When Should you Contact Atlanta Slip and Fall Attorney 

Michaela Bobulinski

 February 3, 2022

Life comes with little and big ups and downs, being a part of this you must be ready for every situation.

For instance, a minor injury just by slipping over. Not an issue, but can become sometimes if the precautions are not taken on time or seeking no medical assistance immediately. Every kind of injury either big or small has come up with laws that support a victim.

And same goes for the slip and fall injury. Of course, it’s a kind of personal injury and you can get compensated in several ways by contacting an attorney.

You might have heard about different about attorneys for different ambitions as a personal injury attorney, children injury attorney wrongful death attorney, and much more. And for a slip and fall injury, you also can contact an attorney for claiming and compensation.

Slip and fall injuries in common:

Injuries can occur as a result of a slip and fall mishap. However, some may be minor or major ranging from moderate to severe. Most commonly occurring injuries include bones that have been broken or cracked, injury to the neck, sprains or strains of the muscles, dislocation of the cervical spine, injury of the spinal cord, traumatic brain injury (TBI), or head trauma, Concussions, bruising, cuts, and paralysis.

Make sure if you suffer from any of these, go for medical assistance immediately to avoid long-term complications in the future.

Contact an Atlanta slip and fall attorney:

Different types of slip and fall cases might occur in Atlanta. As a result, it may be difficult to link your accident to the activities of a property owner.

You can file a case if floors, lifts, staircases, and escalators were damaged and not repaired. Individuals are not informed about a potentially hazardous situation, such as a slick or wet floor

If there was a slip and fall incident due to water or snow. The harmful objects at the construction sites can damage anyone If heavy objects and machinery are placed randomly. You have a strong case of slip and fall if you or your beloved was injured through any material under someone else’s property.

Where the slip and fall incidents may occur:

There are numerous places where slip and fall incidents can take place for example a shopping mall, an Airport, an escalator, a construction site or in its surroundings, in car parking, and parks. No one thinks of becoming a victim of course, but unfortunately, this can be anywhere, anytime.

The management at these sites must be prepared for any kind of disaster or injuries. And if not, there must be action taken against them. If you get injured at these places due to a slip and fall incident, contact Atlanta slip and fall attorney to help you safeguard your rights.

After a slip and fall incident, don’t delay:

For some, a slip and fall incident can be a hard time. People often get into confusing situations and this worsens the situation. The representatives are frequently forceful in their actions to persuade injured customers to make statements concerning the event. However, most importantly, if you’ve been hurt in a slip and fall, you’re not obligated to make any statements to the business’s personnel.

Protect yourself after a slip and fall and seek medical assistance or take medications as soon as possible. Consider photographing or filming the event if you are able. Consider photographing or videotaping the accident scene if you are able. If at all possible, jot down your memories of what happened. If there were any witnesses, make a note of their names and contact information. The more you have the shreds of evidence, the more your case is firm.

How Atlanta slip and fall attorney can help you:

Immediately, an Atlanta slip and fall attorney can assist you in obtaining an appropriate medical diagnosis, dealing with the opposing party and his or her counsel, and working to preserve your rights throughout settlements Remember the period you have before initiating a claim for damages is limited. Allow the attorney to focus on ensuring that the legal issues are addressed.

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