What Does Heart Shape Symbolize – The Nifty Details 


 February 21, 2021

Today, the heart shape is symbolized as an emotion/feeling of love all around the globe. You may have frequently come across the heart shape quite frequently as a heart emoticon in social media applications and on different social media platforms. Individuals send heart emoji to their dear ones often to express their admiration towards them.

The modern definition of heart shape that you will find on the internet states that it is an ideograph used to pick up the core of emotion, love, and affection. But, you might be surprised to know that history has delivered various explanations that include a wide array of theories concerning the heart shape.

Let’s dig in deeper and know all about heart shape and its significance.

Symbol of Love And Affection

What we know of heart shape today is a symbol of love and affection. Be it on marriage wishes, Valentine’s Day greetings, or a mere conversation between two friends or lovers, the heart emoticon forms a vital element of emotional expression.

Symbolized As A Birth Control Pill

You may be shocked to read this but it is, perhaps the most unusual theory related to the heart shape. It was observed in the ancient time of the Greek and Roman era, where silphium (heart-shaped plant) was consumed as a food flavoring and medicine. It worked wonders as a cough syrup but was considered more famous for its birth control ability.

The striking resemblance of the plant to the heart lead toward the speculation of the plant having a correlation with sex and love in old times.

Anatomical Drawings Featured Heart

The scholars such as Martin Kemp and Pierre Vinken discuss the heart symbol and its root and point towards anatomical drawings in the writings of Galen and Aristotle.

The theory suggests that the heart shape was born when the artists and scientists began to draw it in the ancient anatomical text while describing three chambers and dent present in the middle of the heart.  Since the human heart is known for emotions and pleasure, the shape was the due course adopted as a symbol of love and romance.

Correlated With Other Body Parts

You might be a bolt from the blue while reading this – the heart shape was once speculated to be modeled conferring to other body parts of humans, which include breasts and buttocks.

Besides these theories, the heart shape was speculated to originate from other types of leaves ivy leaves, or the leaves of water-lily. Other than this, in the year 1305, the known Italian painter, Giotto, interpreted Charity in the Scrovegni Chapel in which she illustrates her heart given to Jesus.

It was until the late 14th century, where the heart shape was changed upside down.  But then again, a tradition evolved in the mid of the 15th century, which shaped the heart symbol as we know of today. However, as the end of the 15th century approached, the symbol was seen as common sight and was even used in playing cards.

Known as the symbol of love, it was in the 19thcentury when the red-colored heart shape symbol took over the Valentine cards. From that day, the symbol stepped into pop culture and turned out as an integral part of communication between people.

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