Why Should You Opt for Textured Wallpaper for Your Home 


 February 21, 2021

Are you tired of having plain walls and boring walls in your home? Do you need a transformation of your house that looks trendy but is not heavy on the pocket? Are you looking for something, which is durable yet extravagant? Then you should opt for textured wallpapers.

Textured wallpapers depict a natural texture like stone, brick, wood, and marble. Unlike designs and patterns, textured wallpapers give a genuine look of luxury. They give a unique look that is decent and stylish. If you are interested in building a fireplace in your sitting area and place relaxers to enjoy winter evenings, then a stone texture wallpaper will be the perfect choice to compliment the room and give it a realistic fireplace feel.

Add Depth to the Room

The astounding feature of textured wallpapers is that they are designed to give a three-dimensional look that adds real depth to the room. The surface may be flat and smooth, but because of raised elements in its design, the texture pops out.

Provide Realistic Textures

In contrast to traditional wallpapers, textured wallpapers are made of pressed paper, while some are made of vinyl. Other types comprise composed particles of the material they are imitating. For instance, the stone texture will give a feel of pebbles, the brick texture will have a gradient surface, and the marble texture will be shiny.


Paint can be beautiful and colorful, but wallpaper is gaining popularity with designers. It transforms your room in the most unbelievable manner. It perfectly blends with any color and creates a subtle environment with the furnishings and lighting effects.

Low Maintenance

More people are resorting to textured wallpapers because of their durability and low maintenance. A slight scratch on a painted wall can ruin it, but with wallpapers, your wall will be resilient to standard wear and tear. Also, the three-dimensional appearance helps to hide the defects. If wallpapers are handled with care, then they can last for over 15 years. Nowadays, due to technology, wallpapers are made on peel-and-stick paper. They are easy to paste and remove with no professional help.

Can Be Installed Anywhere In the House

You can decorate your house in the most beautiful way as if an expert has done it. You just need to let your creativity flow and choose your colors, textures, wisely. As per the design rules, you just need to be careful that the overall setup does not get too gaudy. Wallpapers are not only confined to any specific area, you can use them in any room of the house. Besides adding depth to the room, the wallpapers can also serve the purpose of breaking a wall in two portions or highlight a certain part of the wall.


Wallpapers have been a part of interior design for ages. The idea of wallpapers became common during the period of Renaissance and it became a popular affordable alternative for tapestries that were commonly used by the rich to cover the walls.

Fulfills Greater Purposes

Earlier wallpapers featured sceneries until the 20th century patterned wallpaper became popular. Now wallpapers have added characteristics like blocking Wi-Fi waves, protecting walls from falling during earthquakes, for lighting, and many more. Therefore, now they are not only part of the design but also work for safety purposes.

So, if you have been thinking about revamping your living space into something warm and classy, a textured wallpaper, specifically stone texture or marble texture is something you should consider!

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