Why It’s Important to Be Kind: Top 5 Reasons Everyone Must Know 

Elle Gellrich

 March 22, 2022

Doing good deeds and broadcasting this value can be done from different positions: providing material assistance, participating in charitable actions, becoming a volunteer, help in word and deed. Why does a person need to do this? Here are five reasons.

Have a Taste for Life

It’s important to nurture this quality in a child from an early age. Its manifestation is not immediately intrinsic to a child, although it is necessary for communication and recognition of the person by society. Therefore, it is useful for children not only to listen to stories about how important it is to be kind, how valuable it is to show this quality in relation to other people, but also to be a participant in good deeds themselves. How can this be realized in reality? For example, together with adults, support an elderly and lonely neighbor or visit a sick relative. Or give a gift to a kid from a low-income family, and help carry a heavy bag for a grandfather. Allow children to feel the joy of a good deed.

Learn Good Things From Others

The child absorbs like a sponge all the qualities passed down to him by his parents. And if you require from your son or daughter honesty, decency, and you show the opposite qualities (cheating, cruelty to people or animals), do not expect that the child will listen to your words.

Children’s personalities are shaped by the adults who matter to them. If fathers and mothers broadcast and develop positive qualities and high moral values in their children, then in the future, this person will have something to share with the people around them and with the world. Even if parents enjoy slots online but don’t get addicted to them, their kids notice this and understand that such activity is fun, not torture.

Find Yourself

But it happens that for some adults, a manifestation of kindness is associated with weakness, low self-esteem. Usually, such a perception is peculiar to those who in childhood suffered psychological trauma, did not receive love, attention. Subsequently, this led to emotional deprivation. For such a person, it is hard not only to share love but also to accept it. The fear of being abandoned, deprived, and unloved again is so great that they have to build up multiple defenses, just not to experience the pain and suffering of their attachment to someone again. Unusual acts of kindness toward such people can cause both physiological and psychological problems: increased blood pressure, feelings of fear, anxiety, unpleasant feelings in the heart, irritability, or tearfulness.

Trust the World and People

Think of the tale of the ugly duckling. Rejected by everyone, he decides to go away and hide. This story fully embodies the behavior of people deprived of a joyful childhood. Only after going the hard way, did the duckling gain grace, self-confidence and turned into a beautiful swan. Similarly, a person who has been psychologically traumatized needs to overcome his or her problem, to live through the traumatic experience. Helping others, the person acquires new qualities, good feelings gradually awakens confidence in the world and others. Made good, like a boomerang, certainly returns – warmth in the heart, love, and moral satisfaction.

Share Love

Kind words and good relationships are important in people’s lives, each of us needs to understand that he is loved, needed, accepted, cared for. This gives confidence in yourself and tomorrow, helps to move forward and feel secure. The kindness that lives in a person is a manifestation of love, which each of us needs so much.

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