What are the Best Tools to Run Social Media Contests Online? 

Michaela Bobulinski

 June 24, 2021

Marketing experts believe that running a social media contest online can be an inexpensive way of boosting brand recognition. It can bring more email subscribers, increase followers count, and can ultimately improve your sales as well. However, one needs to understand the engagement-related rules clearly before implementing a social media contest strategy. Many big brands have used this technique in the past and they are satisfied with the results. They even prefer to buy online award votes to ensure brand visibility in the competitive market.

It is possible to run contests on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well. You can choose a platform depending upon where your target audience prefers to connect more often. However, in order to run these campaigns, you may need to use some sort of software. The experienced software developers have already created some trustworthy tools that can help new-age marketing teams to run contests on Facebook. This software does not just make it easier to launch the contest online; rather, at the same time, many of them come with advanced analytics tools. They can also provide you required insights regarding the success of the contest online.

If you are also interested to run social media strategy for your business especially Twitter then you may need to make efforts to buy Twitter votes in bulk amount. Once you choose the best software tool for creating an online process, the journey may get easier.

The latest trend is TikTok, a great place to start a competition. Check this site out if you want to grow your TikTok account. Here we have listed some of the best software tools that you can use to launch contests on social media:


This software is known for easy to use interface and flexible set of features. Some of the most incredible features of this tool include:

  • It is possible to embed Rafflecopter widgets on any of your existing websites or blog. Many marketing professionals even prefer to use Rafflecopter directly with their Facebook page to ensure enhanced engagement for the contest.
  • Rafflecopter offers many budget-friendly plans to choose from. You can start with the free option that has limited features or switch to $84 per month for an extended range of features. Some business owners also prefer using Grow plan with a $43 payment per month to enjoy one-click integration with an email list. It means this software tool can make your contest strategy get along with the email marketing campaigns.
  • Building an email list with Rafflecopter can help businesses to develop real conversations with the audience online. It is the best way to increase brand reputation so that people would love to buy real contest votes to win the rewards.


This software tool comes with more than 90 templates and 30 themes that allow easy selection for the contest or giveaway campaign. This software tool is really useful even if you are not much friendly with the technology. Here are few important features of Shortstack:

  • This software comes with a drag and drop editor that can help you make use of custom URLs that can be easily integrated into the brand.
  • Shortstack is the best choice for all types of social media contests as it offers some additional features such as verified voting options. The marketing teams can even restrict voting as per requirement.
  • It is also possible to use Shortstack for giving discounts on your niche. This is the best way to use retargeting campaigns. When your contests capture the attention of a wide range of audiences, it is also possible to buy online votes with ease.
  • The pricing of shortstack is generally based on entries and views. Business professionals can start with the free plan and then move to the paid options online.


Here comes one of the widely recommended solutions for running contests on the Facebook platform. It can help you to add a cute, funny picture to your contest profile. You can also choose a reliable product line and then ask your target audience to caption the picture.

  • The Wishpond social media contests can help you avail high engagement with tons of organic reactions. Wishpond can help you create a photo contest instantly, without even applying any tech knowledge.
  • It is possible to download Wishpond contest data directly to the excel spreadsheets. This may help you to analyze and process contest-related data with ease which is not possible with many other programs.
  • Wishpond can help you avail 14-day free trial with many different packages as per specific features and volume. The price range of the software also depends upon the required set of features.

There are so many things that you need to understand before running Facebook contests. First of all, it is important to follow platform-specific rules. If you are a beginner, you may need to do some research regarding specific laws and regulations depending upon your country. When you run contests online, they must be focused on the target audience. At the same time, while launching your own contest, you can also set some rules specific to your business requirements. It will help participants to be clear with the strategy and they can buy votes online freely to win the battle.

Many marketing professionals make the mistake of running contests on their personal profiles, but it cannot bring real engagement to the business. Therefore, it is recommended to run contests only on a business page on Facebook. The specific software tools can help you to encourage the audience to take part in the competitions online. Make sure you choose some valuable rewards and gifts as it can encourage them to win the battle online. When your contests have something special to offer to the participants, they may even get excited to buy votes in bulk amount. Also, motivate people to tag their friends and family members on the contest pages. It is the best way to speed up your brand promotion online. You can use Facebook contests for every type of business and it can serve an audience on a local and global scale as well.

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