Ways to Get Rocket League Items 

Michaela Bobulinski

 May 6, 2021

Rocket League is a hugely popular game that combines driving and football. It’s a fast-paced game where skill and dedication make the most significant difference in success. Like many other games today, Rocket League also has its own Rocket Pass that allows you to unlock new items, skins, and powerups.

The game’s rising popularity has also led to the creation of the Rocket League marketplace, where players can trade items with each other. If you want to unlock as many items as possible, read on, and we’ll go over all methods you can use to get a whole bunch of sellable items.

Play Very Often

Naturally, since the game rewards you with random item drops, the more you play, the more items you will get. It’s as simple as that. If you decide to get the Rocket Pass, you’ll be able to unlock many more items you can later trade with other players.

The easiest way to get a lot of items is to create a private game within the exhibition tab. Set up your own mutator settings, but make sure that 1 Goal is the max score and that you play with a basketball. Play 1 on 1 matches with these settings, and the first time you score – you win. Repeat the same process as many times as you want to unlock new items faster than when playing regular online matches.

Buy Items at a Good Price

The Rocket League marketplace can help you get your hands on a ton of items for very low prices. Keep in mind that the prices fluctuate according to the current demand before you make a purchase. However, if you decide to invest some cash into in-game items, look for those items you know most players need but are not too expensive.

If you buy the right items at the right time, you can get a lot of useful stuff at a really low price. You can then sit on the things you bought and check the marketplace prices regularly until you see them going up. When that happens, simply sell the items or trade them with other players for more valuable items.

Play Competitions

Since rare and epic skins are really hard to get by simply playing the game, your best chance of winning an expensive item is to join competitions. Many of them offer high-price items and skins as a reward, and if you have the right skills, you could get your hands on the best items the game has to offer.

However, you should know that the competition in these tournaments is huge. The smallest mistake can ruin your plans, so you’ll have to bring your A-game to the table if you want to win. The good thing is even if you don’t, you will probably win a few items you can use. Most tournaments offer wheels, animated decals, goal explosions, and other items you can use. You can also receive Tournament Credits you can spend all season long, but remember that they are reset at the end of each season.

Boost Your Rankings

As you level up, you are rewarded with all kinds of in-game items. After you reach rank 75, you will get the Rocketeer title next to your nickname. The leveling will slow down at this point, as you’ll need much more XP to get a level. You will receive a common item after every match you play, and you will have a chance to win rarer items as well.

Furthermore, as you rank up, your opponents will become tougher as well. You’ll need to learn new tricks to keep your game on the highest level, and you’ll get valuable rewards every time you win.

Use Rocket Pass

The Rocket Pass is a time-limited progression ranking system that allows you to unlock new in-game content with every season. There are a few seasons every year, each one focusing on new content. The items you unlock from level 1 to level 70 cannot be traded. Items you get with Tier 71, and above are called Pro Tier items, and they cannot be traded either. However, you will win a bunch of free items as well, and they can be sold or traded with other players.

Each tier is unlocked as you play the game, but you can also use credits to unlock them at any time. The Rocket Pass Premium will help you unlock new challenges you can complete to unlock even more items.

Complete Challenges

Every player gets the chance to complete three different challenges every week. If you get the Rocket Pass, you will have six weekly challenges that will help you unlock new items and get a lot of XP very quickly. You have seven days from Wednesday to complete all challenges. If you don’t make it, the challenges will restart next Wednesday.

The season challenges will give you a chance of winning rare, very rare, and import drops if you manage to complete them on time. Some of them can be very tricky to get, but you could get access to some valuable ones with some hard work.

Trade Items on Marketplaces

Finally, when you collect a bunch of items you don’t need, you can trade them directly with other players in the game or sell them on an online marketplace. Rocket League Trading can help you earn a few extra bucks by simply playing your favorite game if you don’t need any new items. Rare and Very Rare items are usually the most expensive ones, so you should think about selling them if you want to make more cash.

Make sure that you visit the marketplace as frequently as possible to keep track of the current prices and find the best deals. If you time things right, you’ll be able to get a lot of items for a very low price.


As you can see, there are many different ways you can use to get Rocket League items you can then sell or trade with other players. If you put in some extra effort into it, you’ll be able to unlock hundreds of valuable items every month. Give it a try and see which method works best for you. Good luck!

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