Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Professional Profile Picture for LinkedIn 

Michaela Bobulinski

 March 27, 2022

The chances of a profile being viewed on LinkedIn are seven times higher for profiles that have a profile picture. ‘People connect with people,’ as we all know. So, why aren’t more individuals adding a photo to their profile? Or why are so many people posting photographs of poor quality? Let’s face it, you could probably get away with a vacation photo or a selfie on your Twitter page, but LinkedIn?

If you’re thinking about making a LinkedIn account or already have one, you might want to make your online image a little more intriguing for your future employers. You need to make a strong first impression to increase your career and business chances, which means you need to upload a photo to your LinkedIn page!

What makes a fantastic LinkedIn profile photo is mainly determined by the objectives of your LinkedIn profile.

Why? Because your LinkedIn profile is a reflection of who you are as a professional. If you have professional objectives, your profile should reflect those objectives.

The pretty universal elements are as follows:

  • It needs to be a picture.
  • It should be yours.
  • It should be of good quality (not a cropped party photo with poor resolution). Consider the photographs that individuals use in their biographies on corporate websites.
  • It shouldn’t be against LinkedIn’s policies.

With these LinkedIn profile picture tips, you’ll learn all you need to know about professional profile pictures on LinkedIn and how to make your account stand out from the crowd.

What are the Benefits of Taking a Professional Photograph?

Your LinkedIn profile images influence people’s perceptions of you, and the photo is the first impression you provide to potential employers. If you want to get employed, you must be confident, dress well, and create a good impression, just like you would in a job interview. Your profile photo is similar to a LinkedIn passport photo. It doesn’t have a lot of criteria, yet it functions as a kind of identification. Make sure your photo is of good quality and highlights your greatest character qualities if you want to associate your appearance with your professional personality. A corporate headshot that focuses on you rather than the surroundings makes the best kind of LinkedIn profile picture.

The Advantages of a Decent LinkedIn Profile Photo

To persuade you to add a photo to your LinkedIn profile or update your current profile image, we’ve compiled a list of some of the benefits of having the correct photo on your account.

You Become More Approachable When You Have A Profile Photo

A picture on your profile serves as your own personal brand, making you appear welcoming, trustworthy, and confident and allowing you to interact with the viewer on a personal level. Uploading a high-resolution photo to your LinkedIn profile will help you make a positive first impression and increase the number of people who see your profile.

Increased Likelihood Of Being Recognized

It’s not an exaggeration to claim that accounts containing photographs have a higher chance of being viewed. According to LinkedIn data, profiles without photos are seen less frequently, and 93% of users refuse invitations from persons without photos. This means that having a profile photo on LinkedIn will increase your chances of being spotted!

According to LinkedIn’s research, adding a photo to your profile enhances your profile’s exposure by 14 times and your chances of obtaining a response by 36 times. You must include a LinkedIn profile photo if you wish to be considered.

Enhances Personal Appeal

Someone who follows you on other social networks will most likely find and follow you on new social networks as well. As a result, your social media reach will be increased. It is true that when a person’s face is connected with a profile, it becomes more attractive. According to LinkedIn,  the chances of items with images next to them in LinkedIn search results being clicked are as much as seven times higher. The free profile pic maker from Adobe can help you enhance your profile picture and help you make an incredible impression.

A Professional Profile Picture Helps Build Credibility

Without pictures, a profile is either not very active or just out-of-date. Furthermore, many “spams” social profiles exist to sell things or gather information. They either do not have a profile photo or contain a photo of a celebrity or a model to draw more attention. Also, after seeing your profile photo, someone who knows you from your past will be able to recognize you quickly. Also, that friend from your previous work (or previous jobs) who is seeking you will locate you among the vast list of persons with the same or very similar names.

Helps Organizations To Hire The Right Talent

You may not know, but your profile picture can tell a lot about your character. A profile that doesn’t have a profile picture is perceived as unreliable and untrustworthy. Then there are profile pictures with poor lighting, poor focus, and other flaws. If someone isn’t putting in an effort to click a good picture for their profile in times where nearly everyone owns a smartphone with a good camera, you can pretty much tell a lot about how seriously they take important details.


When it comes to your LinkedIn profile photo, don’t be afraid to solicit feedback from others. If you want to see how your profile will appear to others using different platforms, you can always view your profile from your smartphone, computer, and tablet.

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