Why Does Gold Color Feel so Attractive to the Eyes? 


 February 21, 2021

Colors can affect your mood without you knowing. Few colors make you happy while others make you sad. You think a person is annoying because of his senseless arguments but in actuality, chances that the environment or a prominent color in your surroundings is making you feel restless and annoyed are high. It is just how colors play games with your brain.

The Color Gold

The color gold associates with metal gold. As humans, we unconsciously connect it to wealth and ornaments. Although it is just a color, it is synonymous with luxury and riches. That is why the gold color feels so attractive to the eyes. When we see any shade of gold, our brain makes us feel royal and special. Most of the palaces around the world have an indefinite amount of gold used in their interior. It is a treat for an ordinary person, no matter if it is just a color or actual gold.

Shades of Gold

The color gold belongs to the yellow family and has a wide variety of hues and historically defined shades. For instance, the shades of pure gold, blond hair, the fur of a lion, and barley. All count as gold, but each depicts a different shade. The most common gold shades are antique gold, light gold, matte gold, Vegas gold, and golden brown. People mostly use light gold as a golden background for events. The shade is dull and gives a decent image.

What Does Gold Color Mean?

Like every other color, gold color has a meaning too. We have seen that it is symbolic to wealth and extravagance, but it also means being optimistic and cheerful. Coming from the family of yellow, it has all qualities to be warm, friendly, and confident. It also signifies good times and celebrations. South Asian weddings are a good example of gold used in festivities. You will find the color gold everywhere. From the bride’s dress to the background, from the décor to food, and even the gift boxes and lightings, all show gold shades.

However, gold also means materialism and greed. Since ancient times, explorers have sought gold to get wealthy. That is why we have a famous saying in the English language ‘all that glitters is not gold.’ This shows the value of gold color in human life.

What Colors Go With Gold?

Gold is such a versatile color that every primary and secondary color matches with gold. It all depends on what type of color scheme you prefer. A monochromatic gold color scheme uses dull gold hues whereas a complementary gold color scheme uses blue and purple. Similarly, the analogous gold color scheme includes the colors bordering gold on either side of the color wheel. However, the triadic gold color scheme incorporates red and blue on a modern color wheel.

Colors are an essential part of our lives. We take them for granted until we realize their importance in a crucial matter. For instance, the identification of red color to danger, blue for water, white for peace, and gold for style. As for the color gold, it has a charm and attraction like no other color and this is the reason why most of the time, people opt for gold in their dresses and décor when they want to go grand!


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