What Is the Difference Between a Superyacht and a Megayacht? 

Kyrie Mattos

 October 22, 2022

You’ve heard of a yacht—a shiny, gorgeous, and innovative vessel that can make for a transformative excursion. There’s nothing quite like cruising the seas while aboard a luxury yacht. Cruising over the waves on a sunny day is the perfect way to recharge your batteries.

But while you may be familiar with a yacht, you might not have heard of a superyacht. Is it just another term for a yacht, or does it come with more amenities? And even beyond that, what is a megayacht? 

Understanding these industry terms will help you make an educated decision when purchasing a luxury vessel

What Is a Superyacht?

A few specific details characterize a superyacht—namely, size and space. Superyachts are larger than standard yachts, usually coming in at 79 feet or longer. However, you can ask five different people to tell you the size range of a superyacht and get five different answers.

That is to say, the definition of a superyacht is fluid but typically refers to a larger-than-average yacht with far more amenities. Think multiple pools, expensive gyms, helipads, movie theaters, and more. Also, a professional crew typically operates a superyacht.

What Is a Megayacht?

This is where things get a little complicated. The terms superyacht, megayacht, and gigayacht are often used by yacht brokers and boat builders to classify these extraordinary vessels. 

Many are surprised to learn that these classifications have no universally agreed-upon technical definition. But in sizing terms, the word megayacht usually applies to vessels over 200 feet long. 

Superyachts vs. Megayachts: It Comes Down to Size

Because there are no hard and fast rules in these definitions, it’s difficult to discern the features a superyacht boasts versus a megayacht. What one brokerage considers a superyacht is a megayacht to another.

One thing is for sure: A megayacht is bigger than a superyacht, approximately 100 feet longer by most definitions, offering more room for amenities.

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