Why iPhone doesn’t charge: 6 reasons 

Elle Gellrich

 November 5, 2022

Apple products are considered one of the most reliable in the world, but despite this, from time to time, iPhone owners also encounter various problems. If the iPhone does not charge, “does not see” the charger, or reaches only a certain percentage, then we advise you not to rush to conclusions and just read the article to the end.

The manual is universal and will work for all iPhone models

First steps

Before you run to the service center, it is necessary to understand what the cause may be. As a rule, if it is not a factory defect (which is very rare) but a problem with the charging, cable, or lightning plug.

Reboot the iPhone

Trivial, yes! But very often, it works for you.

Try a different cable.

Although this is an obvious solution, for some reason, many people immediately start looking for problems in the phone instead of asking, for example, a sister, mom, or friend to use their cable and check if it’s charging. The wire wears out more often than we think. It happens that even a simple kink in the plug area (or the process is only when one side is connected) due to the breakage of the copper strands inside puts the cord out of order. Therefore, 70% of all problems are solved by the banal replacement of the cable.

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Test the charger

Another simple way is to check the charger itself for malfunctions. Statistically speaking, 10 percent of all battery charging problems are caused by a broken charger. The fact that some users buy inexpensive Chinese analogs, which at any time can fail. In order to make sure that the problem is in the adapter, you need to take another phone and use a different cable to try to charge this device through your “charger.”

Inspect the connector on your iPhone

In most cases, the phone can’t charge due to dust or debris getting on the pins and interfering with the flow of current. Carefully in bright daylight, inspect the Lightning connector for debris. If you find hairs, dust, grains of sand, or other debris, gently clean the socket. Isopropyl alcohol or board contact cleaner will work as a cleaning solution. If you don’t have anything like that handy, simply wipe off the dust with a dry, clean brush or blow it off with compressed air from a canister.

If the cable is “charging” when you wiggle it, you need to clean the USB port pins of oxidation. 9% of all problems are solved with these simple manipulations.

Change the battery

If all the above procedures do not help, it is likely that the phone will have a faulty battery. Warranty life of Li-ion battery from Apple – 12 months, after which it can still work for a while, if not more than 300-400 charge-discharge cycles (3-4 years of operation).

Since the visual inspection of the battery in the iPhone is very difficult, it is possible to know that the problem is in the battery by several signs:

  • The indication is there, but it does not charge or “goes into minus”;
  • the process does not go in the switched-on state, only in the switched-off state;
  • the smartphone is charging poorly or not fully (stops at 80-90%);
  • iPhone “fills with energy” much slower than usual, instead of 1-2 hours – 3-6 hours;
  • The display is slightly detached from the case, which means that the battery is swollen;
  • Battery charge drops to zero in 1-2 hours or “hangs up” right after unplugging the plug;
  • iOS reboots cyclically or shuts down suddenly.

If you find on your iPhone at least one of these signs, it is time to change the battery. According to statistics from service centers, battery replacement helps in 7% of cases.

Try doing a factory reset

If iOS “hangs” or uses an outdated version, the phone will not charge. In this case, you should first update the firmware to the latest version. If the problem persists, you’ll have to do a “hard reset” – format the memory and configure your phone “like new.” In 4% of cases, such a “shake-up” helps a lot.

The power controller burned out.

Sometimes due to power surges or the use of cheap Chinese “trinkets” in the form of chargers, the phone also stops “seeing” the charger. When charging, the power is not supplied directly to the battery but through a special controller with a program embedded in the chip. This controller sends a command to start the process. If the chip burns out, the phone won’t charge.


Don’t drop it

If you want your iPhone to last a long time, you should treat it carefully and not drop it. Also, never carry the gadget in your back pocket as this can cause it to break.

Do not charge it too often.

The ideal charging pattern is when the indicator reads from 20% to 80%. If you stick to this pattern, your iPhone will work for a very long time. But it is not recommended to “bring the phone to 100%” at all because each time, the number of charge-discharge cycles is reduced, and therefore the life of the battery decreases. If you charge it to 100%, then do it no more than once in 2 months.

Observe the temperature regime

As we mentioned above, the operating temperature of the device is from +3 to 45 degrees, and, therefore, leaving it in the cold or heat (especially under direct sunlight) is not recommended, as well as communicating with it in such conditions.

Update the software in time

Installing the latest versions of updating iOS has a positive impact on the phone; there are new features and fewer “glitches” and “hangs” interfaces. Programmers often make changes to the code, allowing software to more fully control the hardware of iPhones.

We recommend not delaying updates, and as soon as a new version appears, download and install it.


We have considered all the most common reasons why the iPhone does not charge. And it becomes clear that it is necessary to go to the service only when problems arise because of the battery or a malfunction of the connector itself. All other problems can be easily corrected yourself. With more serious problems, contact only an official Apple service center!

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