an evil stepmother from India to Nepal and joined the hippie movement. She got into the film by accident – the role Jasbir performed by her was originally intended for another actress. But at the last moment she requested the main role, and when the director refused, she left the project.


It was then that Zinat Aman was invited into the picture. She felt distrust from more experienced colleagues. “Every step I took, every phrase was filled with fear,” said the actress. “Returning home, I cried because I was afraid to let the director and other actors down, because there was a lot of talk about the film, which had not even been shot yet.”



A tragedy almost happened on those shoots: when the actress returned from Kathmandu, her plane fell into a severe thunderstorm. He was shaking and shaking, and at some point the passengers even began to pray. Fortunately, the pilot managed to land the liner and there were no casualties. With this attitude, not far from depression. It is no wonder that even before the release of the film on the screens, she was so buried in herself that she decided: cinema is not her vocation.

Confidence in this was so strong that Zinat even decided to go to Germany, to her mother and stepfather. But at the very last minute, when the luggage was already packed, she decided nevertheless to wait for the premiere show, which exceeded expectations not only of her own, but also of critics.


The actress was married twice. For some incredible irony of fate, both her husbands bore the name Khan. The first husband was actor Sanjay Khan. Their romance broke out during the filming of the film “Abdullah.” By that time, the man was long and happily married, had children. But blinded by feelings, Zinat was ready to become even a lover, even a second wife, just to be near him. She loved him with all her heart, and he beat her and humiliated her.


The actress seemed to become the heroine of her own films, only they were much worse. Once at one of the social events, Sanjay’s wife, Zarina, publicly hit the actress in the face, and then Khan himself raised his hand to her. He later explained that he did this after learning about Zinat’s betrayal, which, of course, was not. Despite the fame and popularity of Aman, the assault Khan got away with – he had too many influential friends.

The police did not even pay attention to the fact that the right eye was damaged due to blows to the actress. She had to undergo an operation, but completely failed to hide the defect – the eyelid is still a little lowered.

Being in “captivity” at Sanjay, she starred in two tapes, which gained extraordinary popularity in the USSR: “Treasures of the ancient temple” and “Like three musketeers.” In them, Zinat Aman is flourishing and self-confident, and it is impossible to believe what problems she had to endure at that moment. She divorced the rapist Khan, but after the divorce, the number of films with her participation fell sharply, perhaps Khan simply cut off her oxygen – Zinat Aman released one picture in two years, which is unthinkable for an actress of her level





When in 1995 Zinat married for the second time, to Mazkhar Khan, many were sure that this man would fill her life with love. Moreover, the actor, fascinated by the beauty of Zinat, long sought her hand. And she finally gave up. For her sake, Mazhar left the family, leaving his wife and child. But popular wisdom says that you can’t build your own happiness on someone else’s misfortune. In the second marriage, Zinat gave birth to two sons, Azan and Zaan.



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